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Amazing Selling Machine


Amazing.com’s Amazing Selling Machine (an Amazon course) bills itself as the best of its kind. And many positive reviews have been posted about it online. This guide was written with young people in mind who are interested in starting their businesses on Amazon.

Is this a decent course, or is missing something here?

Here, I’ll be dissecting Amazing Selling Machine and Amazing.com in great detail. We’ll investigate the course’s creators and background, as well as look at some ASM reviews from across the web. We’ll see if ASM is the top-notch training program it advertises itself to be or if it’s just another expensive pyramid scheme.

Prepare yourself for a lengthy read by brewing a pot of coffee.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

When it comes down to it, Amazing Selling Machine is just an Amazon FBA course. It shows you the ropes of the Amazon Seller platform, from creating an account to finding and selling products. It’s very much like Nine University, just with a far larger audience.

The elderly and the young are targeted because they are easy prey for financial scams and “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Claims like “This is a life-changing course” and “Students of this course already have a seven-figure Amazon business” are common among AMS’s affiliates and promoters. However, these assertions do not attest to the course’s efficacy but rather to the possibility of an Amazon Seller business.

The current version of the Amazing Selling Machine (Amazing.com) is AMS 12, as of the time of this review’s publication.

Surprisingly many Amazing.com students end up promoting the course as an affiliate. This is because the quality of the course itself is low.

The creators of Amazing.com, at least one of whom claims to have produced $120 million in sales across all of his businesses combined, have never shown evidence that they were ever Amazon Sellers. This is rather strange, as this is not a “sales” course; but, I suppose it simply goes to show how skilled they are at convincing others to part with their cash.

Founders of the Amazing.com (ASM 12)

I wouldn’t recommend skipping this area, as the founders’ prior work experience can shed light on the company’s true intentions. For instance, Jason Katzenback came from a strict sales background, and it shows in the way Amazing Selling Machine is promoted and sold. Mr. Katzenback’s plan to increase his wealth includes the gross deception that underlies every ASM sale. Later in this piece, I discuss the devious ingenuity of Amazing.com’s psychological games and customer journey.

Matt Clarke

If you believe his LinkedIn profile (which doesn’t need verification of its data), Matt graduated from the University of Houston with a double degree in finance and entrepreneurship. After that, he acquired a job as an Energy Trading Analyst at Citigroup, but he left (or was fired from) that position after only 8 months. Then he says he founded Zanthia Holding Company, although that claim is also unsubstantiated.
If a corporation is doing business in the United States and is not listed anywhere online, that should raise red flags. The only online mentions of this company are on Matt’s LinkedIn and Zoom pages.

The business formerly had a website, however, the domain name will be put up for auction in 2020. It also reveals that the company’s headquarters are located in Belize, not the United States.


However, we will not be discussing any of that because I do not consider it to be within my area of competence.

After that, he established the now-famous website Amazing.com.

Jason Katzenback

Jason Katzenback, in contrast to Matt, comes from a very dubious family history. No information about his upbringing, work career, or even the firms he founded is available. Since he does not reveal any information that can be independently verified regarding his background, it is reasonable to presume that it is not a good one.

He presents himself as a “serial entrepreneur,” yet his actions indicate that he’s more of a fraud than an Elon Musk. Eric Porat is a prototypical “entrepreneur” of this type; through his schemes, he has destroyed the lives of scores of people.

Mr. Katzenback’s latest absurd allegation is the funniest of the bunch. According to him, he has made over $120 million in sales. Anyone who has worked in sales knows that this is a huge amount, and everyone who has worked in any business knows the value of simple proof. True or false? For his ridiculous assertion, Jason Katzenback offers no evidence. For as long as he keeps driving a nice car and living in a nice house, people will continue to believe the lies he tells them about how easy it is to become wealthy.

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The Amazing Selling Machine: A Review for the Year 2021

There are 8 main sections to the course (or 9 if you count the intro and overview):

Module 1: Compiling a Prospective Product List
Module 2: Making Money, Finding Quality Products, and Acting Professionally
Module 3: Branding and Inventory Ordering
Module 4: Guaranteeing the Success of Your Launch
Module 5: The Eight Elements of a Successful Product Listing
Module 6: The Ultimate Product Launch
Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools
Module 8: Expanding Your Enterprise

Although the amount of material covered in ASM is substantial, the course’s production values and editing leave much to be desired. It’s dry and academic, not interesting. Enthusiastic people who often find lectures dull will likely have trouble paying attention during such a dull and listless session.

