Aidan Sowa: The Extortionist Instagram Influencer Exposed

Aidan Sowa is the owner of and Sowa Agency. He is an extortionist. Aidan Sowa seems like a normal Instagram influencer at first glance, but as we will see in this story, there are some ugly truths behind his wealth.

Aidan Sowa is going to try to get this taken down, so you should share this post as much as possible. Don’t let that happen. He shouldn’t be able to get away with his bad ways anymore.

Fake Claims & Lies

Aidan Sowa and his agencies say they can help you get recognized on websites like Entrepreneur and LA Times, but they just take your money and don’t do anything. Sowa Agency’s lies were recently revealed in a report.

For safety reasons, the person who wrote this report has chosen to stay nameless. This story says that Aidan Sowa took $100,000 from the victim’s clients in exchange for getting them featured on news websites. But Aidan did not deliver. All of the supposedly published articles were quickly taken down by the news website, which caused the victim to lose a lot of money and hurt their image with their clients.

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Aidan Sowa takes advantage of small business owners by making big promises to get them to give him money. He doesn’t follow through, and when he does, the results aren’t very good.

Fake Followers on Instagram

Aidan Sowa has 8.1 million Instagram followers, which is a lot.

If we look past all the smoke and mirrors, we’ll see that most of these fans are bot accounts. We have proof that Aidan worked with 3rd party agencies to get followers and businesses. The screenshot below is from the Trustpilot page of Instaboost Media, an Orange County-based digital marketing company.

Aidan Sowa Trustpilot

The names of the people who follow him on Instagram seem to be made at random and make no sense at all. When we look more closely at these stories, we see that they all follow the same pattern.

  • 0–10 people follow each of them.
  • They look at 300 to 1500 accounts.
  • They only have 5 or 6 posts. Their profile picture is random.
  • Aidan Sowa Gets Fake Followers on Instagram
  • The names of these accounts are also very simple as if they were made by a Python script.
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Here is a quick thing to do. Go to Aidan’s Instagram page and see how many of his followers meet the criteria I stated earlier.

Note: It’s possible that after this post goes live, Aidan will make it harder for people to see his Instagram page. He might do this to avoid further humiliation and exposure.

More proof shows that his fans are fake. Like his crowd engagement.

His posts only get an average of 3,000 comments and 100,000 views, which is nothing compared to the 8.1 million people who supposedly follow him.

Even worse is the situation with his Twitter account.

He has about 13,000 people following him on Twitter, but most of his tweets don’t get any responses.

Aidan Sowa: A PR Scammer

Aidan Sowa tricked me, and I hope this report will keep other people from falling for his tricks. Do not hire Aidan. Instead, save your money and hire someone better and with a better reputation. WebiMax is one company I’ve worked with, and they’re great.

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