Boyd Parker Sales Scam – Fake PR and Fraud

Boyd Parker Sales scam is horrible. Don't do business with him and don't fall prey to his cheap marketing antics.

Boyd Parker Sales describes himself as an entrepreneur mentor who specialises in the development of outsourced sales consultants. What does it imply? That is, he trains people to be door-to-door salespeople.

While there’s nothing wrong with becoming a salesman, Boyd Parker isn’t open about it. He introduces jargon and convinces people that he will assist them in developing extraordinary entrepreneurship skills.

Boyd had faced a barrage of criticism from former employees and students. He does, however, use legal threats and unethical methods to ensure that no one finds out about it.

To understand how Boyd Parker Sales operates and scams so many people, you need to understand his detailed sales funnel. I will go through it in the following write-up.

What People on Reddit Are Saying About Boyd Parker Sales:

boyd parker sales

Glow 360, one of Boyd Parker’s many businesses, had contacted a person in 2017. The Reddit user has an interview for a position in the Human Resources Administration. There were six other applicants for the job.

However, the individual was hired right away. He later discovered that the position was not for Human Resource Administration, but for door-to-door sales.

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Piranha Direct Sales contacted this person in 2021 about a leadership position. The Reddit user claims that their website appeared fake due to poor design. Nonetheless, he continued the interview because he was bored.

According to the Reddit user, the LinkedIn accounts of the people who interviewed him did not even mention Piranha Direct Sales. He later discovered that it was one of many businesses associated with Boyd Parker.

Every year, Glow 360, Piranha Direct Sales, Kyanite, Hero Corp, and all of Boyd’s companies change their names. You wouldn’t be able to find any information about the company this way, leading you to believe it’s a new startup.

There is a comprehensive database of such businesses.

This tactic is used by door-to-door scammers to ensure that no dirt is attached to their name. Boyd Parker Sales employs the same strategy for his businesses.

I would have stopped here but this scammer has many victims. 

One user mentions getting an interview at Kyanite and being very excited about the opportunity. Then he discovered that the job was for door-to-door sales.

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“Boyd Parker Sales is Utter Rubbish”

boyd parker sales
boyd parker sales reddit

The company attempted to market it as a management position in an advertising firm. However, he left halfway through lunch, claiming he was uninterested.

Another Redditor discusses her experience with one of Boyd’s businesses. She emphasises that the company approved her and that she had two Skype interviews with them. The first red flag she noticed was how the interviewers avoided discussing the actual role and instead focused on the pay and hours.

In the following interview, she noticed the same problem. The interviewers talked about the company for 45 minutes and casually mentioned that the hours were 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM, six days a week.

Furthermore, the interviewers stated that you only earn commission on what you sell, implying that there is no sick or holiday pay.

boyd parker sales

The interviewers never brought up the job again after that. The user admits that she had no idea what the job was even after the second interview.

So she Googled the company name and discovered several employee complaints. This was sufficient information for the redditor, who withdrew her application.

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Another comment in which a user describes how Piranha Direct Sales Group contacted him. He emphasises that he has been ignoring the company’s emails and texts because he discovered they were fake when he looked them up.

The address they share is the same one seen for other companies by the redditor. He reveals that the company was formerly known as Apex Acquisitions, Legends Incorporated, Lions Direct, and Hero Corp.

The redditor wishes that the authorities investigated these bogus companies and took action. Fortunately, he did not fall for their ruses, but he understands that many recent graduates and job seekers do.

How Boyd Parker Sales is Trying to Hide His Reviews:

So far, you’ve seen how Boyd has gotten a lot of flak for his outrageous claims and MLM scam.

Many people have suffered as a result of him, and they have spoken out on various platforms, including Reddit and Glassdoor. Boyd, on the other hand, is unconcerned.

His top priority is to amass more victims and increase his wealth. As a result, he pays websites to write glowing reviews about him. This allows him to appear more trustworthy and credible than he is.

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boyd parker sales

Here’s a press release he has posted on EIN News. The press release makes him seem like an expert in business and shares nothing more than some jibber-jabber about how success comes from self-discipline and commitment.

The entire purpose of this press release is to make Boyd Parker Sales seem like a legitimate expert and hide the numerous complaints he has received for his MLM scam. Fake PR is becoming increasingly popular these days and Boyd is taking the help of various shady marketing teams to ensure his victims never realise the truth about his business.

Don’t Do Business with Boyd Parker Sales

Boyd Parker Sales is an MLM scammer with multiple victims in the UK and neighbouring areas. Don’t trust him and his shady marketing efforts. Avoid doing business with him at all costs. The number of criminals like Boyd and Nordin El Hajjioui is rising. 

Beware of scammers that use such horrible marketing tactics.

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