Despite being one of the costliest FBA courses available, Amazing Selling Machine offers no concrete framework for implementing the strategies it teaches.

If such communities didn’t already exist and could be accessed for free, Amazing’s unique access to them would have been a lovely added touch.

Given the course’s high price tag, its mediocre content, and it’s poorly executed presentation, I can only give it two out of five stars. This is a major letdown and fails to impress.

Substitutes for the Amazing Selling Machine

Despite what you may have heard, ASM does not offer any unique strategies or procedures; hence, there are some great alternatives to this expensive course that demands far less time and money investment.

Why settle for a less expensive option?

Simply said, the more capital you have at your disposal, the better off your FBA business will be. You can save yourself $4,000 by not purchasing ASM, even if you wind up paying $100 or $1,000 on trial and error.

Here’s a caveat: these options are free, but you may find that they’re even more useful to you than ASM. Don’t worry; I’ll be explaining shortly.

Seller Academy on Amazon

For anyone interested in selling on Amazon, this is the best and most underappreciated internet resource of its kind. Not even seasoned Amazon sellers are aware that the company offers a free course that teaches them all they need to know about selling on Amazon.

Amazon Seller University is a wealth of knowledge, and when coupled with helpful communities on YouTube and Reddit, it is far superior to the Amazon Sales Method (ASM).

The one catch with this training is that you need to be an Amazon Seller already. However, I don’t think it’s much of a barrier because becoming a Seller doesn’t take much time or money.

Of course, I also realize that there will be some of you who don’t have (or don’t want to get) an Amazon Seller account, and I’ve got your back, too.

Self Learning Route

Start by reading through the most upvoted posts in popular Subreddits like r/AmazonSellers and r/FulfillmentByAmazon. You can count on them to be chock full of inspiration and advice.

You can also subscribe to various YouTube channels. Start with Amazon’s Official Seller University Channel. If you view these videos frequently, the YouTube algorithm will start suggesting further channels to you.

In addition to these materials, I recommend that you enroll in a few courses on Udemy or sign up for a free Lynda.com account using your student ID. These will give your studies more structure and aid you in mastering market jargon.

In comparison to ASM, this approach is better for newcomers because it teaches you not only how to sell on Amazon but also how to do research and discover answers to problems. Both are highly valuable in corporate management, and Amazon is no exception.

Tools Available to Amazon Vendors

Because courses like ASM do give its students a nice list of resources and tools, I felt it necessary to include this particular section. So I decided to just give it away for nothing. Bankruptcy should not be a prerequisite to getting an education.

Racism in its Rawest Form at Amazing.com

You can skip this paragraph if you don’t give a damn about workplace diversity or anti-racism policies. Those interested, please continue reading, because Amazing.com is blatantly racist in how they staff their offices.

The company has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor, which isn’t terrible but does reflect a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Glassdoor is a website where former or current employees of a company can share their opinions on working there.

It seems obvious that a corporation with annual revenues in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars should make diversity a top goal.

Amazing has buried all these reviews under a ton of purchased ones, so the media and public haven’t seen them.

By the way, racism isn’t the only problem at Amazing; rumor has it that the CEO and upper management are egotistical idiots who have no idea how to manage a workforce effectively. When these “amazing” qualities are combined with late payments, the result is a toxic workplace at wonderful.com.

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Ex-employees of Amazing have posted the following testimonials:


Dozens of evaluations on Amazing.com’s Glassdoor page indicate the company’s toxic and discriminatory work atmosphere, which you can verify for yourself.

I was drawn to this review because it so vividly illustrates how self-absorbed Matt Clark can be:

Racism in its Rawest Form at Amazing.com

Even though Amazing.com owed this writer money for his copywriting services, Matt exploited his work without paying him. Fifty thousand dollars is hardly chump change by any stretch of the imagination.

