Beware of eTrueNorth: Horrible reviews, unreliable tests, and poor support

eTrueNorth is a fraudulent company. It has been brought to light in a variety of reviews from customers.

Read through the following review before giving them any consideration for a commercial transaction. It will assist you in coming to a decision that is well-informed regarding this business venture:

About eTrueNorth: Let’s know actually what they claim to be.

eTrueNorth and the Improving Community Access to Testing (ICATT) initiative of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are collaborating to provide pharmacies of all sizes with a COVID-19 specimen collecting and testing solution that is fully turnkey. Participating pharmacies will be allowed to offer free COVID-19 testing in their respective communities in exchange for financial compensation.

What eTrueNorth reviews say about it?

Let’s discuss some of the reviews about eTrueNorth:

In the aforementioned instance, the patient is blaming eTrueNorth for the inaccurate and tardy report. Despite not stating anything, they advertise a 72-hour turnaround. The collection date is excluded from this calculation and only includes business days. Therefore, the patient received her report but it was inaccurate after making numerous calls

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#2. Incomplete Report

image 87

According to the previous allegation made against eTrueNorth, the report of the patient that was submitted for Covid-19 contained insufficient information. eTrueNorth Company has administered two Covid tests to the patient in question. Both of the test reports were missing important information.

#3. Unfaithful & incomplete reports

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A significant portion of eTrueNorth’s Covid test results were missing important information. A patient who had this negative encounter with eTrueNorth related the scenario of how her son was made vulnerable to covid by the girlfriend he was seeing at the time. She had a positive result, however, the position that his kid has requires that he have a positive COVID test. He displayed each and every sign, symptom, and so on. He submitted himself for a Covid test, but the results were unreliable and didn’t come back for more than a week.

The patient’s husband as well as other members of the patient’s family had covid tests performed, but the eTrueNorth was utilized in all three facilities. Every single one of the reports offered incorrect conclusions. despite the fact that they pick different times and places to conduct the testing. Since then, his son has been fired from his work because he failed to submit appropriate reports.

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#4. Results came back

image 89

It took 6 days to receive findings, according to the aforementioned assessment. According to the patient, the Covid test had no purpose. By the time his test results were ready, the patient had already returned to work.

#5. eTrueNorth is a “Super spreader Covid Testing Site”

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One of the users of eTrueNorth has asserted that they are mostly to blame for the exceptionally high Omicron transmission rates. They installed a super spreader covid testing laboratory in Thedacare’s Wautoma location. McKenzie claims that they are not driven through because of the weather; nonetheless, he was among infectious people for more than a week. In the end, he started making an attempt to lessen the gap between everyone, which resulted in some of them being forced to wait outside in the subzero weather.

He sat there and waited for close to an hour. As of right now, the request for a covid test has been turned down by the condescending manager Sharon who works at the eTrueNorth contact center. Her excuse is that “these are quick tests and cannot be done in cold.” In point of fact, this business does not carry out the patient test schedule, which is something that should be made public.

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#6. Provides failed testing reports

etruenorth reviews

In this particular instance, the patient is complaining about the poor handling of the samples and the results of doing so. In point of fact, in order to return to Canada, they were required in Vermont to pass a PCR test. Even though they had finalized the report early on Friday morning, the patient did not receive a copy of it until the following Tuesday. On the basis of his personal experience, he strongly recommends that you should not take any exams at eTrueNorth.

#7. Loss of Reports

etruenorth reviews

It has been stated that the patient provided feedback on the operation of the website in the review located at the very top. It is displaying or presents information about lost reports pertaining to the Covid samples that have been submitted or reviewed. In addition, the patient is perplexed as to why people are still making use of eTrueNorth given that it provides unreliable results.

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#8. Lack of test kits

etruenorth reviews

#9. eTrueNorth is unfair to their Employees

etruenorth reviews

#10. Rude staff behavior

etruenorth reviews

Another review of this company claims that they are unable to supply the necessary documentation outlining the kind of test or the results. These things have no value at all. Additionally, he brought up the fact that the workers there are utterly uncourteous to his clients.


By examining the reviews mentioned above, we can evaluate how well eTrueNorth is operating. So, we can conclude that this corporation continues to project a deceptive image through its ads. Finally, because it is a matter of people’s lives, this organization needs to strengthen its working procedures and management using the sample.

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