Barry Barlow Merrill Lynch- A Hoax and Horrific Advisor

Barry Barlow should be feared. Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a dishonest financial adviser who takes advantage of wealthy people by locking them into bad contracts.

Barry Barlow is one of the more unethical workers in the finance world. The dangers his clients are exposed to because of his firm’s disclosures are excessive.

The following analysis provides a comprehensive summary of the bad provisions included in Barry’s disclosures.

Who is Barry Barlow Merrill Lynch?

Barry Barlow, Louisville, Kentucky is home to Merrill Lynch, a wealth advisory firm. His phone number is 502-329-5097, and his office is at 101 Bullitt Ln, 4th Floor, Louisville, KY 40222, US.

Even though Barry is the company’s managing director, the following people also deserve mention for their contributions:

  • M. Christine Book, Associate Wealth Manager
  • Senior Wealth Planner Amy Sibley Jones
  • Senior Investment Manager Chris C. McIntosh
  • Managing Director of Investments Frank Barlow

Barry Barlow claims to assist his clients in establishing sustainable streams of income and wealth that may be passed down through the generations. His company promotes strong connections and constant dialogue, as stated by its representatives. Furthermore, they boast of providing exceptional, individual attention.

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Furthermore, the company asserts that it places a premium on risk analysis, capital preservation, and client goal setting to develop individualized approaches to wealth management.

They provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Disablement Benefits Insurance
  • Professions in Estate & Trust Planning
  • Swap Money
  • funding based on the value of a security
  • Strategy for the Future
  • Home mortgages
  • funding based on the value of a security
  • Funds Supplied by Donors
  • Management of inventory with laser focus
  • Investments in Long-Term Debt
  • Additionally, alternative investing.

At face value, these assurances and guarantees appear to be real. Barry Barlow Merrill Lynch may seem honest at first glance, but his agreements’ fine print reveals otherwise. The only thing this company is concerned with is making money, hence most of these statements are untrue.

More information on these factors, and why you shouldn’t do business with Barry, is provided in the following section of this review.

Problems With Barry Barlow What Merrill Lynch Does to Avoid Being Found

FINRA BrokerCheck reveals one disciplinary action taken against Barry Barlow at Merrill Lynch. In 2014, this disagreement arose. In this case, the client claimed that they were misled about costs from November 2008 to February 2014.
For $9,940.70, they called it a settlement.

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Barry has been silent about the facts of the disagreement. As a result, you won’t learn the truth about why they reached a settlement that implies Barry lied.

A major problem exists here. This indicates a pattern of Barry Barlow Merrill Lynch making false claims on behalf of his customers. Keep in mind that the vast majority of his customers have no idea there is a problem or that they have been misrepresented.

The following admissions shed light on why he frequently misrepresents customers.

Subtle Costs Added On

Barry mentions in passing that his company has goods that incur 12b-1 costs. As an investor, you will incur various costs, one of which is the 12b-1 charge. The reason for this price, however, sets it apart from the competition.

This fee is a marketing commission paid by investment product providers to financial advisors for recommending their services and products.

There is no benefit to paying the 12b-1 charge. The cost of security is artificially inflated by the 12b-1 fee, which provides no additional value to the buyer.

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An SEC analysis found that the returns on 12b-1 fee securities were comparable to those on securities that did not have this fee. Investments that impose this fee also have a lower return on investment.

Making Money Through Product Sales Commissions

Barlow, Barry. Commissions on the sale of Merrill Lynch’s securities and those of its affiliates are a major source of revenue. This means that he can only recommend investments that earn him commissions. No matter how beneficial an investment would be for you, his company would not promote it if it did not result in commissions for them.
It’s also worth noting that some of the specialized investment offerings might generate more commissions than others. That’s why they’d be given special attention.

When this is the case, the advising company favors products with larger commission rates. The advisor’s objectivity is compromised if he or she is paid on commission from the investments recommended.

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They would recommend investments to you not based on how well they fit your needs, but on how much compensation they would generate for the broker. As a result, the odds of such experts providing you with good advice are extremely low.

Investors who work with such advisors often lose out on lucrative possibilities because doing so would not increase the advisor’s earnings. It’s usually too late by the time an investor figures out how much they could have made.

The advisor also cannot be held liable for any inappropriate suggestions made. They would only state that you were fully informed and consented to the investments on your own accord.


Skip over Barry Barlow Merrill Lynch in your search for a competent and honest financial advisor. This advisor has too many red flags and should be replaced.

You would have to pay more to receive the same returns with Barry as you would with anyone else. In addition, Barry stands to gain financially by making inappropriate suggestions.

Avoid him for these reasons.

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