55Brokers.com Exposed as a Major Extortion Scheme Scam: Review

The website 55brokers.com is a fraud. They marked my broker as “Brokers to avoid”. As you might expect, I took offense and told them that they were wrong to include my broker on their “Brokers to Avoid” list in my response to their review.

The response was disregarded instead of being approved and published on the website. It irritated me. After a few days passed, I understood that they had entirely ignored my response and that I should stop waiting for approval. That’s the day I realized 55brokers.com was a biased site that didn’t care about providing accurate data to its users. But I couldn’t figure out why they had me shut up in that way.

I then emailed my broker to let them know about 55brokers’ verdict on them. According to my broker, this group has extorted money from them and harassed several of their friends.

55Brokers.com Exposed as a Major Extortion Scheme Scam: Review

I was told that 55brokers would put up false blog posts on their site and then demand payment from the broker who contacted them to fix the mistakes. The news stunned me.

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It’s safe to say that 55brokers is an extortionist. Innocent forex brokers are harassed and then charged to remove false online reviews that the firm has posted against them. I’ve always been confused as to why they have so many brokers on their “Brokers to Avoid” list. Knowing this, I was prepared for the inevitable extortion of funds from the newly added brokers.

A week or so after I responded to my broker’s review, I received an email from 55brokers offering to erase the review in exchange for $5,000. I was at a loss for words as to how to respond. Someone at that firm mistook my broker’s firm for my own when they forwarded the email to me.

Because I didn’t feel like dealing with those thieves, I didn’t respond to their emails. They’re the absolute worst people to blog about foreign exchange online.

A Huge Extortion Scam, 55Brokers.com

55brokers have been in charge of this company for many years. Victims have spoken out about them, and some have even contacted Google about them. I’ve compiled a list of news articles below:

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Olymp Trade Defamation Case

Olymp Trade Defamation Case

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received a complaint about the libelous and illegal content on the website https://55brokers.com, which is hosted on the server NameCheap, Inc. at the IP address

The 55brokers administration is extorting money and spreading false and defamatory information on the site. It’s a website made to facilitate the placement of advertisements and articles on other stock market platforms; the cost of these features is negotiated with the site’s administration.

The final step involves completing the deal and sending the funds for a promotional piece to be written and posted; however, shortly after I wired the funds, the company published slanderous content against our company (link: https://55brokers.com/olymp-trade-review/). by making up false allegations about a lack of licensing and grossly misrepresenting the quality of their reputation and rating. Now they’re demanding an exorbitant sum of money over the phone to take care of this…

Researcher’s Statement

Scam Broker 55brokers.com Exposed by Harry Wilson

Scam Broker 55brokers.com Exposed by Harry Wilson

Accepting Bribes to Alter Reviews

55brokers gives preferential treatment to a select group of Forex Brokers. You may find them in the “top-rated broker” section, and they have a perfect score of five stars.

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Accepting Bribes to Alter Reviews

It’s highly slanted, and most of these brokers have received conflicting reviews elsewhere. Then why are 55brokers favoring these brokers over others?

The solution seems obvious to me. Website administrators accepted bribes to bias ratings and reviews. The fact that none of these evaluations include an affiliate notice makes the practice seem quite unethical. The site’s prejudice is not stated explicitly.

Strategies for gaining an advantage over 55Brokers.com

You might assume that 55brokers is attempting to take advantage of you if you have been included on this website. Do not give in to their swindle! Send Google a report about that URL. Your life will be ruined by these con artists just like mine was.

Please contact NameCheap, 55brokers.com’s hosting provider, via email. Send an extended email explaining why you think the website is hosting illegal activity. In my opinion, the hosting service is completely unaware of what is happening right under their noses.

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While it could be helpful to notify the FTC, the agency is notoriously slow in responding.

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