Bijan Burnard –, Vxl Bank, Vxl Dollar, SCG TRUST – Scam

Bijan Burnard is again at work to run new scams.

After the scams done in 2018-2022 with Vxl Bank, Vxl Dollar, Vxl.Network, SCG Trust, and IB-EX even attacking the famous James Stunt in the UK, the ex-husband of Petra Ecclestone, with over 21 denounces in Spain and 4 court cases in the courts of Malaga and Sevilla about this organized crime formed by Burnard, Francisco de Borbon, and Reza Ebrat in the recent 3 months, Burnard moves his actions from Spain, UK, and Dubai to a new target, Monaco.

He liked in the past to be named like “the global strategists” of the this organised crime network. The scheme is like in the past, target high net worth individuals running new websites created overnight with a lot of fake, basic content about the crypto industry, with anonymous websites, anonymous teams, no companies, no tax declarations, and soliciting services like banking, offshore debit cards, crypto and money laundering.

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MONACO: Burnard moved to live in France in a location at the border with Monaco, with its goal to enter in the Monaco society and work on contacts to arrive to key contacts with investors to scam, not aware of his past. We are many individuals and business that where scammed by Bijan Burnard with his past fake websites where again these individuals involved not only abusively to obtain an economic advantage the Royal Families of Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Monaco but also sport teams like Formula 1, Formula E, AS BASKET MONACO, AS MONACO FC, Rolex Montecarlo Tennis, Yatch Club and so on.

The scheme is the same, to get this partnership to give credibility to their sites, let deposit money to investor in offshore banks, and spend and run with that money,
all of us already victim of that. Not only, dealing with shady business of people that was thinking to use their illicit services to hide money offshore and than blackmailed back by them, after being scammed, because they could not report such illecits to police.

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This is what is going on and how deep these criminals goes.

At the moment the money of the victims is used to buy sponsorship in AS BASKET MONACO and we are investigating in which other sport teams their net is arriving. This mean that people that will watch their advertising in internet, TV, and other media, will visit or will be approached by something they will think is a legit business and company. Not only, the victims soon will sue the sport teams that are using such money as sponsorship by the activity of money laundering of such individuals.

The scammers spend lots of money to hide from internet all the proofs, you can find however, about their activity.

Luckily a big help from online investigators and scam alert websites is helping poor families and business that already had the bad luck to be approached and scammed by this organised crime and we will never stop to alert all the readers of what is going on.

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The law is slow, andthese criminals are using this time to continue their operations and to run more websites till arrive to Monaco.

The police of Monaco is informed already of such activities like the use of the Government of Monaco and Prince Albert Foundation in their sites.

We invite to contact the France and Monaco police and to report the head of this group, to the Police of Monaco and France.

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  1. No I see there is a whole article written about me and my company as well. My name is Bijan Burnard and i am the director of lattice labs. We build technology for third parties via contract, our business process never requires investment as it is all contractual work for third parties and will never need investment in the future.

    Please share with me one victim that I or my company have scammed, this is not true

    I assure as well that vxl has not scammed anyone.

    This article was written or information has been provided by enrico devito which is extortioner and you have a whole page on him as well. He wrote this initial fake claims on dirty scam and it was removed by the court. Please remove this especially my name it’s completely false information.

    I can provide with the full rosier from police of Monaco about him and this issue. And I can provide you with the court order against him for racketeering and extortion.

    I have never scammed a person in my life or received money from anybody in form of investment as I have never required to.

    Contact me imeadielty please.

  2. in BitcoinTalk can be found all the criminal activity of Bijan Burnard, an aggressive scammer that not only continue to fraud and his operations with its partners but also attack online his victims adding years of jail request from the victims.

    All the criminal activity of Burnard is well documented and can’t fool any reader.

    He is spending money to delete the trace over the time but unfortunately the case is so huge that soon will be public on tv especially in Spain where he involved the Royal Family of Spain in his crimes.

    AS MONACO BASKET was targeted by his new website born in 1 night, and informations logos and links from where deleted already and even 2 peoples of the fake teams that were already connected to other websites of Burnard and crypto scam.

    Also, you can find news of the Scottish and daily mail in UK about his illicit business in banking, debit cards and other fraud and money laundering activities.

    We know all the individual attacked by Burnard as a trustworthy person with life destroyed but this group of criminals all documented in the hundred pages in the court. Not only, there are business and other investors already filed on the courts of Malaga, Seville and Madrid a case against this organised crime.

    Soon will be all public.

    The police of Monaco can contact us to and [email protected] at any time, because already informed of the crimes committed using in the large number of website of Burnard using fake partnerships with the Government of Monaco, Royal Family of Spain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi government and central banks, Government of Spain and so on.

    Thank you for reading.

  3. In our case, we can confirm that Mr. Burnard introduce as one of the main directors in VXL bank, that has costed us so far more than a 100,000 USD that we deposited there. For many months Birjan Burnard was fooling us looking for all kind of excuses with compliances not to return us our money. When they run out of excuses regarding compliances, then Reza Ebrat recognized it was an internal problem and nothing related to us.

    As we were a start up, not being able to get our money meant that we were almost filling for bankruptcy, and that we had to fire several people. Now he is trying to walk away from VXL, leaving Fran de Borbon and Reza Ebrat as the only responsibles, but in our case, he was, as mentioned before, one of the main directors. Soon we are as well starting legal prcedures against them

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