Blue Sky Amazon, Sophie Howard’s Tool To Scam People


The Queen of Amazon Sales would rather keep her secrets hidden from you. She has lied about her past, present, and even the existence of her five-star reviews.

True blue The success formula may not be found at Amazon, but that’s what The marketing department at Sophie wants you to think so.

Here’s the gist in case you don’t have time to read the full thing:

Blue Sky Amazon is an expensive Amazon seller training program with phony 5-star reviews and paid “expert” testimonials.

Let’s figure out what’s wrong with this course and its developers so we can put an end to them for good.

Who is Sophie Howard?

Explain who Sophie Howard is. She claims to be “The Amazon Selling Queen” and to run many 7-figure Amazon enterprises. Her website presents her as the Amazon goddess who bestows six-figure enterprises and miraculous results upon her devotees.

No review websites have mentioned the lack of evidence for Sophie’s assertions. Who knows, maybe they just accepted Sophie at her word.

Other than this, not much is known about Sophie Howard’s past. She has a shady past similar to that of JT Foxx.

Sophie Howard

In a Clear, Beautiful Day The official Amazon website’s about page reads like it was created by a freelancer for nickels because of how lackluster the content is. It’s the most generic kind of biography you can write. Perhaps Sophie should have invested more in her advertising and public image.

But if Sophie is truly a millionaire, I have to ask: why is she offering a $6,000 course to strangers? Is it because she genuinely cares about people, or because she was never able to build a successful Amazon business? Oh, I see now that there are multiple questions.

Falsified Ratings and Reviews to Cover Up the Truth

The numerous bogus reviews are one way in which Blue Sky Amazon stands out from other, more legitimate courses (such as Amazon’s official Seller University). A Trustpilot review on the Blue Sky Amazon page states that the reviews are written by Sophie Howard.

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I did my digging and analysis to determine if the people who have given this product five stars are satisfied customers. Let’s just say the findings are surprising in an unexpected way.

Every opinion on Blue Sky The Trustpilot reviews on Amazon share the same style and terminology. I have a strong suspicion that an overseas marketing firm is behind the phony 5-star reviews, but I can’t say for sure without more evidence.

The plot continues from here. Searching for “Blue Sky Amazon Reviews” on Google will bring up results like the following:

Do you know what the common denominator is between these search results? They are paid endorsements!

Sophie has modified Google search results for phrases such as “Sophie Howard,” “Sophie Howard Amazon,” “blue sky Amazon,” etc. Okay, maybe the exclamation mark was a touch dramatic, but Sophie has done this.


To obfuscate the reviews of actual victims of this fraud. We’re going to gaze up into the true Blue Sky. We’ll get to the reviews on Amazon in a second, but first I want to dispel some myths about the reviews that were paid for by Sophie Howard:



The lone comment on this page begs the reader not to pay for this terrible program, which is, um, odd. What a great bit of irony.

Despite not using an affiliate link, TheAffiliateDoctor’s gushing review of Sophie Howard’s expensive course contains numerous inconsistencies. I also have my doubts about the site’s intentions because the author brazenly promotes his biggest affiliate, EcomElites, in every review.



HighIncomeSource, much like “TheAffliliateDoctor,” advertises a dubious program called “WealthyAffiliate.” Keep a watch out for my review of that class sometime soon.

One question for the reviewer, though.

Why is Sophie selling an online course and desperately trying to hide the truth about her deception if she genuinely has several 7-figure Amazon FBA businesses?



Even though the reviewer is affiliated with Sophie, he insists that his review is fair and objective. At least he isn’t pretending to be politically neutral like the others, so he can’t be as awful as them.

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The fact that Ippie offers a course personally rather than serving as an affiliate is the key reason why I like this review more than others that simply promote a course as TheAffiliateDoctor did.

First, I’d want to discuss a handful of sites that Sophie Howard has created to hide the honest evaluations of her class.

Reviews of Blue Sky Amazon dot com

Reviews of Blue Sky Amazon at dot com

There are only two goals for this website:

  1. Delete any negative comments about Blue Sky Amazon on Amazon, including this one.
  2. Make them forget what their intuition and rational thinking are telling them and believe that Blue Sky Amazon is not a hoax.
  3. This website is built on a default WordPress theme, and Sophie couldn’t care less.

