Anton Bilton’s Pull From Russia Resulted In £12 Million Loss

Since Russia went into Ukraine, Russia has been hit with sanctions. Raven Property, which owns warehouses in places like Moscow and St. Petersburg, said that these sanctions have “completely hurt” its business.

Anton Bilton, who is married to the American model and actress Lisa B, started the company in 2005. This week, it was one of a few Russia-focused companies that were kicked out of the FTSE indices. This hurt the company’s image and stopped tracker funds from investing in it.

Raven in Trouble: Yesterday, things got worse when Raven said that the penalties made it “impractical” for the business to keep going as it was.

It has made plans to remove itself from the LSE and move its business to a company in Cyprus that is run by its Russian management team.

The sale, which will be for a “nominal cost,” and the delisting are likely to have the support of big shareholders like Quilter and Schroders, who manage assets.

What it means for Anton Bilton: Bilton, 57, is the group’s executive deputy chairman. He and the other directors of the company have all agreed with the plans.

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The plans mean that Raven Property will be left as a dummy company, and it will be impossible to figure out how much it is worth or how much its Russian business is worth unless sanctions are lifted.

The company will no longer be listed on the stock market. This comes after a rough time for its share price, which has dropped 88 percent so far this year.

Will Raven Property go out of business?

It cost the company’s owners a lot of money, and Anton Bilton lost more than £ 12 million. The shares were taken off the market yesterday morning.

Raiffeisen Bank International, which is based in Austria and makes a third of its income in Russia, is thinking about leaving the country, even though it said it would stay just a few weeks ago.

There are 4.2 million users and 9,400 people working for the lender in the country. Its CEO, Johann Strobl, told investors two weeks ago, “It’s very important that you know we’re not leaving.”

Anton Bilton, a rich property developer from the UK, recently said that he will leave the Russian market and remove his company, Raven Property Group, from the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Because of this choice, Bilton is going to lose a lot of money, about 12 million pounds, which is a big amount.

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The Facts about Anton Bilton and the Raven Property Group

Anton Bilton is a well-known name in the world of building homes and businesses. Throughout his business journey, he has made a lot of money in many different ways. In 2005, he started what would become Raven Property Group, which was Raven Russia. The main goal of the business is to buy and build warehouses in Russia.

Raven Property Group has been traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) since 2006. However, because of a recent move by Bilton, the company will no longer be included in the LSE’s index. The move comes after a tough few years for the company, which has been hurt by economic sanctions and had trouble doing business in Russia. The move was made because the company has been having trouble with these things.

Why Anton Bilton will no longer do business in Russia?

Anton Bilton has given several different reasons why he decided to leave Russia. One of the main reasons is that the country’s political and economic atmosphere has been very unstable for a long time, which has made it much harder for businesses to keep running as usual. Anton Bilton has also said that he is worried about how unclear the Russian law system is, which has made it hard for Raven Property Group to deal with the regulatory problems that have come up.

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Raven Property Group won’t have to deal with as much scrutiny and oversight from investors and regulators as it did before it decided to leave the LSE. This is another reason why the choice to leave the LSE is important. Because of this, it may be harder for investors to get a clear picture of the company’s financial success and prospects, even though it may give Bilton more freedom in running the business.

What does the future hold for Bilton and Raven Property Group?

Even though Bilton and Raven Property Group decided to leave the Russian market and stop trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which may seem like a big step backward, there are still chances for growth and success in other markets. Bilton has said that the company will focus on growing its footprint in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands.

Bilton has also made it seem like he is thinking about making Raven Property Group a private company shortly. This could give him more power over where the company is going, but it would also mean he would have to find new ways to fund and support the company to keep it going.

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In general, Anton Bilton and Raven Property Group made a brave decision to leave the Russian market and stop trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). There is no doubt that there are risks, but there is also the chance of finding new opportunities and growing into new markets. Time is the only thing that can show whether or not this decision will be good for Bilton and his business.

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