Inside Scoop: Anthony Cavaluzzi and Profit Management Solutions

Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi and Profit Management Solutions have been operating a scam for years on unsuspecting victims. In this essay, I will collect all of the evidence against him that has been buried on the internet. Please read this thoroughly before considering doing business with him or his dubious firm.

My Experience With Anthony Cavaluzzi

Address: New York (USA) 518 Hooper Road, Suite 287 (607)745-1940

Website: http://www.profitmanagementsolution…

Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi and I had a signed contract for working a 40-hour work week for a 2-week probationary period at $ 25.00 per hour, and per our agreement, a week was to be held back, so that I would be paid weekly for services rendered the previous week after the second week was completed. Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi even promised to pay on Friday am. My employer had me schedule meetings for a salesman named Bradford Hoel, who was also victimized by this con artist.

Someone who was meant to instruct me was his star appointment setter, but she did such a poor job that I had to rely on my own 30 years of experience to figure things out. I spent four hours on the phone with his lead source to get everything up and running again after he still wouldn’t assist me go online when his lead programs crashed.

Mr. Cavaluzzi suggested I, as a newcomer to this campaign, schedule four meetings every day. His salesperson, who is helping me out and who came back to him after being scammed before, claims that he never has more than two meetings per day and that scheduling is especially difficult in the summer. One appointment was available the first week, and five were available the following week. Even while Mr. Cavaluzzi was emphatic that my numbers needed to improve after my first week on the job, he also acknowledged that there was a learning curve and that he could not possibly expect me to fulfill expectations after practically having to train myself.

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Last week on payday, Mr. Cavaluzzi mysteriously vanished, only to later tell me in writing that he did not believe my account of my hours worked. After I had called him to inquire about my money, he accomplished all of this, and he never once objected or contested my hours on the call after the first week or after, until he should have already made the deposit. My hours are unarguable because I was in continual contact with the salesperson for whom I scheduled appointments.

A $30,000 charge to a business without delivery is cited in the BBB complaint lodged against this individual. At least once, he rebranded the company. Please email me through this site if you are involved in a lawsuit against Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi, TLA Consulting Associates, Inc., or Profit Management Solutions; I would like to work with you to prevent Mr. Cavaluzzi from scamming any more people.

The Counterargument of Anthony Cavaluzzi

Insolence is personified, and he or she appears to be a compulsive liar. ignores the contractor he deceived and even threatens and harasses him when he tries to give him feedback or file a complaint.

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Reaction from the Victim/ Contractor

In his answer, Mr. Cavaluzzi deliberately lies. One of his sales representatives claimed that the man was looking for work because “he was ashamed to work for Anthony Cavaluzzi” due to his religious beliefs.

There was never a performance clause in my contract with Mr. Cavaluzzi that gave him the option of whether or not to pay me based on my work.

Even though he signed a document saying that I had fulfilled my hours and that his other appointment setters were averaging 8-10 appointments per week, I don’t believe him because he has zero credibility. He was provided a 167-page accounting report detailing all of the calls made during the time he claimed he hadn’t worked. In addition, I was charged for the average of 125 text messages per day that I received from Mr. Cavaluzzi and the sales representative for whom I was scheduling appointments. The only requirement for me to be paid was for him to acknowledge the number of hours I worked, and he still hasn’t done so, even though I’ve fulfilled his request.

Mr. Cavaluzzi has yet to pay me the more than $2,000 that he owes me for services I provided under the terms of our agreement. Legal action is proceeding against him and his companies, which have changed names for a reason because slavery was prohibited in the United States in 1865. Mr. Cavaluzzi changed the name of his company from TLA Consulting Associates, Inc. to Profit Management Solutions, Inc. because of a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of New York State alleging that he defrauded a client out of $30,000.

Nate or Nathan Cavaluzzi, his son, is also involved in this “business” in the Hillsborough County region of Florida’s Tampa Bay. Please see the BBB report on how he ripped off a client, one of very few he has had, if people do their research on this man and his dishonest business methods if don’t trust what I’ve said.

Despite not paying me even the minimum amount owed to me by contract, Mr. Cavaluzzi never fired me and fought to keep me on staff. He has some subservient employees who continue working for him despite his manipulation and the fact that he hasn’t paid them what they’re due.

Although I did not pay and cannot confirm at this time if this man, who has broken the law with myself and others and has probably gotten away with many lies and scams in the past, may be connected to criminal acts and may have served jail time in the past, there are several A. Cavaluzzis in upstate New York is listed as having done time in jail and have criminal records as well. Anyone considering doing business with Mr. Cavaluzzi or any of his organizations should review the BBB complaint filed against him and contact the state of New York to confirm his identity and the nature of any criminal charges against him.

The reply from Mr. Cavaluzzi –

To counter that assertion. We contracted with this guy because of their expertise in telemarketing. He was briefed on the rules and requirements of working for the organization. We fired him after only two weeks because he failed to live up to any of our expectations. He presented us with an impressive-sounding resume, but our research revealed that it was completely fabricated. His claim that he was never trained is demonstrably false. We offered him instruction on three separate occasions, but he missed the first two and never showed up for the third. Minimum requirements must be met. He met fewer than 10% of the minimum expectations. There have never been any lawsuits filed against us, and there are none currently. This is just a liar who lied his way into our organization and is now trying to damage our name after we fired him. We appreciate it.

Negative Reviews Against Profit Management Solutions

Those in charge are con artists who have found a way to stay one step ahead of the law while they harass, exploit, intimidate, and otherwise make the lives of the talented and capable people who are forced to work for them a living hell.

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An enormous narcissist and con man named Anthony Cavaluzzi runs the show at Profit Management Solutions. He has an inflated sense of self-importance, and his business is unreliable.

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