There is no clear indication that Sophie Howard and Blue Sky Amazon are the site’s sponsors or even supporters. The following email address is listed, however, on the contact page:

Reviews of Blue Sky Amazon at dot com

As a result, I checked out the website and quickly realized there were clear parallels to Sophie. Several articles on the site specifically discuss the Blue Sky Amazon affiliate program. Furthermore, a banner featuring Sophie Howard can always be found on the website’s front page. At this point, I think it’s safe to presume that Sophie Howard is behind the website

Reviews of BlueSkyAmazon on Facebook

You’re about to see the worst pile of sss you’ll ever see on a Facebook page, so prepare to shudder.

This Facebook page is loaded with fake “reviews” written by people who claim to be Blue Sky Amazon customers. These video reviews should be viewed with caution. Wesley Virgin fabricated positive feedback by having it recorded by people he paid through platforms like Fiverr and Cameo. However, not everyone is as dumb as Mr. Virgin, so they use local actors in place of real customers to provide testimonials. I won’t go so far as to say that every positive review of Blue Sky is a fake, but the world is a nasty place, and it’s easier for businesses to hire actors than to provide legitimately excellent goods and services in exchange for the positive feedback. To be continued…

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Verified Positive Feedback on Amazon (Sophie’s Secret)

Here is an ever-updating collection of genuine Blue Sky Amazon customer feedback. In case Sophie’s public relations team files a lawsuit seeking to have these reviews removed, I have taken photos of them. These critiques must be made public.

Trustpilot Reviews Are the True Blue of Amazon

During my investigation, I also came across some alarming remarks made by those who had fallen prey to Sophie’s cons.

Customers Who Bought Blue Sky Amazon Now Regret It!

Sophie’s public relations staff and her affiliates have been posting bogus 5-star ratings, which are pushing the genuine ones to the bottom of Google’s search engine results page.

Everything points to Sophie Howard being the mastermind of a fraudulent scheme, so steps ought to be taken against her.

Why You See 5-Star Fake “Expert” Reviews: Blue Sky Affiliate Program

There are still many stories on Sophie Howard’s course floating around the internet, even though I have found and debunked several dozen. To what end did Sophie’s rubbish course receive so many “expert” assessments of 5.0? She, like Tai Lopez, manages a highly profitable affiliate program.

This affiliate offer is available on the Knowledge Source website; but, for your convenience, I have browsed down the page and recorded it here; you can thank me later.

The affiliate receives a whooping $1,500 for each successful sale. They state that one affiliate has already made $500,000 with this.

Their requirements consist of the following:
1) The affiliate must have at least a 10,000-person subscriber list.
2) The partner must have advertising expenditures of $100,000 or more
3) The affiliate’s email list should contain at least 30,000 persons.

Those are staggering numbers, suggesting that many major websites work with Sophie Howard as affiliates.

What’s the point, anyway?

For the very same reason, there are a lot of fake Blue Sky reviews floating around the web. It seems like everyone and their dog is attempting to pull a fast one by misleading people and selling them this nonsense to make a quick buck.

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Sophie Howard, “Testimonials Are Exxagrated,”

Sophie Howard, "Testimonials Are Exxagrated,"

Sophie, like the other phony gurus, has a disclaimer in her site’s footer. That everything she states on her website is not the “usual result” is what it effectively says. Nothing here promises you a six-figure salary, freedom from financial reliance, or even average success. If you believe the glowing reviews and testimonials proclaiming Sophie’s course to be the best thing ever and then fork over $6,000 to get it, you’ve been deceived.

I figured Blue Sky would have some sort of legal warning on their website.

Conclusion: Amazon Blue Sky

Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon is a juvenile con job, poorly executed. Blue Sky’s Trustpilot page is littered with plainly false 5-star ratings made by the same individual (perhaps Sophie). The course fee is quite high in comparison to the benefits it offers. It’s the worst Amazon course I’ve ever taken, and you won’t get me recommending it to anyone.

Keep an eye out for Sophie posing as a client to leave glowing five-star reviews with nasty comments about me.

Amazon Seller University: Free Alternative to Blue Sky School

You’re in luck if you identify as a genuine Amazon Seller and are interested in expanding your consumer base and revenue. The “Seller University” offered by Amazon is free of charge and is constantly being updated with fresh material.

If you want to learn something, don’t pay Sophie’s exorbitant prices for a course when you can learn a lot at no cost at this University.

Amazon has established a YouTube channel for those who aren’t already Amazon Sellers but are interested in learning more about the business. The videos may not have polished editing or transitions, but the substance is invaluable and the price is right: zero dollars.

Some people find the professors’ boring delivery style at Amazon Seller University frustrating. But if you’re not a privileged frat boy living off his father’s trust fund, this is the way to go.

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