This firm is not what it seems to be. Amazing.com is not motivated by altruism, as evidenced by the company’s discriminatory recruiting practices and other self-serving behaviors.

Mistreating employees and being superior to them is not how a productive workplace function. While reading these comments, it struck me how ignorant the vast majority of Amazing Selling Machine purchasers must be to be unaware of the appalling abuse these workers have endured. Amazing’s shady twisting of the truth is quite shocking. I wish success and happiness to these workers.

Urgently need a refund for the Amazing Selling Machine.

Please submit a refund request immediately if you believe you have been cheated by Jason Katzenback, Matt Clark, or any of their thousands of shady affiliates.

I urgently need a refund for the Amazing Selling Machine.

Only the initial purchase is refundable, which is a major drawback to their refund policy. And if you want more of your money back, you’ll have to sue them, which is probably a waste of time because of the ridiculous number of disclaimers they’ve included on their websites and products.

Contact [email protected] and ask for a refund if you don’t meet the requirements for Amazing.com’s 30-day money-back promise; if they don’t give it to you, take your complaint public on sites like the Better Business Bureau, or Trustpilot. Scammers like Amazing who offer refunds don’t like it when their victims speak up, so they’ll do anything they can to avoid giving you back your money.

Try searching for “Amazing Selling Machine reviews” on Google and seeing which review sites come up on the first page. You can get the company’s attention by posting your complaint on one of the review sites linked to this page. Reddit is where I learned of this strategy.

The Hidden Truth About Amazing Selling Machine Complaints

I was startled to see that Amazing.com had such a poor reputation for handling returns. Many customers have stated that they were not refunded until they threatened legal action or left a negative review. However, in the following examples, I will show that many more people have been hurt by ASM’s terrible refund policy.

If you are not prepared to potentially lose $5,000 to $10,000, you should stay well away from ASM and its misleading return terms. There is little hope of receiving a refund from them. Affiliate reviews of ASM gloss over this grim truth since they want nothing more than for readers to buy the course through their affiliate link and earn a commission. Amazing affiliate spam is something I’ve written about as well.

The Hidden Truth About Amazing Selling Machine Complaints

On the popular subreddit r/FulfilmentByAmazon, where real Amazon FBA businesspeople help each other make money and improve their business, I found a post by u/lethal_unicorn that made me feel a little queasy. Affiliates will try to minimize the significance of communities like r/FulfillmentByAmazon because, unlike Amazing.com’s community, it costs nothing. Let’s stay on topic and investigate this request for a refund for the Amazing Selling Machine.

An unsuspecting college student fell into one of the many Amazon FBA course scams out there today. These courses are promoted by affiliates of the ASM, who can be found just about anywhere online.

The victim’s companion pointed out that the course’s material could be found elsewhere on the internet for free, and the victim promptly asked for his money back. However, after the initial 30 days, Amazing Selling Machine’s policy prevents any consumer from receiving any further compensation. In addition to damaging your credit score, ASM will have third-party debt collectors knocking on your door.

Scams like Amazing are damaging the lives of people of all ages, and this is just one example. Amazing manipulates these folks, who are usually not in the best of financial situations, and cheats them out of thousands of dollars. Victims have already passed the 30-day mark by the time they figure out that the training is standard.

Another example:

The Hidden Truth About Amazing Selling Machine Complaints

Unlike the first victim I described, u/calicomonkey found some success with ASM. In 2013, he invested in the ASM and started going through a program that offered a complete refund. Since the introductory film can’t be viewed again, he was busy taking screenshots of the slides.

He had followed the instructions to the letter but to no avail. So he asked for a complete refund, but they wouldn’t give it to him because it had already been six weeks.

Because it takes longer than four to five weeks for the course to begin offering genuine material, the victim has already passed the money-back guarantee period by the time they realize the course is not worth it.

To return to the criticism,

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u/calicomonkey was able to get his money back after filing a credit card dispute thanks to the screenshots he took, one of which clearly showed the money-back guarantee.

He was banned from Amazing.com.

While u/calicomonkey was successful in getting his money back from Amazing, the vast majority of its victims are not. This is precisely how ASM, Matt, and Jason have amassed such vast fortunes. Wow, that’s a low-down con.

