Is Aaron VanTrojen Exploiting His Workers for Profit?

Aaron VanTrojen is a well-known name in the business of mortgage banking. Aaron has had a lot of attention on him as the head of Geneva Financial LLC.

But his workers have always said a lot of negative things about how he leads. He has been able to keep his peers and clients from noticing this feedback by using unethical ways to market himself.

Also, the number of complaints about Geneva Financial has gone up lately because customers are unhappy with their bad service and high rates.

About Aaron VanTrojen

Who has control of Geneva Financial LLC? Aaron VanTrojen is the chief executive officer of Geneva Financial LLC. His office is in Chandler, Arizona, at 3155 S. Price Road, STE 105.

Since 2007, Aaron VanTrojen has been the CEO of this loan company. Before this, he was an office manager for Morgan Capital of Arizona Inc. In 1994, he got a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Political Science from Washington State University.

Geneva Financial LLC has come a long way because of how it has run it. It has offices in 45 states and has been in business for more than 10 years.

But Aaron doesn’t seem to care much about his staff. According to the many Geneva Financial LLC reviews that can be found online, the company gives its workers a great place to work.

It is also starting to get a lot of complaints from its users.

So, does Aaron VanTrojen have what it takes to lead? Or is he taking advantage of his workers to make money for himself?

Here are just a few of the many online complaints about Geneva Financial LLC that I found.

Review of Geneva Financial LLC by Clients

Long wait times, crazy prices, and bad customer service.

Kristine says she would rather give 0 out of 5 stars to this company. She also says that after her terrible experience with Geneva Financial and their loan officer, she is going to sue them.

Kristine says that the company always told her lies. Also, the loan was crazy because its costs and interest rate were so high compared to the market.

On top of that, the loan officer forgot about the close date, which made the stressful situation even worse.

Kristine says that you should call their home office line because no one answers it.

Also, when they put you in a time-sensitive situation, the people at Aaron VanTrojen’s company go dark. There would be no way to talk to anyone.

Kristine had to pay $1,200 per day to the buyers of the company. Also, the company put in the wrong buying price when they asked for the appraisal. Kristine had to come up with an extra $5,000 because of this.

She also says that the loan officer will tell you one thing and then say right away that he never said it.

She tried to go to another provider later, but it was too late. Kristine says that people here don’t do anything until you’re stuck with them, and then they give you the finger.

Too many mistakes were made by Geneva Financial LLC, which caused the client to have to pay more money.

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The person who wrote the review above says they are glad that some people liked Aaron VanTrojen’s company. But what they went through was terrible.

The company made a lot of mistakes, so the reviewer had to change their closing date twice. They were lucky that they could stay in their apartment until January 1. If they had to move twice, they would have had to pay for temporary housing and buy storage.

The writer also says that they were lucky not to have any pets or family. If not, it would have been more difficult for them.

They had to change their days off from work, rebook their Uhaul, and change their work routine.

Not only that. The company forgot to send the LE to sign to the reviewer.

The reviewer said that because they had never bought a home before, they had to sign two different lease agreements.

The above writer had a hard time with everything because Geneva Financial LLC made so many mistakes.

Agents couldn’t make the CTC on time, so they blamed the client.

Kevin says it was a nightmare to work for Aaron VanTrojen’s company. He worked in Texas with Edgar Martinez and in Arizona with Jose Castaneda.

Both of these workers were very unhappy with their jobs.

They should have closed a week before the reviewer, but the officials didn’t have the go-ahead to do so. So, Kevin was not the same on the day he put up his review.

He also says that the company kept telling him lies.

Even though the closing was put off for a week, the CTC papers were still not ready. Kevin had to wait for a long time.

Even though the day was over, the CTC was still not open.

Kevin had enough of this, so he decided he didn’t want to do business with them anymore. Then the people at Geneva Financial started lying and putting the blame for the delay on Kevin.

