Boulder Plastic Surgery: A Disappointing Investment of Time and Money

It can be very hard to find skilled and competent plastic doctors. But if you know which center to stay away from, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Boulder Plastic Surgery is one of the places you should stay away from in Colorado.

Patients don’t like this place at all. Dr. Kuisle is not a trusted doctor and has too many problems to list. If you searched for “Dr. Kuisle Boulder plastic surgery,” you should read the following:

Boulder Plastic Surgery Timings, Cost, Reviews, Location, Etc

Dr. Hans R. Kuisle, Dr. Winfield Hartley, and Dr. Justin B. Maxhimer run Boulder Plastic Surgery.

Boulder Plastic Surgery is a place in Boulder, Colorado, that does plastic surgery. Their number is 303-558-5288, and their location is 2525 4th St #200, Boulder, CO 80304, US.

This plastic surgery center is open from 9 am to 5 pm during the week. Here are some of the things you can get:

  • Reduced breast size
  • Getting breast implants
  • Getting rid of male breasts
  • Mommy makeover
  • Lifting the breasts
  • Arm raise
  • Tummy tuck surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty, as well as a lot more.
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Dr. Kuisle has been doing plastic surgery for decades, but it seems like he has gotten worse as time has gone on. His reviews say that the guy keeps messing up processes.

Dr. Kuisle Botched a Lip Filler Procedure and Berated the Client For Hours

Boulder Plastic Surgery review

Lia was surprised by how bad her time with Dr. Kuisle Boulder Plastic Surgery was. Three months before the review, Dr. Kuisle had given her lip fillers. She also says that two weeks after the surgery, she noticed that they were not the same length. She waited a few days to make sure they weren’t swollen.

When she was sure, she called the front desk of the clinic and said she needed to make an appointment. The person at the front desk told her she would talk to a nurse and sent her a call to the nurse station. After that, no one picked up, so she had to leave a message.

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Patient Updated Their Review After Getting Disappointing Results from Body Sculpting

Boulder Plastic Surgery review

Jossie had given them a good review at first, saying that Dr. Maxhimer was knowledgeable and very careful. But she changed her review later because, as time went on, she realized that Dr. Maxhimer had done a bad job with her body shaping.

They told her it would take 6 months to see the full effects. Jossie waited a whole year, but she still says that the first few liposuction treatments need to be changed.

All the experts she talked to told her she would need to make changes, but their suggestions were very different from Dr. Maxhimer’s.

Jossie adds that she will have to pay the same amount again to fix Dr. Maxhimer’s mistakes as she did for her body shaping. She ends her review by telling people that Dr. Justin Maxhimer isn’t skilled enough to create, so they should find someone else.

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Dr. Hartley Botched a Rhinoplasty, Gave Disappointing Results

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Dr. Hartley did a septoplasty on Meghan and a rhinoplasty on her nose. She says the staff and doctors were nice, but she was very unhappy with the effects.

Dr. Hartley had said that her nose was too big, and she wanted to fix that. Megan says that they put pictures of her “before” and “after” on their website, and she could see that there was no change.

The rhinoplasty was a waste of money, which was very frustrating and upsetting. She also says that the surgery didn’t make her feel better about herself and caused her a lot of pain and trouble for nothing.

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Boulder Plastic Surgery review

Boulder Plastic Surgery Review Verdict (Based On Patient Reviews)

Boulder Plastic Surgery has three doctors, and their own patient reviews say that all of them are known for botched surgeries. No professional can be trusted 100%, whether it’s Dr. Hartley or Dr. Kuisle.

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A lot of complaints have been made about how the staff at this clinic doesn’t treat clients with care. One review, for example, mentions that they “fired” a client because they had to leave for an emergency.

In another situation, Dr. Kuisle yelled at a client for almost an hour because they scheduled an appointment through the front desk.

What’s it all about? It means you need to stay away from Boulder Plastic Surgery.

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