Bradley Laughlin – Con Artist and Manipulator

I am hoping that this is not the case, but Bradley Laughlin is a con artist. I know this because he has scammed me out of $200,000. The money was thought to be an investment but I have yet to get any return on my investment and I don’t think that he has any intention of repaying me.

Bradley Laughlin is a charming person and has a gift of either being a very convincing actor and salesperson or the misfortune of being a terrible concert promotor and manager. In preparing to file suit against Bradley Laughlin and his companies, PBC LLC and BTW concerts, I have noticed that they have a history of defrauding others in similar scams. Do not invest your money with Bradley.

I met Bradley Laughlin a few years ago at a jazz concert. I was initially impressed with his passion and enthusiasm for music as well as his connection to the artists. After getting to know Bradley Laughlin a bit, he let me know that he is a concert promoter and has been in the music business for over thirty years. Bradley shared hours of stories with me over a few drinks and I was fascinated by the people that he knew and the artists that he had been involved with.

We exchanged numbers at the end of the night and I didn’t really expect to hear back from him at all after the festival. I was surprised that I heard from him early the next morning telling me that he enjoyed talking music with me and that we should get together soon. I didn’t think too much of it other than Bradley is a friendly dude that was excited to make a new friend.

I remember sending back a reply thanking him for the great conversation and shared that maybe we can get together soon. Almost immediately Bradley Laughlin sent back a response, let’s do lunch and gave me a place to meet him at. I decided what the heck and joined him for lunch.

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During our lunch Bradley Laughlin seemed very interested in what I did for a living. I had been semi-retired for a few years and have been focused more on real estate investing over the last decade or so. Bradley was extremely interested in how I got into investing and how much money I can potentially earn.

At first, I thought he was maybe interested in getting into real estate or, as most potential friends are, looking to get into business with me. It’s not uncommon for new acquaintances to ask for me to do business with them.

I was dreading, what I thought, would be Bradley Laughlin’s eventual ask for him to join my business. Instead, Bradley had a different goal for our relationship entirely. Having finished our meal, I can remember him asking me if I ever had any interest in getting into producing music and entertainment. I laughed him off letting him know that I have no desire to get into any new career endeavors at this point. Bradley understood, at least what I thought at that time, that I was not interested at this time.

Bradley Laughlin and I continued our conversation and he shared more stories of the adventures, women, and raucous lifestyle of the music industry. He shared if I ever change my mind feel free to call him and he can get me introduced to other investors. We ended our lunch and, I have to admit, I was starting to daydream a bit about what my life might look like if I had met Bradley earlier in life. I snapped myself out of my dream and headed home.

Bradley Laughlin and I exchanged texts here and there for the next few months, recommending different artists, arguing over which musicians were better, and sharing what we were working on with our businesses. One night I get a phone call from Bradley asking me if I have a minute, he needs my help. He shared with me that he had fallen on some tough times due to a health issue and he needs a few hundred dollars to help him get some bills paid.

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I felt bad for my friend and I could definitely afford it and told him that I could lend him a couple of thousand dollars that could help him get back on his feet. He was in tears on the phone with me that night thanking me for our friendship and my generosity. I told him that it was the least that I could do. Bradley swore that he would pay me back as soon as he was able. And sure enough, he came to my house a few weeks later with the money that I had lent him.

Bradley Laughlin was excited to share something with me when he came by my house to drop off the money that I had lent him. He told me that he had been working on putting together a new jazz festival here in town, the AZ Jazz Fest. He had a lead on getting a venue and he was thrilled to share with me what acts he had already lined up to perform.

Bradley Laughlin shared that he needs a little more capital and he can make this happen. I have to admit, Bradley had me excited to hear what he was putting together. I am not sure if it was the fact that he had just repaid the money that I had lent him or if it was the enthusiasm with which he made his presentation. I started thinking about what I might be able to provide to help him make this happen. After all, Bradley Laughlin had just proven to me that I could trust him to pay me back.

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I asked him what an investment agreement might look like for this and he shared that he still needs about $200,000 to help make this dream a reality. He let me know how he would repay and what I could expect as an investor. He let me know that if the show turned profit I could expect a healthy rate of return. After spending a few days thinking about it and I figured with Bradley Laughlin’s enthusiasm and his experience this seemed like a can’t miss opportunity.

Bradley Laughlin’s concert seemed like a big hit. The show was easily one of the best music festivals that I have ever attended and having been an investor I was able to spend time with the artists and get free food and drink throughout the weekend.

It was one of the best music experiences that I have ever had. I remember telling Bradley Laughlin how much fun that I had and how happy I was that I was able to be a part of the show.

Bradley thanked me again and let me know that there are other shows that he is lining up and he would love for me to continue to invest. Either I was still buzzing from the great weekend or I just had an immense level of trust in Bradley I didn’t think to ask how the show did from a financial standpoint.
A couple of weeks later I decide to pick up the phone and call Bradley about the show and what I can expect in regards to my investment.

I was shocked to learn that the show lost money and that Bradley is scrambling to secure additional financing for his upcoming shows so that he could cash me out. I was shocked. There was no way that this concert lost money. I let him know that I really need to recoup that investment and that I’d either need to get my money back from him or get a plan as to how he planned to repay me.

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He let me know that he hasn’t forgotten my generosity and that he planned on paying me back before any other investors. I was satisfied with his sincerity on his promise to repay.

He called me a couple of week later letting me know that he needed to use the money that I invested in the initial festival for some of the shows that he is planning on putting on in the future. I was not very happy to hear that Bradley did not have an immediate plan to repay me and I was starting to get nervous. Though it was not what I had hoped, I felt as though I had no choice but to trust him to finance these new shows and hope that they turn out better financially.

I hate writing this about my friend, Bradley Laughlin. I really want to believe that Bradley is going to pay me back, but years have gone by and I have not recouped my investment. Our conversations and texts are less friendly these days. I am stating to see other stories online about how Bradley Laughlin and his companies PBC Productions and BTW companies have defrauded and scammed others and now know that I, too, have likely been burned.

I am hoping that in writing this that I can prevent others from being scammed. Bradley swears to me that he will make good on the investment that I provided to him but it sure looks like he is saying the same things to others that he has scammed.

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