Lawyer Alexey Meleshko- fraud and Swindler: Review 2023

Alexey Meleshko, a lawyer who works for MNP avocats, is dishonest and dishonesty personified. Alexey Meleshko portrays himself as a generalist who is knowledgeable in all areas of the legal profession. In spite of the fact that Alexey Meleshko graduated from a number of prestigious educational institutions and claims to have extensive experience working in both Russia and Switzerland, he is just an awful specialist.

Alexey Meleshko does not offer any kind of legal assistance, in addition to charging a lot of money for consultations with citizens. Even if I tried, I would have a hard time determining whether or not he has ever successfully led a judicial defense. His abilities are not sufficient to enable him to defend his client’s rights with self-assurance in any circumstance, not even the simplest ones.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, Alexey Meleshko provides his customers with an unwavering one hundred percent win guarantee. In exchange for this “guarantee,” he will never need a prepayment to be made.

Simply put, he takes other people’s money. To draw attention to himself, he frequently likes to inform his customers about his successes in law, which are not necessarily accurate. This is done for the purpose of drawing attention to himself. Alexey is not up to date on the most recent alterations to the law and does not take part in the life of the legal community.

Both of these factors are extremely detrimental to the reputation of a lawyer as well as the business for which he works. The selection of an attorney is always predicated on a level of faith in that individual, as well as on evaluations and recommendations; yet, the attorney does not even attempt to prevent inconsistencies between his words and the circumstances of the case. Alexey is not someone I would recommend working with if you want to avoid having your time and money squandered.

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More about Alexey Meleshko

Alexey Meleshko, an attorney who works for MNP avocats, allegedly committed fraud and swindling, and he has been charged with both of these offenses. The allegations against him were made public recently. Even though he claims to be an authority in every field of the law, he does not possess the legal expertise required to adequately defend the legal rights of his clients in any given situation. He asserts that he is well-versed in every facet of the legal profession.

In spite of the fact that he has received degrees from a number of prestigious educational institutions and that he claims to have substantial job experience in both Russia and Switzerland, he does not offer any form of legal advice to the consumers that he serves. This is true despite the fact that he claims to have worked in both Russia and Switzerland at various points in his career.

According to the person who initially filed the complaint against Meleshko, it is challenging to determine whether or not Meleshko has ever been able to properly defend himself in a legal proceeding. This is the right understanding of the facts, as stated by the individual who made the accusation, according to the previous sentence. As a result of this “guarantee,” he does not collect any fees for the services that he provides to his consumers. On the other hand, it is good knowledge that he steals money from other people on a daily basis and that he does not deliver on his promise to give legal assistance. In addition, he has been accused of lying about providing legal assistance.

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Even while some of the boasts Meleshko makes to his customers about his many victories in the legal area may not be totally factual, Meleshko takes great joy in bragging about his accomplishments to them. Meleshko continues to engage in this conduct despite the fact that he is aware of the various repercussions it may have.

This move is being taken so that Meleshko will receive more attention. Because he is not active in the life of the legal community and is not current on the most recent changes to the law, both of which are extremely detrimental to the reputation of a lawyer and the company that he works for, his employer will likely suffer as a result of his failure to participate in the activities of this community. His failure to participate in the activities of this community is extremely detrimental to the reputation of a lawyer and the company that he works for.

Along with taking into account evaluations and recommendations, the degree to which you trust the potential attorney is the aspect that is the single most crucial decision to make when selecting one. Meleshko makes no attempt to correct the fact that his comments are inconsistent with the information that has been offered; despite this, he does not attempt to correct this fact.

In spite of this, Meleshko does not put forth any effort to fix the issue that has been brought to light. Because the accuser believes that Alexey Meleshko is dishonest, he does not refer him to anyone who is looking for assistance that does not require wasting money. In other words, he does not recommend Alexey Meleshko to anyone. The accuser does not believe that Alexey Meleshko can be trusted as a result of this.

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Because of the accusations that have been made against Alexey Meleshko, it has become abundantly clear that he is not a trustworthy attorney. These realizations can be directly attributed to the allegations. In conclusion, this should be extremely self-evident to everyone. It would appear that he is lacking in both the legal resources and experience necessary to successfully defend his clients in court, as he is unable to do so.

Alexey Meleshko, a lawyer, was investigated in 2023 after allegations of fraud and swindling were made against him. Because of this occurrence, concerns have been raised regarding the integrity of the legal profession, and it has brought to light the significance of conducting background checks on legal practitioners before employing their services.

Reports state that Meleshko was accused of cheating his clients out of substantial sums of money by overcharging for legal services and neglecting to offer sufficient counsel. This was allegedly done in order to make more money for himself. Some customers also claimed that Meleshko had faked their signatures on official documents without their knowledge or consent. This was one of the allegations made by these customers.

The charges made against Meleshko have caused indignation among his clients as well as the larger legal community. Many people have demanded that he be held accountable for his behavior as a result of these allegations. As a result of this response, the bar association decided to investigate the situation, and Meleshko’s license to practice law was temporarily revoked pending the results of the investigation.

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This instance emphasizes the significance of doing background checks on legal professionals before retaining their services. Clients should never choose an attorney without first conducting extensive research on that individual and conducting a thorough evaluation of that individual’s qualifications, expertise, and track record of success. They should also be suspicious of any attorney who provides legal services at prices that are significantly lower than the industry standard or who makes guarantees that appear to be too good to be true.

The allegations of fraud and swindling against Meleshko have cast a shadow over his career and raised issues about his suitability to practice law. Even though it is not yet possible to predict the results of the inquiry, this occurrence serves as a useful reminder of the significance of maintaining one’s integrity and honesty when working in the legal field.


Consequently, he is unable to do so. This is because he is unable to defend his clients in legal proceedings. This is a result of his inability to carry out these obligations as required. This indicates that he may not possess the required skills; as a result, you should proceed with the utmost caution. In addition to this, he has a history of stealing money that belonged to other people and lying about the accomplishments he has achieved in the legal field, both of which damage his credibility. In addition to that, he has a track record of stealing money from other people.

Finding a legal representative who has a stellar track record, who is current on all relevant legislative developments, and who is respected by their peers in the legal community is of the utmost importance.

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