Beware – LyoPay Founder’s previous venture OneCoin collapsed, the money of thousands of victims lost

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It seems that the story of OneCoin and OneLife, which have allegedly cryptoelastic token and investors around the world, including in Slovenia, have charged more than three billion euros, is slowly approaching the end. OneCoin founder not only hid for a year and a half, his brother, the last temporary cash chief, is facing a US trial – this week, OneCoin has received some extra scams that will be very difficult to catch.

The first blow

She was in court in New York on Tuesday on behalf of the applicant Christine Grablis a lawsuit against OneCoin Ltd. and four people, among others Ruat Ignatovo, the founder of OneCoin, his brother Konstantina Ignatova and Sweden Sebastian Greenwood, which was on OneCoin from the beginning.

With the participation in the monetary network, the company OneCoin lost more than 100 thousand euros. The New York court asks it to classify its suit as a class action suit so that other OneCoin victims in the United States can also be found, he reported American Business Media Bloomberg.

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Second stroke

He will no longer promote OneLife and OneCoin, he posted on Facebook on Tuesday José Gordo, one of the top-ranked money network hierarchies and the alleged member of OneCoin’s so-called elite inner circle who had access to all the information about what’s going on in the background.

Gordo was actually the last “giant” in the online marketing industry than those who joined OneCoin in 2015 and then promoted it as the best business opportunity of all time. Others have begun offering other exceptional investments or have turned to silence and said goodbye to public speaking.

Most of the older Slovenian “higher” disappeared

It was no different with most of the major Slovene promoters of “crypto” onecoins: most of those who tried to persuade event visitors to join the system through them, she moved to other similar projects or are they become cryptowatch purchasing advisors by avoiding questions about past involvement in OneCoin. OneCoin or OneLife left the last of the most recent Slovenian promoters in April.

One of the slides that invited potential Slovenian investors to invest in meetings. OneCoin and OneLife came to light after incurring expenses to offer an investment without a tangible product and to execute a pyramid scheme; otherwise they changed the panel and started to argue that people can only buy educational packages, while onecoin is the main product advertised only by independent developers who “have no idea.” But that was a fat lie, because who, according to her, swallowed the bitcoin crypt, was also represented by Ruja Ignatova, founder of OneCoin.

The third blow

The story of OneCoin is becoming more and more famous worlds. On Tuesday is the confession of a woman who, with involvement in OneCoin, wasted a lot of money and money from family and friends, but now Facebook helps victims said money network, published by Metro, the most branched daily newspaper and one of the most visited online medias in the UK.

When it became clear in March that Konstantin Ignatova had been arrested in the US and that he and his sister Ruja were writing an indictment for him, a report was recorded by virtually every major media in the world.

Fourth blow

Approximately 3.5 million people who bought one of the educational packages and through it have arrived at the alleged on-going cybercrime (supposedly because there is no proof of refutation that the list of transactions actually exists), it is still waiting to be able to sell its onecoins on the stock exchange, which they also pledged in 2015 and 2016, when OneCoin joined most people.What happened on the day he would have to enter the stock market:

There is less hope for this, as companies are simply not answering questions about the stock market’s opening, which have been postponed several times. OneCoin and OneLife Facebook profiles were last activated on February 21, and their administrators are no longer bothering or excluding comments from users, who are increasingly desperate to ask when they can get some money back.

Some members of the OneCoin network claim they do not need a stock exchange because they can spend their onecoins on the DealShaker platform. It is an online store where you can exchange discount coupons for coupons and then swap them for goods and services, such as a bag of potatoes or a dentist’s exam for a particular person. At DealShaker, you can also find luxury cars, which are being advertised by Slovenian OneCoina promoters all the time, but they have not yet been bought as this is not possible. So far, even for all these car ads on DealShaker, even for this one in the photo, highlighted by the promoters of OneCoin, turned out to be fake. It is true that one of the largest Croatian promoters of OneCoin, through DealShaker, bought from Slovenia a subaru of seventeen years, worth no more than 1,500 euros.

They will almost certainly never see their money because most of the money invested in the pockets of those at the top of OneCoin’s hierarchy, which has long broken all ties with the legacy of Ruja Ignatova.For example, the finisher of Juha Parhiala, for example, is only because he was in the hierarchy at the top, monthly earned more than 4 million euros.

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