We now turn to the next unfortunate victim of the ASM 12 Refund:

Norm G. purchased the ASM Foundations curriculum and found it to be useless. Unfortunately, his attempts to upgrade via email were met with silence. Amazing has provided horrible service to their customers.

As the list of victims continues to grow, this will be the last one I highlight here.

The Hidden Truth About Amazing Selling Machine Complaints

Amazing is stuffed to the gills with lies. And this individual was the unfortunate target. This Trustpilot review complains about ASM’s subpar customer service.

This sets our next point, which is the widespread presence of fraudulent (or biased) evaluations of ASM.

Scam surrounding “Amazing Selling Machine” reviews

So far, we have learned a great deal about Amazing Selling Machine, its creators, and even its victims. But now we’re getting into the big stuff, so sit tight, kids.

Let’s start with a group activity to get everyone on the same page and clarify the nature of this so-called “fake review scandal.” Click on a new tab and type “Amazing Selling Machine review” into Google. You can expect to see something very similar to this. For the spirit of fairness, we’ll look at the second page of Google search results even though almost no one ever does.

This is what’s happening:

Amazing.com has established a massive affiliate network consisting of thousands of websites and content farms. The corporation claims that its subsidiaries account for 80% of its revenue.

This caveat is for the easily offended: I have nothing against affiliate marketing or honest affiliate marketers who prominently display their bias on their websites.

Unfortunately, not a single review of Amazing Seller Machine appears to be even remotely honest or critical.

As a result, each month, tens of thousands of individuals are duped into thinking that ASM is a foolproof method for making seven figures. There is a lot of hyperbole in these affiliate reviews, with adjectives like “honest” and “brutal” used to describe how much ASM has improved the reviewers’ lives.

Just a little fib, you understand. They may have had significant life changes and financial success thanks to ASM, but not in the way you’d anticipate. The affiliate links are what bring in the money for them, not their Amazon FBA business. Each affiliate wants you to click on their unique link to purchase the course because they stand to make a hefty $1,500 if you do. That’s a lot of cash if you ask most of us.

By the way, the problem of biased reviews does not stop here. The same thing occurs if you look up “Amazing Seller Machine review” or “Is Amazing Selling Machine legit” on YouTube. There are thousands of videos out there with enticing titles like “ASM is the best course” etc. When you click through to the videos’ descriptions, you’ll always find the same affiliate link.

Affiliate marketers on YouTube tend to be more aggressive since they are more skilled at manipulation and persuasion. People of many ages claim to have found success with ASM; from young adults who claim to have achieved financial independence by their early twenties to married couples who make casual vlogs while repeating their affiliate script. However, they present themselves as ASM clients and, in some cases, actually were ASM customers before becoming an affiliate. People put their faith in these videos because the idea that they are all phony or biased comes to seem like the work of a lunatic.

Students are only cogs in the company’s machine, from which it reaps all the benefits.

What’s Wrong with These Flawed, Prejudiced Reviews of ASM 12?

I understand that this is a lot of information to process at once; I remember feeling similarly overwhelmed when I first learned about all these fake ratings and comments.

There are certain commonalities among the folks who purchase marketing courses like Amazing Selling Machine and Overnight Millionaire:

  • To provide a brighter future for oneself
  • They are unhappy with their existing living situation.

People in this demographic are easily duped when actors like Matt Clark and Wesley Virgin pop up in their YouTube feeds and perform a screenplay written specifically for them.

Most of these “potential customers” strive to learn as much as they can on their own before making a purchase. Scammers are aware of this fact, which is why they invest heavily in affiliate marketing to dominate search engine results for phrases like “Amazing.com scam” and “Amazing.com review.” A potential victim who does some research on these frauds will find nothing but paid-for 5-star evaluations and, in some cases, false reviews from satisfied customers.

At this stage, the victim has been convinced that Amazing is a legitimate business and a “life-changing investment.”

Since it is false information, it is unethical. The reviewer’s conflict of interest in getting paid when you buy the goods they are “reviewing” makes it impossible for them to provide you with an unbiased opinion.

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The terrible policies around Amazing’s products provide buyers with little room for resistance. Amazing.com practically never takes a loss due to refunds because its legal team carefully crafted its procedures.

