Ariel Ourian, MD – Posting Fake Reviews to Gain Clients

Would you put your faith in a doctor who lied to patients to boost his reputation? If that’s what you desire, then you shouldn’t put your faith in Ariel Ourian MD. In an effort to drum up more business for his Beverly Hills, California-based plastic surgery practice, he has fabricated a large number of positive client reviews and posted them on his online accounts.

His clinic can be reached at the following number: 310-424-5424 and is situated at 421 N Rodeo Drive, Suite G8, Beverly Hills, California 90210, United States. The Instagram handle that Ariel uses is @thebreastdoc. Even though he has a facility in Beverly Hills, it appears that he does not have the necessary qualifications or experience to run a clinic.

This is due to the fact that nearly all of the profiles for his clinic contain at least a half dozen fabricated favorable evaluations. To submit falsely good evaluations on a product or service is not only unethical but also extremely risky.

This is not ethical marketing practice.

The following analysis will throw further light on just how Ariel Ourian MD is misleading customers, as well as the reasons why you should be skeptical of him:

His Fake Reviews On

On the website, we will begin with Ariel’s profile. For the benefit of those who are unaware, is a highly regarded review website in the healthcare sector. Consumers are provided with “self-verified” reviews of their doctors and surgeons, which makes it easier for them to locate qualified medical professionals.

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These “self-verified” assessments, on the other hand, don’t necessarily need to come from genuine patients.

In some cases, nefarious actors may attempt to influence such platforms in the same way that they often do. They accomplish this goal by making up good ratings and uploading them on the internet.

Because they don’t include any specifics, the reviews of Dr. Ariel Ourian that can be found on should not be trusted. On, all of his patients have rated him with five stars, and not one of them has offered a single comment to explain why they did so.

Now, if there was only one review that rated the product five stars but did not include any language, this may have been understood. However, in the case of Ariel Ourian, MD, all of the reviews award him five stars, but none of the reviews contain any commentary.
Do you believe it’s conceivable in the real world for a plastic surgeon to have nothing but five-star reviews? At the very least, one of his clients would rate him with four stars; if not three, then one.

Because of this, his profile looks like it could be pretty appealing.

However, this is not the only location where Ariel has placed meaningless 5-star ratings in order to artificially boost his rating. He has also utilized a precisely similar strategy on

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Fake Reviews of Ariel Ourian, MD On

Just like on, Dr. Ourian’s rating on is a stellar 5 out of 5 stars. So far, he has received 41 ratings on this website and all of them are perfect.:

On, they were at least showing “self-verified ratings by a patient”. Here, all you get is several 5-star ratings with zero explanation or attribution:

It is no longer possible for multiple individuals to write empty 5-star reviews on the same clinic. Wouldn’t you think that at least one of the more than forty people would have anything to say?

The marketing team for Dr. Ourian is either unmotivated to post these bogus evaluations or does not receive sufficient compensation for their work. It’s possible that he’s telling the people on his staff to post these scores, even though they don’t want to.

Because the majority of these ratings were posted on the same day, they cannot be trusted. In addition, Ariel Ourian has received a great number of excellent ratings in other business profiles besides the one you are currently seeing.

Additionally, he has bombarded with the following:

Fake Reviews Of Dr. Ariel Ourian On and Google

A modest profile for Ariel Ourian, MD can be found on, and there are just 5 reviews available at this time. Take note that all five of these reviews provide him a perfect score of five out of five.

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Because he has claimed his profile on Yelp, it indicates that he is the administrator of the page. Three out of the five reviews that are currently on his page raise serious red flags.

When you take a look at the accounts that contributed to these evaluations, you’ll notice that all three of them are temporary accounts.

This indicates that a user signed up for Yelp left a review giving Dr. Ourian’s page a perfect score, and then deleted their account. Additionally, it occurred three times in total.

What was the last time when you created an account on Yelp only to post a 5-star review on a business and then left the account? 

Unless someone is getting paid for doing all this, they won’t put in so much effort.

Keep in mind that it’s extremely easy to buy such reviews. There are a ton of vendors who sell fake positive reviews to help shady businesses like Ariel Ourian, MD. 

Usually, such vendors are only a Google search away:

Why Has Dr. Ourian Added So Many Fake Reviews?

One’s enterprise can benefit tremendously from the inclusion of phony evaluations on online business directories. In the instance of Dr. Ourian, it lends credence to his claims that he is an experienced and reputable physician.

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Skilled medical professionals never mince their words. They achieve fantastic outcomes and then encourage their satisfied customers to share their experiences with potential new customers.

In the instance of Dr. Ourian, he is required to write bogus reviews in order to get the attention of the kind of customers he is hoping to attract. This lends credence to the idea that Dr. Ourian does not possess the level of expertise he asserts he does.

In addition to this, the false reviews can assist him in fooling consumers who are easily duped. Very few customers take the time to investigate such minute information, and an even smaller percentage can see potentially dubious details such as “fake reviews.” The vast majority of individuals would seek up “Ariel Ourian, MD,” read the reviews that gave him 5 stars, and then make an appointment with him.


Ariel Ourian, MD is an unskilled surgeon who resorts to unethical marketing strategies to promote his business. He lies constantly to get new customers. 

Considering that he is a plastic surgeon, you should avoid him. There must be something seriously wrong with his service if he has to pay people to praise him on multiple platforms. 

Either he is extremely insecure or extremely incompetent. In both cases, he is not a reliable surgeon.

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