Alpho platform is big scammer

I remember I lost $XXX which I earned by doing a lot of hard work. If you find truth in what I am saying then believe me delete this platform otherwise you will lose your money. These brokers tell you about the fake scheme by doing lots of spam calls and by fake advertisements, later when you registered into their platform they started holding your money you are unable to withdraw your money.

For a couple of weeks, the app run properly but after that, you have to face many technical issues like the app’s underdevelopment. The brokers of the company give wrong information to their clients. And not letting their client withdraw money.

The basic issue is that I see everywhere that while login into an app or website the client or investors doesn’t read the terms and conditions of the source. They blindly registered on the website and they feel guilty when they start facing losses. I’m also seeing that my friend is also investing in this platform and he too left this source for the same reason he also told me that this website outsources another website to remove the negative comments of the victims.

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Investors be alert before putting your money on this site. And this source is not an effective source of trading.

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