Third-party collectors are visiting the homes of students who have fallen behind on their payments. They are wreaking havoc on the lives of the poor. This is a classic case of the wealthy exploiting the poor.

In the end, Matt and Jason continue to amass wealth while others seeking improvement in their lives are left high and dry, five grand short.

What happens if a consumer tries to make themselves heard? These biased, phony reviews drown out their pleas for assistance, so they go unheard. Amazing Selling Machine operates as a multi-level marketing firm. They have a self-perpetuating sales cycle where an affiliate convinces you to buy their course, and then you realize it’s easier to become an affiliate than to build up an FBA business.

What happens When This Post Will Be Published?

Since I expect Amazing.com will begin spamming this page with bogus 5-star reviews as soon as it goes up, I’ve placed this part in the middle of the post to ensure that only legitimate readers see it. All of these reviews will be completely uncritical, exactly like the posts made by Amazing’s affiliates. I bring this up because uninformed reviewers can lead unsuspecting readers astray about Amazing Selling Machine.

Please leave a review below if you have used Amazing Selling Machine or dealt with anyone affiliated with the company.

If you’re wondering why I bothered to write such a lengthy post:

I lost someone very close to me who put their faith in a “Get Rich Quick” scheme that turned out to be a fraud and left them homeless and hungry. For both of us, it was a harrowing ordeal. And then I went into investigative journalism, spending my weekends looking into possible frauds. I will consider my research a success if it leads to the rescue of even one person, anywhere in the world. Go ahead with the report, please.

Why Amazing Selling Machine Testimonials Are Irrelevant?

Before you race to the bottom of the page to scream, “Are you an idiot, testimonials are super important!?!?” please pause for a moment and read the following part.”.

Customers like me and you place a great deal of stock in testimonials like these. However, they shouldn’t always be the driving element, especially in cases like massive Get Rich Quick schemes, multi-level marketing frauds, etc. Despite Amazing Selling Machine’s best efforts to portray itself as an FBA training, the business model resembles a hybrid of a Get Rich Quick scheme and multi-level marketing.

While the Amazon Selling Machine (AMS) can get you set up with FBA, it cannot guarantee your continued success there. And that’s something you can cite me on. No matter where you begin your education, be it a cheap Udemy course or the costly pit that is KT9, it is your own business judgments and investigation that will determine your success. Although these classes help get started, they will not improve your chances of success.

People spend tens of thousands of dollars on a degree, but they don’t want to spend $10,000 on my life-changing course because they don’t have the mindset,’ as many self-proclaimed “gurus” online like to remark. Every time I read a statement like this, a little piece of my spirit dies. However, most students who enroll in programs like ASM don’t end up being as successful as Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google.

This is where things start to get exciting. What do you think contributed more to Sundar Pichai’s success, his education, or his initiatives and ideas? While I agree that his schooling would have helped him advance more quickly, I believe that his ingenuity and work ethic were more important factors in his success.

While earning a degree can increase your chances of finding work, courses like ASM add nothing to your resume.

I know this is true, but I know I’m not the first. As a result, Amazing.com advocates typically ask their audience questions like, “Do you want to do a 9-5?”, etc. A 9-to-5 job is fine; it provides a stable income and benefits many individuals. However, the marketers of these courses are attempting to instill in young people a “college is bad” worldview. Here’s the real deal on how to become an entrepreneur in the modern world. Warning, it’s not a beautiful sight.

Please, for the love of God, don’t drop out of your undergraduate program just because some dude on the internet told you to. Get a good education, or if time is of the essence, get a business up and running and figure things out as you go. Visit pleasant internet groups and subreddits. Locate a useful channel to subscribe to on YouTube. Also, you should invest that $5,000 instead of taking the course on Amazing.com. In this way, you can gain the kind of first-hand experience that often leads to success in building wealth from scratch.

Conclusion: Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine course is a complete waste of money. It offers no special benefits or methods. This data was stolen from another source. They have little diversity in the workplace and treat their employees poorly. Their partners spread misleading, prejudiced reviews all over the web. The inhumane return policy can ruin your good name and credit.

I think people should avoid Amazing.com and the Amazing Selling Machine.

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