4Life Reviews: Legitimate Business Opportunity with Research Products or Scam?

Highly Reputed
Hundreds of Success Stories
Offers Life-Changing Opportunities

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we would like to have the freedom to run our own business and be able to work from home. The challenge is to find a legitimate business where it is possible to make a decent income.

One increasingly popular opportunity comes from 4Life, a company which produces and markets health and wellness products and offers you a way to make money by being a distributor for their one hundred plus high-quality health supplements.

It would be a perfect situation to find a company which would provide you with a high income, while you promote a high-quality, healthy product. Right now that feels like a world away, doesn’t it?

Your current reality may be that you are working the same old 9-5 job with the same old faces, but 4Life can offer the right person financial and working freedom. How many times have you tried to change your life, but found yourself in the same old situation? Imagine being your own boss with the financial freedom to enjoy it!

This review will consider is 4Life legitimate and what it would take to make a success of the opportunity offered by them? Keep scrolling as perhaps your dream lifestyle is finally within reach.

4Life: Pros and Cons

There are various companies offering health and wellnessproducts but 4Life has some real advantages to offer. It is a stable company which was founded in 1998 by David and Bianca Lisonbee with a focus on health supplements which are mostly focused on our immune systems. They market their products through clients applying for a distributorship. The opportunity they offer could be described as “healthy and wealthy.”

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They offer over one hundred different products which can be viewed at this link to their product catalog. 4Life are now present in over fifty countries worldwide and have an estimated turnover of up to five hundred million dollars per year. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, so they are a well run, legitimate business.

There are many pros to consider, including:

  • There is a low enrollment fee of under $30 for basic membership. This means it is relatively risk-free and this will be helpful when you come to build your network of distributors.
  • 4Life is well established and has been active since 1998. A business that has been viable this long will be seen as stable and trustworthy.
  • There are many online testimonials from people who have has long-term success with the company and have always been paid on time. This helps to confirm the perception that 4life is a legitimate money-makingoption.
  • There has never been a case where 4Lifeproducts have been withdrawn from sale. The products offered generally receive favorable reviews.
  • 4Life employ their own doctors and scientists to ensure they deliver high-quality products. This is always useful as a sales point.
  • Even after twenty plus years of operation, the company continues to grow.
  • The company is proven to be a one hundred percent legitimate money-makingventure for someone with the right mindset and work ethic.
  • Online coaching is offered for distributors which can be an effective motivator and an effective way to train your new distributors.
  • There are different levels of commitment to selling the products available. Some people are ambitious, while others may be happy with just a little extra income by selling to friends and family and have the opportunity to use the products themselves.
  • Health and wellness is still a growth industry. More and more people are interested in this, so you have a continually growing market.
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As with any business opportunity, there are some cons to also consider. These include:

  • Some people will see it as a “get rich quick” scheme which it certainly is not. Making a success of this opportunity will take dedication and hard work.
  • You must know, or at least learn, how to build a business. There are no shortcuts.
  • If you are weak at recruitment you will most likely fail. Recruiting a team of distributors and making them successful is the key to making money with 4Life.
  • A ‘friends and family” strategy will not work for sales and finding distributors. It may be an okay starting point, but fairly quickly you will need to develop the skills to utilize other methods.

There are various pros and consider, but it would be fair to say success with 4Life is entirely possible, but only with excellent planning and working extremely hard.

A Legitimate Money Making Opportunity: Methods to make 4Life work

A simple YouTube search will locate many testimonies of people who have achieved success and a viable business with 4Lifebut all will have used various methods to reach that stage. These are some methods that work:

Remember the three most important factors…

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Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. From the first day, you start working with 4Lifeyou need to consider how to grow your team of distributors and inspire them to be successful.

  • Create your own content. Creating a blog or other online presence will be a necessary step to growing your team. You should also consider learning a new skill such as search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance your chance of being found easily by search engines such as Google.
  • When recruiting new people you should show interest in their hopes and aspirations, listen to them and they will be more open to your business offering. It is not about you, it is sometimes about understanding their perspective.
  • Focus on your distributor’s dreams and what they hope to achieve. You should practice strategy with them and mentor them, your success depends on their progress!

4Life and Multi-Level Marketing (Pyramid Scheme)

Many people ask is 4Life multi-level marketing(MLM)? The correct answer is perhaps yes and no…

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There are indeed elements of MLM in the 4Life business model and if you consider it such, it is one of the more active and honest examples of the practice. However, it cannot be regarded as a strictly MLM enterprise as you are purchasing their goods, and even if you sell nothing you are left with valuable high-quality health and wellness products.

In Conclusion

As we have discussed, there are various pros and cons to becoming a distributor for 4Life. You certainly need to apply a well thought out business strategy and be willing to put in plenty of time to be successful.

However, it is indeed possible for a person with sufficient determination and a dedication to working hard to achieve great success with these high-quality health and wellnessproducts.

The excellent reputation of 4Life as demonstrated by their ranking by the Better Business Bureau, on social media such as Facebook and YouTube and various blogs means they offer a real opportunity for the right person.

9Expert Score

We would recommend 4Life as a viable option for someone who is looking for a great work from home lifestyle with the chance to make a high income. It is a legitimate money making business for someone who is willing to learn new skills, motivate others to succeed and work hard.

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  • Highly Reputed
  • Hundreds of Success Stories
  • Offers Life-Changing Opportunities
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