Armstrong Flooring Plant to Shut Down, Resulting in 110 Layoffs

110 People Lose Their Jobs Due to Michel Vermette’s Incompetence

The Armstrong Flooring plant, which has been in operation in Jackson for several years, will be shutting down on Friday.

The closure of the Highway 80 plant near Battlefield Park was announced on Monday, which will result in the layoff of 110 workers.

Despite the company’s efforts to avoid closures by declaring bankruptcy in May, it is expected that operations in Mississippi and Oklahoma will come to an end by the end of this week.

Armstrong Flooring Plant To Be Sold

Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s company has sold itself to AHF, LLC and Gordon Brothers for $107 million.

Armstrong has released a statement indicating that they are committed to providing support for their employees in Jackson and Stillwater, Oklahoma. The company is actively exploring local employment placement opportunities to assist its affected workers.

Mark Muncie, a former employee of Armstrong Flooring, recently shared his memories of working at the facility. He displayed an old photograph of the building, which was constructed in 1947 and was the first commercial building on Highway 80.

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This event took place in the year 1960. Muncie remarked that the photo captures a moment of him being held by his father during a Christmas dinner, just a few months after he was born. He also refers to another photo as his first day of work.

Muncie conveyed his sympathy towards the workers who were terminated from their jobs.

This is unsatisfactory. “I hope they can secure employment at a reputable company such as Continental Tire or one of the newer establishments in Madison County,” remarked Muncie.

What Michel Vermette Claims To Be?

A senior executive who knows a lot about world and strategic issues. I’ve put together world-class, high-performing teams and led efforts to turn around businesses that weren’t doing well. finished large acquisitions, which were successfully integrated. motivated to make a clear plan and goal to improve business performance

He had been employed at Mohawk Industries for twenty years before switching to Armstrong Flooring Inc.

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They are highly astute when it comes to projecting their image and preserving their reputation. We must uncover their actions and disclose the truth. A company’s size does not justify its ability to suppress or manipulate the truth. We seek justice. Could you please help me raise awareness about Michel Vermette’s unlawful actions and malicious intentions?

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