BitexPro: The Crypto Scam Allegedly Behind ZENEX in 2023

It is stated that BitexPro is an online cryptocurrency business that provides its consumers with the Zenex coin. However, evidence from a variety of BitexPro reviews suggests that it could be a risky hoax.

When research was done on the company, it was discovered several warning signs myself. As a result, have a strong suspicion that BitexPro EU is not quite as reliable as it asserts itself to be.

There are a number of reviews available online that illustrate the ways in which this cryptocurrency broker took advantage of customers.

BitexPro asserts that it is an online cryptocurrency business that provides its customers with the Zenex coin; nevertheless, it has come under examination as a result of a number of BitexPro reviews that imply the company may be operating a fraudulent scheme. Even though it is critical to perform exhaustive due diligence prior to investing in any endeavor, it is abundantly obvious from the red flags connected with BitexPro Eu that the platform may not be as trustworthy as it asserts it is.

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This bitcoin broker has been called out in a number of reviews posted online for defrauding the reviewers, which is an indication that the company cannot be trusted. The fact that there is so little information available about the company’s management and employees is a huge warning sign. It is difficult to have faith that the business has ethical motives when there is a lack of transparency surrounding the people who are behind the initiative.

In addition, despite BitexPro’s assertions that it operates out of the European Union, the company has failed to register with any of the region’s regulatory bodies. Potential investors ought to be concerned about this absence of regulation since it leaves them without any legal remedy in the event that something goes wrong with their investment.

In addition to this, it has a reputation for pressuring customers into making financial investments that are beyond their comfort zone. This kind of behavior is a tried-and-true method used by con artists, as it allows them to play on the feelings of their victims and persuade them to act in a rash manner.

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In conclusion, prospective investors must approach the company with extreme caution and give careful consideration to the various warning signs related to it. It is always best to err on the side of caution and invest in businesses that are open to public scrutiny, regulated, and have a track record of success.

bitexpro review
bitexpro review

Additional Red Flags in BitexPro: Review 2023

Apart from the multiple reviews calling this forex broker a scam, there are several additional red flags indicating BitexPro is not a reliable firm.

In the footer of their website, you’d see that the owner of this forex broker is GoldFort OU, an Estonian company. 

Their address is Vana-Narva maantee 18, Maardu, 74114 Harju maakond, Estonia. 

Surely, all of this looks quite legitimate.

But, it’s all lies. 

BitexPro is using the name and business address of a completely different company which has no association with them whatsoever. 

Their fees are substantial as well.


The minimum deposit requirement is $10 while the deposit fee is 4.5%. On top of that, you’d have to pay a withdrawal fee of 4% and $6. 

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However, they claim to have different fee structures for different payment types but all of them have relatively the same charges. 

Zenex Coin:

Apart from being a forex broker, BitexPro is the issuer of Zenex Coin as well. According to their website, Zenex Coin is a token to help businesses perform transactions more efficiently and effectively.

They claim it is an innovative financial solution and helps you recharge your balance of online gaming services. 

Also, BitexPro claims that Zenex will help people save themselves from fraudulent chargebacks. 

However, trusting the Zenex coin is more difficult as there is no information on the people behind the coin. 

Although Zenex coin shares the name of Lina Rice as the CEO of Bitexpro, you don’t find any information online when you look up her name online: 

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