Best Capital Funding: Exposing Unprofessional Service and Lengthy Delays 2023

Best Capital Funding has a bad reputation for being an incompetent mortgage lender that holds up important processes. Their customers say that the company always puts things off, tells them lies and makes their financial risks higher.

They are also getting known for how badly they treat their employees. Want to know more? Continue reading to learn more about Best Capital Funding California:

About Best Capital Funding

Best Capital Funding is a mortgage company in the California city of Los Angeles.

Michael Yates is the president and one of the people who started Best Capital Funding. Ulrik Singontiko is the company’s vice president and the other co-founder. In 2008, they started this business and have been running it ever since.

But this lending company has a big red flag. Best Capital Funding has several websites, including,, and

The first site is the company’s main website, and the second is for Best Capital Funding Rancho Cucamonga. The third site is for a company called Best Capital Funding Wholesale.

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But a business like this one doesn’t need more than one page. The company’s other two websites don’t have much information about it and are just there to be.

By having more than one website, BCF can take up more room on Google’s list of search results. So if you look them up online, you’re less likely to find bad reviews about them. Because instead, you’ll see their different accounts and websites.

Kennedy Funding Financial, a hard lender in NJ, uses the same method. Instead of using many different websites, they pay websites to put stories on their sites that praise their work. Both of these methods are different, but they both have the same goal: to trick people.

Always Ask for Information, Never Do Anything, Lie to Clients

Best Capital Funding review

Carlos says that it took the people at BCF two months to handle an easy loan, and the deal was never closed. They asked him for a lot of information more than once, and his workers had no idea what they were doing.

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He also says that the company lies to you from the very beginning. They ran his credit more than once without telling him why. He also says that he wishes he had never gotten in touch with this company because all they told him were lies.

Lack of Integrity and Credibility, Delay Processes Through Incompetence

Best Capital Funding review

Criselda put in an offer to buy a new house on April 3, 2019, and put down a $12,000 payment. BFC gave her a letter saying that she was pre-approved and agreed to be her lender for the buy. She gave them everything they asked for, like her bank records and tax returns.

BCF checked her credit score and then asked for her most recent bank records, profit and loss statement, and cash flow analyses. She tells them that she had already shown them that she had the 10% down payment money.

Criselda is upset that the company hasn’t given her the loan papers yet, even though she has given them all the paperwork they need. She is writing her complaint on May 24, 2019.

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Criselda says that she had already asked to get out of her current lease by the end of May, so the delays from Best Capital Funding were putting a lot of pressure on her.

Asked for the Paperwork 5 Times Because They Were “Too Busy”

Best Capital Funding review

The person writing the review wanted to refinance their home. At least four times, BCF asked them for the same papers before giving them the final documents 3 months later.

When the reviewer sent the money to close, BCF asked for the same papers. The reader says they can’t believe BCF has taken so long with this process. Also, the company says it’s very busy as an excuse for putting everything off for months.

The reviewer shares that they contacted another company that closed two refinances within a few weeks. This lender compelled them to find someone else through their sheer incompetence

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Best Capital Funding review
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Important Best Capital Funding Glassdoor Complaints

Best Capital Funding review
Best Capital Funding review


Instead of making a name for itself by helping people and giving them loans, Best Capital Funding is making a name for itself by mistreating clients and making them unhappy.

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Their customers say that they sit on the files for a long time, make them miss important deadlines, and don’t own up to their mistakes. I’m pretty sure that California has much better mortgage lenders than BCF, so you don’t have to go through them.

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