Shady Tactics: All Seasons Wealth Financial Advisory Company Exposed

If you want to find a financial advisory company in Tampa, you may have heard of All Seasons Wealth. They say many times that they put their client’s needs before their own. But that’s not even close to the truth.

This company is shady and uses illegal ways to get investors to sign bad contracts. The review below will tell you more about it:

About All Seasons Wealth

All Seasons Wealth is a company in Tampa, Florida that helps people with their money. Its office is at 100 N Tampa St #3750, Tampa, FL 33602, US, and the number to call is 813-490-6610. Raymond James Financial Services has them.

This company’s president and CEO is Jeff Hausinger, and the head of national sales is Matthew Coffey. Jason Dimeo, Dustin Henderson, Sanjiv Saste, and Bryce Alley are also well-known people who work at this company. They serve wealthy people, professional athletes, professionals, business executives, business clients, wealthy families, and young workers.

The company says that the service is based on an ethical standard. They also say that your needs come before their own, which isn’t true because their rules say something very different.

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Here are some of the things you can get:

  • Asset management
  • Executive ideas
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate Planning & Charitable Giving
  • Financial Planning

The information that this company makes public shows that it’s more profitable for the company to ignore your needs. In their terms and conditions, you’ll see in the next part of this study, there are several problems.

Issues With All Seasons Wealth

Jeff Hausinger’s Troubled History

Jeff Hausinger is the CEO and President of this company. His FINRA BrokerCheck shows that he has been in two lawsuits in the past.

His first report on FINRA BrokerCheck is a notice of job termination. In 2010, he decided to leave his job at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc. on his own.

The reason was an internal review of possible violations of firm rules about how to talk to clients and the public, how employees should act, and payments that aren’t allowed.

According to news accounts, he gave money to someone who was not a Merrill Lynch customer. He said that all of the accusations were false and that Merrill Lynch had made them.

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The second argument he had was with a customer in 2016. In this case, the client said that Jeff Hausinger didn’t follow his order to put his money in low-risk options. Jeff said that these claims are not true and that he is not to blame for any of his “so-called losses.”

These facts show how reliable and professional the CEO of All Seasons Wealth is.

He was fired from his last job because someone said he sent money from his company (or a client) to a third party. This is a very big warning sign.

Putting clients in too much danger

When you look closely at All Seasons Wealth’s terms and conditions, you can see that this company suggests products that charge fees based on how well they do. This fee arrangement looks good on paper, but it is very risky because it gives the advisor a reason to use high-risk strategies.

As the name says, most high-risk plans don’t work. Because of this, the owner loses money or, at best, gets a low return. Worse still, you can’t blame your advisor if you lose money because you used these high-risk tactics.

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That’s because when you start working with them, you have to sign a waiver that releases them from any duty. That’s why Jeff Hausinger was able to get out of his last fight without getting in trouble.

Side-by-side Management

Side-by-side handling is done by All Seasons Wealth. This means that they work with both big clients and smaller store clients at the same time. Side-by-side management means that clients with mid-sized or small accounts get poor service.

The company says that it works with wealthy people, families, and institutions. It also says that it works with young workers.

When an advisory company does side-by-side management, it usually spends most of its time and money on its bigger clients. This leaves small clients with little or nothing.

To save time and work, companies like All Seasons Wealth are giving their customers advice that is the same every time. They look at the client’s profile, but instead of giving personalized help, they give general advice.

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Advice that is always the same is bad for an investment because it never leads to the best results. Also, by the time you figure out that you didn’t get the best results, it will be too late.

So, you should stay away from firms that use side-by-side management. All Seasons Wealth is one of them, which is sad.


All Seasons Wealth says a lot about how knowledgeable it is and how much it cares about its clients. But the truth is that the company doesn’t care at all about its clients’ needs.

It has unclear leadership and many rules that make it easier for them to ignore their clients’ needs. Avoid these companies at any cost.

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