They said that the delay was because Kevin didn’t react quickly enough and didn’t give them honest documents at first.

They were making excuses because they didn’t want to take the blame for how unprofessional they were.

Kevin says he would never do business with this company and doesn’t suggest it.

“These people are con artists”

Michelle doesn’t think that Geneva Financial LLC is a good company to do business with. She worked in the Las Vegas office with David Gaffney.

At first, he seemed to know what he was talking about, so Michelle did everything he said. This meant that they had to pay off their debts in a few days to get ready for approval.

Then something strange happened.

David began to make excuses for her.

He stopped getting emails all of a sudden. He even asked Michelle to pay a $9 interest charge on a card that she had already paid off so that his bill would show a $0 balance.

Michelle, on the other hand, says it was all a scam because the program for which she had given David all the papers for 3 weeks finished before he turned in her papers.

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After that, he didn’t even try to tell her.

Instead, he began to avoid her and stopped talking to her.

Michelle points out that David would have known that the deadline was coming up. Before the day he bugged her for the $9 ticket, it had been 3 days.

When Michelle finally got in touch with him later, he told her that he had saved her $10,000 and that she should try again sometime.

He doesn’t seem to have any morals and doesn’t keep his clients informed.

Michelle says that the people who work at the Geneva Financial branch in Las Vegas are cheaters. Because of this, you shouldn’t do business with them.

The agent from Geneva Financial LLC told the client to find a different broker.

Michelle says that after working with the company for weeks, they told her they didn’t want her business. She was about to choose between Geneva and another broker. But her friend told her straight out that she shouldn’t go with Geneva Financial.

She says that this answer took her by surprise.

Something is very wrong with Aaron VanTrojen’s business.

Aaron VanTrojen sends clients an email if they leave a bad review.

Kieran says he had to wait a lot for texts when he worked for this company. Also, the only time the company got back to him quickly was when he gave them a bad review.

Aaron VanTrojen had talked to Kieran about the report at that time.

Kieran also says that Geneva doesn’t give loan figures, even after talking for days, and has very high fees.

He wouldn’t suggest working with this broker, that’s for sure.

Complaints about Geneva Financial LLC

Geneva Financial LLC Employee Reviews: How Aaron VanTrojen Uses His Employees
As you’ve probably seen, there are way too many concerns about Geneva Financial LLC. Most clients say that the company has bad customer service and charges too much.

But you can’t put all the blame on the firm’s employees. Because, according to the reviews of Aaron VanTrojen’s employees, he doesn’t give his team a safe place to work.

If the staff doesn’t have a good place to work, you can’t expect them to do their best work.

Here are some of the many reviews from Geneva Financial LLC employees about how Aaaron VanTrojen runs the company:

“They are using up all their money, so stay away from them for a few years.”

Here, the reviewer says that Geneva’s marketing material isn’t very good. Also, there isn’t a lot of marketing information out there, to begin with.

The company’s main employee resource, called the “Hub,” didn’t have any useful information for the staff.

Also, Geneva Financial grew too quickly in 2018, which caused the office’s resources to be stretched too thin.

Because of this, a number of the company’s areas have been hurt. Also, the reviewer says that it would have a terrible effect on loan workers, who deal directly with customers.

The writer suggests that you wait a few years before working for Geneva. They suggest that the management stop spending time on useless workshops and instead use that time to give the staff good marketing materials.

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“Aaron VanTrojen needs to learn how to be a good leader.”

The person who wrote the review above says that the way the operations leadership team works is bad. They only care about giving bad answers to everyday things.

Also, most of the managers who work for Aaron VanTrojen are bad for the teams.

So, there are a lot of people coming and going here.

Also, the way people talk to each other here is very bad and useless. The management does a lot of bad things every day.

In the part called “Advice to Management,” the reviewer suggests that the management learn how to be good leaders. Even if they have been managing for years, they don’t know how to do it well.

