Affordable Plastic Surgery – Horrible Surgeons Lacking Skill

Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ is a notorious clinic that doesn’t listen to its patients and their concerns. The people running this clinic are Dr. Martin Moskovitz and Dr. Mansher Singh. 

Instead of focusing on the quality of care they provide to their clients, these surgeons focus on working in other clinics. Also, they use fake reviews to hide complaints. You’ll learn more in the following review: 

Bizarre Claims By Affordable Plastic Surgery: Scam By Dr. Martin Moskovitz & Dr. Mansher Singh

Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, New Jersey is a clinic that offers liposuctions, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and BBL procedures. Their address is 140 Route 17 North, Suite 105, Paramus, NJ 07652, US. 

The person running this clinic is Dr. Moskovitz. He runs the clinic with Dr. Mansher Singh. 

Unlike normal surgeons who run a single clinic and focus on the patients that come there, these people work in multiple clinics at once. For example, Dr. Martin Moskovitz also runs Image Plastic Surgery, another NJ-based clinic. 

Similarly, Dr. Mansher Singh works in Beverly Hills at Harrison Lee’s clinic. So, where do they work exactly? Only they know the answer. 

The website of Affordable Plastic Surgery NJ is horrible. It doesn’t offer any valuable information. Instead, it is a sales pitch which even mentions the pricing of every procedure. Moreover, this clinic has no reviews on a third-party platform at the time of writing this review. 

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Dr. Singh and Dr. Moskovitz would want you to think that they are outstanding surgeons. However, their reviews tell otherwise. 

This duo has a ton of negative reviews for botching procedures and misbehaving with clients. To bury those complaints, the people at Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ focus on using fake reviews and misleading testimonials. 

Unreliable & Potentially Misleading Testimonials

Dr. Moskovitz and Dr. Singh realized that their clinic, Affordable Plastic Surgery, has too many issues. Instead of fixing those problems, they decided it would be better to add suspicious and unverifiable reviews on their website. 

This surgery clinic has a dedicated page for positive reviews. However, none of these reviews share any images of the results. You only have to take their word for it. 

It’s a common strategy among shady enterprises to add suspicious reviews on their website to mislead consumers. This way, they can create an illusion that they have a ton of happy consumers. 

Val Morgan Immigration and Investment Properties Mexico are two of the most notorious scammers that use this exact tactic. In fact, Investment Properties Mexico faced a 2-year long investigation for defrauding international clients. 

Hence, it’s always better to avoid the company that adds unverifiable positive reviews on its website. 

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Don’t Listen to Patients and Don’t Answer Questions

This reviewer thought she was going to have an excellent experience at Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ. However, she was mistaken. 

Apparently, these people tell their clients to bring their inspiration or goal picture to share their vision. They also claim to hang the picture while performing the surgery. The reviewer, Taylor, was ecstatic at this and bought the pictures which she thought were realistic. 

She only wanted a flat stomach and an hour-glass shape. Hence, she asked about it. Instead of answering her questions, the surgeon simply told her that he will take the fat between the abdominal wall and skin. That’s it. He didn’t explain what this would achieve, how she can expect to look post-op or the risks associated with the procedure. 

She asked the questions again to clarify things. This time, he told her that he will refund the money and cancel the procedure because her expectations were too high. The problem is, he never addressed the questions she asked. Instead of telling her what she should expect from the procedure, the surgeon simply explained what he would do. 

Taylor explained to him that it was only a miscommunication but he canceled the surgery nonetheless. He didn’t care what she had to say once he had made up his mind. Taylor only wanted to figure out what to expect realistically but he canceled the surgery.

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What’s worse is that no one from Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus replied to her. One user highlighted this in her comment:

Terrible Service – Made the Patient Very Uncomfortable

This reviewer points out that the clinic has horrible customer service. It was their first plastic surgery but no one was listening to them. Moreover, they pointed out that the surgeon wasn’t answering any of their questions and were bothered that they were asking something. 

Anyone who is undergoing a cosmetic procedure for the first time would have questions. Clearly, the people at Affordable Plastic Surgery don’t care. When the reviewer asked a question, they treated them as if they were being annoying and rude. Due to such terrible behavior the reviewer doesn’t recommend this clinic to anyone. They highlight that the clinic fails at making its patients feel safe and secure. 

Other Reviews of Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ:

“I would give 0 stars”

Mole Removal Left a 3” Long and 1” Wide Scar 

Doesn’t Listen to Patients or Care About Them

Most Common Issues with Dr. Moskovitz According to Clients:

There are a ton of complaints against this clinic. The issues that persist the most are: 

  • The patient doesn’t trust the surgeon (reported 7 times)
  • Surgeon doesn’t explain the conditions (reported 6 times)
  • They don’t listen to patients (reported 6 times)
  • Rush appointments (reported 5 times)
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Report Conclusion: AVOID!

Botching procedures, ignoring patients, and using fake reviews, all of this suggests that Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ is a terrible place with too many issues to count. It would be better if Dr. Singh and Dr. Moskovitz focused on running a single clinic first instead of working at multiple clinics at once. 

You should pick a clinic that provides you with a safe, secure environment. There are plenty of plastic surgeons in New Jersey. You don’t have to stick with such a notorious option. 

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Best to Avoid

Botching procedures, ignoring patients, and using fake reviews, all of this suggests that Affordable Plastic Surgery Paramus, NJ is a terrible place with too many issues to count. It would be better if Dr. Singh and Dr. Moskovitz focused on running a single clinic first instead of working at multiple clinics at once. 

Concern for Clients
  • Botched too many procedures
  • Unfriendly staff
  • Doesn't listen to patients
  • Untrustworthy
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