1xbit Casino: The Crypto Scam Posing as a Gambling Site

1xbit Casino, also known as 1xBit.com, is an online gambling website that has been the subject of a significant number of customer complaints alleging that it is a scam.

According to a number of reviews that can be found online for 1xbit, this gaming website promotes itself by making assertions that are misleading and making claims that are dishonest.

There are threads on specialized forums where individuals talk about how they think 1xbit Casino is a scam.

According to one reviewer, new victims of this website are coming forward every day to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that they were not given any of their winnings.

You should read this review of 1xbit Casino if you are interested in determining whether or not it is possible to place your trust in this online gaming site:

1xbit Casino Review: Scam Reported by Multiple Users!

When I did some research on this gaming website, I came across many forum threads in which users of the website voiced their concerns that it is a hoax.

After reading these evaluations, it should be rather evident that you should refrain from setting up an account on 1xbit.com. They don’t give off the impression of being a legitimate platform.

Here are just a few of the many reviews that have been written on them:

Beware of 1xbit Casino! They Pose as Friends on Telegram

A possible victim of this scam allegedly wrote a warning for other potential victims on this website.

The user claims that promoters for 1xBit would act as friends in Telegram and other messaging apps in an effort to get you to sign up for their service.

Additionally, the user has posted a warning stating that 1xbit Casino is a dishonest gaming website that will steal your deposit and use it to pay for the advertisements on its site. According to the user, those who fell for this con lost a significant amount of money, which ranged from $5,000 all the way up to $50,000.

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The user brings to your attention the possibility that you have gotten a communication from an unknown sender regarding 1xbit Casino claiming that they can show you a new way to earn money.

The user claims that it is a fraudulent scheme. Those random people are spreading false information about the gaming website, and they have not been successful in making any money from it.

In addition, the user claims that they try to show you the ‘withdrawals’ they have made in order to convince you that the website is genuine.

However, it is not how things actually are.

The customer claims that these individuals make uninvited contact with them after discovering them in online group conversations. They state that they found you among the gathering and believed it would be beneficial for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

In the beginning, they will make an effort to act as if they are your buddy, but their true goal is to get you to join up for 1xbit Casino.

In addition, at first glance, you might not suspect that this gaming website is a hoax. If your initial investment is not very large, you might not even run into any problems.

You lose your entire deposit at 1xbit Casino”

According to a number of customer reports, 1xbit Casino does not permit customers to withdraw sums of money that are particularly significant. Therefore, if your initial deposit is a substantial amount, you run the risk of losing all of your money at once.

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Regardless, when you make your second deposit, the website will definitely keep all of those monies and claim that they charged you a “maintenance fee” In certain circumstances, they may give another justification that is comparable.

Your “friend” may even recommend that you invest additional monies in order to obtain the money you initially invested back.

“They Don’t Have Withdrawal Options”

Here, the reviewer shares a unique feature of 1xbit Casino. They point out there are 45 deposit methods available on the gambling website but there are 0 withdrawal methods.

They said that at first, they had put $50 into their account. After that, they got an extra 62 USD.

But when they went to get the money, they saw that the website didn’t have any way to get the money out.

But they say they are the ones to blame because they should have done more study before signing up.

Also, the user thinks that the platform has put them on a ban because all of their maximum bets have dropped to 0.1 USDT while the minimum bet is 0.5 USDT.

Other people point out that 1xbit Casino does this a lot. They don’t like it when people win on their site. So, if someone gets a good amount of money on 1xbit, they just say they broke their rules and ban them.

Also, you can never take out your money if you win.

Casino Review Website Takes Down Their Post Recommending 1xbit Casino:

Here, I found a forum thread where a site that reviews casinos talks about how they took down a post where they recommended 1xbit casino.

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People say in reaction that they should have looked into the website more.

One user says it’s unethical for a site that reviews casinos to show one that is known for ripping off its customers.

Additional Information on 1xbit Casino: Why People Sign Up

The various 1xbit Casino reviews indicate it’s a scam. Still, people are signing up for the gambling website and losing money. 

Below are some of the reasons why: 

Aggressive Marketing: 

As one reviewer pointed out, many of its affiliates are targeting forum and group members who talk about cryptocurrencies or gambling. 

These affiliates reach out to hundreds of people, trying to make their targets sign up and deposit into their 1xbit account. 

Apart from the affiliates, the gambling website spends heavily on online ads. 

Features of 1xbit Casino

The features of 1xbit Casino also make it a bit profitable. Even though it doesn’t give its customers any free spins, it’s very easy to sign up.

When you go to their website, you need to click the link that says “Register” and then type in your name and email address. The process of signing up would be done.

On 1xbit.com, there are 63 different places where you can find online gambling games.

PG Soft, Habanero, Apollo, KA Gaming, PragmaticPlay, Realistic Games, iSoftBet, EGT, Endorphina, and Rival are some of these companies.

You can also add money to your 1xbit account through 68 different cryptocurrency platforms.

You can use cryptocurrencies to add money to your account on this site. Some of these are BitShares, Sibcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Paxos Standard, Qtum, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, Tether, Monero, and USD Coin.

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Bonuses and offers for 1xbit Casino without a deposit:
The 1xbit Casino no deposit bonus is one of the main reasons why people sign up for this gaming site.

The no-deposit bonus at 1xbit Casino has more than one level.

You get a 100% match bonus or 1 BTC on your first payment.
You can get a 50% match bonus up to 1 BTC on your second payment.
You can get 2 BTC or a 100% match bonus on your third payment.
The deposit bonus for your fourth deposit is 3 BTC.
The 1xbit Casino no deposit offer is, without a doubt, a good deal. You can get a total of 7 BTC from this offer.

But you can only cash out these bonuses if you bet 40 times the amount of your payment within 30 days.

Also, you need to pay at least 5 mBTC to be eligible for these 1xbit Casino promotions.


Even though the payment bonus looks good, it’s really just baiting.

Review after review shows that 1xbit is nothing but a scam. They get people to put large amounts of money into their trading accounts, and then they say that the people broke a rule and freeze their accounts.

But there have been a lot of crypto scams in the past few months. Crypto Millions Lotto by Sulim Malook is also known for being a scam. It’s a website for a raffle that is known for stealing from people who use it.

After reading all the reviews, I don’t think 1xbit Casino is a good choice.

You should stay away from them no matter what.

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