Alexander Miller & Associates: Your Legal Partner for Success

Alexander Miller & Associates, Inc. is a company in Houston, Texas that helps people with their credit.

This company promotes its services and hides customer problems by using shady marketing methods. So, I decided to write this review. Findings show that Alexander Miller & Associates is led by people who only care about themselves. This review will give you more information to help you decide if you want to work with them or not:

Who Owns Alexander Miller & Associates: About Tom Alexander & Mike Miller

Tom Miller is the owner of Alexander Miller & Associates. Tom hasn’t put any information about himself online, which is strange for a business owner.

Mike Miller is also a well-known person at Alexander Miller & Associates. He is in charge of customer service for this company.

Either the people in charge of marketing at this company don’t know much about digital marketing, or they don’t want to say much about how they run their business.

As a service provider, it’s important for Alexander Miller & Associates to talk about their team.

Businesses need to be open and honest. One of the first things you can do to gain your client’s trust is to show them your face. Definitely, especially if you work in a sensitive field like business debt collection.

I’m not surprised, though, that Top Miller and his staff don’t talk much about the company’s team. Shady businesses often hide this kind of information so that people can’t do much about the scam if they find out about it.

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Because the “About Us” page of the company doesn’t say anything about how it works, there’s no way to find out how much experience the staff has. This is another reason why you can’t find out about their skills or abilities.

Alexander Miller and Associates shouldn’t have anything to hide since they are a debt collection company. No matter what, a service provider shouldn’t hide details about its team.

For instance, the people behind Pathway Visas, a well-known visa service, don’t say anything about themselves on their website. Most thieves hide their faces, right?

Using Fake Reviews To Dupe Clients: Alexander Miller & Associates BBB

Building trust is hard. But reviews on the Internet can help.

In fact, 92% of B2B customers are more likely to buy after reading a trustworthy review.

So, fake reviews are often used by people who try to scam people online or run shady businesses.

Think about the BRIC Group. They put fake, very good reviews on their website and said they were real to make people trust them more.

Alexander Miller & Associates use the same strategy.

On their BBB page, they have a perfect score of 5 stars. At first glance, it seems like a real rate because their BBB page only has one 5-star review. But there is one small thing that most people don’t notice: Alexander Miller Associates is BBB-approved.

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Contrary to what the Better Business Bureau (BBB) would have you think, getting a BBB accreditation doesn’t mean that your business is trustworthy and honest. It just means that the company has paid BBB a few thousand dollars every year.

CNN Money looked into BBB’s shady business plan and found that many companies that had their approval didn’t deserve such a high rating.

They found out that a mortgage lender who was being charged with discrimination by the federal government had an A+ grade on BBB. Why did you give that score? Accreditation.

To keep their BBB approval, companies might have to pay $10,000 or more per year. With the BBB seal of approval, they have complete power over what is shown on their BBB page.

They can mark unfavourable reviews and complaints as “fake” and get rid of them entirely.

In other words, companies like AMA can silence their customers’ complaints if they pay a fee to BBB. It is not okay in any way, but it does happen.

Not only that.

The people who run Alexander Miller Associates use their money and power to change how they look on other sites as well:

Misleading Forum Manipulation On Quora To Bury Complaints & Reports

If you’d look up information about the people behind AMA, you’ll find the following thread on 

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Alexander Miller associates review

It’s a simple question about who is the founder of Alexander Miller & Associates. There’s only one answer to it at the time of writing this article.

The answer is clear and says that Alexander Miller & Associates was started by Tom Alexander. But that’s not the end of it.

The answer starts with praising the company and making a pitch to buy something from them.

You wouldn’t expect a third party to say something like, “Alexander Miller & Associates acts right away, and problems are solved before the company goes out of business.” This is something an employee or someone from the company said.

Quora is a well-known social media site where people can ask and answer questions. Like any other social media site, companies try to use it to get their name out there.

This Quora thread is an example of how Alexander Miller & Associates is using social media to change how people see this business.

I might not have believed this if I hadn’t found major complaints against this company. But because of things like this, it’s almost hard to find bad things that people have said about this company.

Simply put, Alexander Miller Associates is hiding complaints from unhappy customers on social media sites like Quora. By running paid ads like this one, they are trying to drown out what their customers are saying.

Shocking Alexander Miller Associates Reviews & Complaints

At a glance, Alexander Miller and Associates would seem like a simple and genuine company you can trust. However, they have created this image by paying review sites and spending money on social media promotions. 

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I found several complaints against AMA’s operations on different platforms. Here’s one of them: 

Alexander Miller associates

According to this review, the people at Alexander Miller Associates are extortionists who abuse their clients to get what they want. This person had to fire them because they treated them horribly even though they were paying those guys. 

The review ends with them saying that the people running Alexander Miller Associates are inhuman. 

I found another complaint that shows the unprofessionalism at this firm. 

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According to this complaint, this debt collection firm takes money from its clients and gives them false information. They claim it’s a scam and only pays large corporations. 

In response to this review, the people at Alexander Miller and Associates said it’s completely false and slander. This is a common response among companies that are too full of themselves.

Avoid Them

Alexander Miller and Associates is a company that collects debts. In order to get the word out about itself, it uses unethical marketing methods. They don’t care about what customers have to say and try to hide as much about themselves as possible.

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