The writer puts Aaron VanTrojen on notice in a roundabout way. They say, “You talk about “Being a Good Human,” but you’re not being humane to the people you work with.”

Take note of how often Aaron uses this term in his marketing. You can find pictures of him wearing T-shirts with this phrase on them.

“Aaron VanTrojen and his bosses treat the staff badly.”

In this section, the writer says that there aren’t any pros at all.

But when it comes to problems, Geneva Financial has a lot of them.

The customer says that the owner, Aaron VanTrojen, is rude and puts people down all the time. The bosses also treat the staff badly.

The reviewer also says that the fee they offer is based on rates that are inflated. The few insurers the company has are overworked, and the processors are on their own.

The reviewer says that if you work at one of Geneva Financial LLC’s outside stores, you won’t have a good place to work at all.

They also say that the people in charge are rude and not at all professional. Also, they don’t teach you anything or give you good tools.

The reader says that health insurance here is very expensive. So, you should always ask how much it will cost and what it will cover before you agree to it.

The company doesn’t communicate well, and if you’re on pay, you have to work extra hours. They also don’t give even small awards to their employees.

At the end of their review, the reviewer says that Geneva Financial adds positive reviews about itself to promote the company. The person writing the review is glad they left the company.

“Aaron VanTrojen is more concerned with how his jet is set up than with how his employees are treated.”

Like most of the other reviews I’ve posted here about Geneva Financial LLC, this one also says bad things about the top management. Aaron VanTrojen doesn’t take good care of his staff, that’s for sure.

Here, the reviewer says that Geneva’s top management is terrible and very small-minded. They give terrible training, and there is no human resources staff to hold them accountable.

In addition, Aaron VanTrojen is a liar. He puts “Be a Good Human” on his business cards, but he treats his workers very badly.

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The managers never answer the phone when loan problems come up. Instead of trying to solve problems, those in charge look for someone to blame.

The writer says that if the top management doesn’t get better, the company will go down quickly.

They also say that Aaron VanTrojen still cares more about how the jet is set up than how his management team treats his workers.

Also, the managers of operations and departments tell the staff that they can never talk to top management. So, when they need to escalate something, they must always go through team heads.

The reviewer points out that all the good people at Geneva Financial LLC are going. The ship is going down.

More reviews of Geneva Financial LLC that show Aaron’s terrible management skills:

Aaron VanTrojen pays BBB to help him look more trustworthy

According to a lot of reviews of Geneva Financial LLC, this company has a lot of problems. Also, Aaron VanTrojen’s workers have been complaining for years about how he leads.

But instead of figuring out what was wrong and fixing it, they. To fix their image, the people in charge of Geneva Financial used a different, unethical method.

They pay to be a member of BBB so that they look trustworthy.

When you go to Geneva Financial LLC’s page on the BBB, you’ll see that they have approval. Contrary to what most people think, your business doesn’t have to care about its customers or meet certain standards to get BBB recognition.

Your business will get BBB accreditation as soon as you pay a hefty membership fee.

CNN found out about this bad practice a few years ago when they found that many scammers and fraud groups had A+ ratings from BBB. Later, they learned that companies pay the review site up to $10,000 per year for this feature.

A company looks like it can be trusted when it has a BBB seal. Also, it makes sure that they have a rating of A or A+ on the site.

It also lets them have a lot of say over how their BBB page looks. With this paid membership, it’s easy for them to report issues and bad reviews.

Aaron VanTrojen and the people who work for him at Geneva Financial LLC don’t want other people to read the reports they’ve gotten.


One thing is clear after reading the above: Aaron VanTrojen is no longer a good boss.

He doesn’t know how to look out for his workers’ needs. And he has no interest in his clients. When a CEO has these traits, the company doesn’t grow.

It is well known that Geneva Financial LLC has high rates and bad customer service.

Abuse of workers is nothing to laugh about. The upper management of a company is in charge of making sure the workplace is healthy and productive.

Aaron has surely failed in every way.

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