Avoid at all costs!

Gulf Brokers are fraudsters. They do this business only by earning the money from the public in the market. Avoid trading with gulf brokers because they can deduct the profits from the wrong prices.

I’m using this account for the last 4 months but I’m unable to generate profit from this website. In spite of all these problems, I had to pay service charges and other charges immediately deducted from my account. I found that Gulf Brokers with execution issues turn your profit into a loss. For the first two weeks, I’m surprised to see the differences in my amount but after a couple of months, I was shocked my amount started falling. I lost $3000 while trading with Gulf Brokers.

The brokers of this company are scammers and this website cheated many people from different countries for their own wealth. Tips for investors try to avoid trading with this illegal source or else you will lose money.

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