Beware the Web of Deceit: Max Trubitski Shopify Scam Unmasked


I want to congratulate you on the purchase of your 7-figure Pre-built Shopify Store!

People from all around the world are increasingly turning to the practice of shopping online, which is known as e-commerce. Alongside the proliferation of the internet, shopping has come an increase in the number of instances of fraud. An online retailer based in Ukraine named Max Trubitski was accused of engaging in fraudulent activity through his Shopify stores. This was one of the situations that gained the greatest attention in recent times.

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Who is Max Trubitski?

Max Trubitski is the proprietor of an online firm that is based in Ukraine. The success of his Shopify stores catapulted him to the forefront of the field of Internet commerce. In 2014, Max Trubitski got his start in the Internet retail business by listing his wares on It was in 2016 when he made the switch to Shopify. The businesses owned by Trubitski sold a wide variety of items, ranging from jewelry to knickknacks for the home.

Supposedly Fraudulent Things Max Trubitski Did

In 2018, a number of customers began to report that their orders were either not being completed or not being shipped. It was discovered that the stores owned by Max Trubitski were utilizing fictitious addresses and phone numbers and that some of the products sold there were not as high-quality as they had represented them to be. Max Trubitski was additionally accused of fabricating reviews for his shop in order to make it appear in a more favorable light.

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The cons committed by Trubitski were not confined to his shops either. In addition to that, it was suggested that he was operating a Ponzi scheme with the help of a digital currency known as PlexCoin. According to the allegations, Max Trubitski and his co-conspirators misrepresented to people the worth of PlexCoin in order to get them to invest in their scheme.

Max Trubitski

The Arrest and Sentence of Max Trubitski

In 2018, authorities in Thailand tracked down and arrested Max Trubitski, who was then extradited to the United States to face charges related to wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to conduct securities fraud. Trubitski pleaded guilty to the allegations against him, which means he will serve his sentence beginning in the year 2021.

What Max Trubitski’s Fraud Meant

Because to Trubitski’s fraudulent activities, several of his clients have suffered financial losses as a result of their orders. Even though Shopify has been working hard to prevent fraudulent activity on its network, Trubitski’s stores nonetheless managed to tarnish the company’s reputation.

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As a direct response to what occurred with Max Trubitski, Shopify has implemented new security measures to further strengthen its protections against fraudulent activity. In order to detect fraudulent activity, the company has implemented machine learning algorithms and has increased the number of employees monitoring retail locations for any unusual activity.

Max Trubitski's Shopify e-commerce scam


He stated that he was going to sell a limited number of 7 figure Pre-built Shopify Stores for only £15 pounds and that it would be delivered within 2/3 days, but ever since I purchased my 7 figure Pre-built Shopify Store from his website it has been about two weeks now and there is still no news from him or his company. He said that he was going to offer a limited number of 7-figure Pre-built Shopify Stores for only £15 pounds. I continued to send them emails, but they have not responded to any of them.

Max and his colleagues run a YouTube channel, but they give their audience members false information about the acquisition of an online retail location. After I bought one of his establishments, they began calling me often in an attempt to get financial assistance. After a month, I still can’t go to the store since my access hasn’t been restored.

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After I bought a store, the previous owner demanded that I immediately make an investment in one-on-one coaching. I did not accept the offer, and as a result, I was never given access to the Ecomm prebuilt store or the perks that were intended to be included. I asked for a refund and was informed that it would be completed within the next few weeks; however, there has been no return… I will be disputing the charge with my bank and reporting the incident to them.

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