Amandeep KhunKhun Vancouver: Fraud, Fake Prescriptions

Amandeep Khun-Khun is a fraudster who used a fake license to give prescriptions. Learn more on this scammer in this RepDigger review.
Amandeep KhunKhun

Amandeep KhunKhun is a fraudster who has faced legal punishment because of his illegal a

What the Marketers of Amandeep KhunKhun are Saying: The False Claims

Amandeep KhunKhun graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in sciences with honors, and he started his profession in 2009. He managed the work of more than 50 people and maintained relationships with food and cosmetic vendors over his ten years as a franchisee of a renowned business in Vancouver, Canada.

Amandeep KhunKhun has been exclusively focused on turning his love of investment into a successful business since the year 2019.

Amandeep KhunKhun has made investments in a variety of firms, including fast-food franchises and cleaning services. He is a partner in numerous companies and a frequent trader on the NYSE and TSX. Outside of his job, Amandeep Khun-Khun donates to the World Wildlife Fund and the Liberal Party of British Columbia. He also sponsors a snow leopard in India.

He is dedicated to maintaining good physical and mental health and engages in daily mindfulness and meditation activities.

About Amandeep Khunkhun (The Reality)

He was ordered in June 2019 to have his pharmacy registration suspended for a total of 540 days, starting from the day he was reinstated to full pharmacist status; to refrain from serving as a pharmacy manager, director, owner (direct or indirect), or preceptor for five years after his suspension ends; to pass the College’s Jurisprudence Exam; to complete and pass an ethics course for healthcare professionals; and to pay a $30,000 fine. and in April 2021, B.C suspended his pharmacy registration for a total of 1825 days (5 years), starting on the day when any other prior suspensions are finished; to permanently record a letter of reprimand on the CPBC register; and to pay a $15,000 fine.

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Amandeep Khunkhun is suspended for five years for writing fake prescriptions.

Amandeep Khun-Khun
Amandeep Khun-Khun

According to the College of Pharmacists of BC, Amandeep Khunkhun has been suspended for five years for writing fake prescriptions. Amandeep Singh KhunKhun has been placed on academic probation for a total of 1,825 days, and the institution has also mandated that a letter of reprimand be permanently recorded on the college’s register. Also, he must pay a $15,000 fine. According to the most recent decision published in April, Khun-Khun created prescription authorizations for himself using the name and license number of a doctor without that doctor’s knowledge or approval.

Records showed that he created nine prescription authorizations totaling 75 issued transactions using the doctor’s identity. These authorizations were for prescriptions containing Schedule I medicines, over-the-counter vitamins, and medical supplies. Khun-Khun received a $30,000 fine and a 540-day practice suspension in June 2019. His business, Khun-Khun Drugs, has a Shoppers Drug Mart location in the South Granville neighborhood as its mailing address.

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The PharmaNet records of seven people were used by the Vancouver pharmacist to execute more than 15,000 bogus prescriptions for vitamins and over-the-counter medications over three years. But none of those seven persons were aware of it. Khun-Khun said that to fraudulently boost the pharmacy’s prescription count, he “ordered pharmacy assistants to perform transactions weekly on PharmaNet.”

The investigation also discovered that Khun-Khun employed two full-time pharmacists who “turned a blind eye” to actions they knew or should have known were inappropriate since they involved the improper access and use of patient’s personal information without their authorization. Jason Wong and William Wanyang Lu were both full-time employees of Khun-Khun. Both were obliged to pass the college’s law exam as well as an ethics course, and they both currently have letters of reprimand in their permanent registration files.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amandeep KhunKhun

Who is Amandeep KhunKhun?

Amandeep Khun-Khun, who is based in Vancouver, Canada, owns and runs a holding company through which he manages several businesses and real estate ventures.

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According to his marketing team, he makes investments in fast food franchises, cleaning service providers, and food and beverage companies as a managing partner of the company.

Additionally, he collaborates with the businesses in his portfolio, working with them to give their teams business advice. Amandeep Khun-Khun seeks out fresh investment opportunities in innovative companies with scalable business strategies and robust income streams. He trades equities on the TXS and DOW/NYSE to go along with these investments.

Where is Amandeep KhunKhun situated?

Amandeep Khun-Khun, a life coach, consults with clients in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What did Amandeep KhunKhun do?

Without the doctor’s knowledge or permission, the Former Registrant created prescription authorizations for himself between April 2014 and October 2017 using the doctor’s name and license number. Records showed that the Former Registrant created nine prescription authorizations totaling 75 dispensed transactions using the physician’s identity.

Schedule I medications, over-the-counter vitamins, and medical supplies were all authorized by prescription. By writing and/or administering these medicines, the Former Registrant lacked a legitimate order from a doctor.

Additionally, it was discovered that the Former Registrant had given himself a prescription and received pharmacological therapy. Data showed that the PharmaNet profile of the Former Registrant contained 159 entries indicating he was the receiving patient, dispensing pharmacist, and authorized practitioner, and 1,010 entries where he was both.

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Amandeep broke the trust that healthcare professionals place in one another when providing patient care when he utilized the doctor’s name and license number without the doctor’s permission.

On a daily or weekly basis, over 15,000 transactions for OTC and/or vitamin goods were processed on the PharmaNet records of seven people. These seven people did not have prescriptions, and none of the OTC or vitamin products listed on their PharmaNet records were ever given to them.

The majority of the seven people claimed that they had not voluntarily given their authorization for these transactions to appear on their PharmaNet records.

All of these transactions came from a drugstore whose manager and owner was a Former Registrant.

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Amandeep KhunKhun is a fraudster who has faced stringent punishment and suspension because of his criminal activities. He relies on deceptive marketing to gain more victims. Beware.

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