Andrew Katz: Dubious Past & Fraudulent Present Report 2023

Crypto Andrew Katz, who calls himself the founder of “,” also goes by the names “Ross Katz” and “Stark Katz.” He also has multiple business entities registered in different states. This should be enough for anyone who comes across him or his “company” to be suspicious.

Three years ago, a friend went to work as a business development executive for a “start-up.” He asked me to invest in the company. I signed something called a “SAFE Note” and sent $10,000 to a “Seaquake” business account. Several months later, I found out that Seaquake and its founders, Andrew Katz, and Matthew Krueger, were being sued for cheating other investors.

Then I looked online and found several “complaints” from renters and Airbnb hosts who said Katz had not paid them and that when they asked for their money, he sent them harassing and threatening text messages.

Andrew Katz and Krueger

I asked Krueger for my money back, and he sent me an email (cc’ing Matthew Krueger) saying that I “never invested in the company, as no funds were ever received.” I sent back the paperwork my bank gave me that showed the money had been sent to the bank account Katz had given me in the original wire directions. Katz then said that his employee’s account information was wrong, and he said again that his company had never gotten the money. Then, my bank called the bank where Seaquake had an account, and the bank told my bank that my money had been put in the Seaquake account.

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When I sent all of that information to Krueger, they said they never got the money and wouldn’t do anything else.

Since then, I’ve learned that Andrew Katz has been in trouble with the law for more than 10 years. He was caught on charges of assault, stalking, breaking, and having a weapon. Public records show that there is a runaway warrant for his arrest because he didn’t show up to be sentenced on assault charges in New York. In April 2021, he was taken into custody in Miami, Florida, on several charges.

Despite all of this, I’ve seen several ‘articles’ posted on blogs that claim to be ‘news sites,’ but are PR sites that charge for posting articles that look like ‘interviews,’ and all of them portray this guy as some kind of crypto industry entrepreneur. All of it is nonsense. Stay away from this person no matter what.

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