Brian Korienek Goldstone Financial Group – Fraud, Misrepresentation

Brian Korienek has faced multiple customer disputes for fraud and misrepresentation. Beware of this financial advisor.

Brian Korienek is a financial advisor and a partner at Goldstone Financial Group. He has multiple disclosures on his BrokerCheck listing.

Brian has faced multiple client disputes for fraud, unsuitability and misrepresentation.

Apparently, the financial advisor has a long history of breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation and fraud.

He has a long history of customer disputes. The damages of some of these disputes has gone over $100k. Clearly, Brian Korienek is not as reliable as he claims to be.

However, his marketers think otherwise. They market him and Goldstone Financial Group as some of the best financial experts in the industry but his professional history says the opposite.

The following Brian Korienek review will go through his marketing claims as well as his history of customer disputes. This way, you can get an idea of whether you should do business with him or not:

About Brian Korienek (Claims of His Marketers)

Brian Korienek serves as a partner and vice president of wealth management at Goldstone Financial Group. Korienek is a fiduciary advisor who has passed his Series 7 and 66 exams and holds an Illinois and health insurance license. He has appeared on Fox 32 Chicago and had been featured on Your Financial Future which is a radio show on WLS 890AM.

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Brian Korienek spends almost 9 years as a Senior Associate Advisor at Goldstone Financial Group before taking his present position as Vice President of Wealth Management. He previously worked as a Financial Group Advisor for  McAdam Financial Group and as an analyst for the agriculture commodities company at the Chicago Board of Trade before joining Goldstone Financial Group.

Brian Korienek graduated from Depaul University with a Bachelor’s degree in business management, he also found himself in various roles including numerical analysis related to commodities and pricing. He enjoys his position as it would allow him to engage with many clients. In order to give great services to his client, he first wants to work for a company that would give him the freedom and resources to do so and that’s how he joined Goldstone Financial Group.

As Goldstone Financial Group is bound to a higher ethical standard than non-fiduciary advisors as they were registered Investment Advisors. Therefore, by managing risk and protecting money Brian Korienek enjoys assisting his clients in securing their financial independence and making plans for managing risks and protecting wealth.

In addition, Brian Korienek supports a variety of social issues that are dear to his heart and those of his family. His engagement with charitable organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association, I Understand Love Heals, and the American Cancer Society is busy. Through the alliances that Goldstone Financial Group has formed with a range of charitable organizations, Korienek is also able to support a large number of local and global non-profit organizations. Korienek likes taking vacations with his wife and is an avid traveler. He likes a good round of golf, whether it be with friends or clients, and he adores discovering the local Chicago dining scene.

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About Goldstone Financial Group of Brian Korienek:

goldstone financial group

Goldstone Financial Group has developed connections with numerous charities, allowing support from more nonprofits. By utilizing a financial assessment and wealth preservation-focused strategy, Goldstone Financial Group focuses on assisting our clients in achieving their financial objectives. Whether it’s retirement planning or stock and bond investing, we develop plans that are specific to each person and based on the goals they want to reach. 

Since they are investment advisors, Goldstone Financial Group differs from other financial advisors in that they are held to a higher standard of accountability and prioritize the requirements of their clients. In addition, they have access to a wide range of tools that they can use to create strategies specific to each client’s objectives, be they stock and bond investing or retirement planning. In addition, Goldstone Financial Group is committed to its ethical strategy and develops these strategies with a strategic planning and wealth preservation mindset.

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The Customer Disputes of Brian Korienek:

  1. Regarding the Respondents’ recommendations to claimants to buy 1st Global Capital, LLC investments, there were allegations of misrepresentation, omission of material fact, breach of fiduciary duty, and other things.
brian korienek
  1. A customer filed a complaint alleging the following causes of actions the member firm that Brain Korienek worked for-
  • Unsuitability
  • Failure to supervise 
  • Common Law Fraud 
  • Breach of Fiduciary responsibility 
  • Negligent failure to supervise and carelessness

The claims stem from the claimant’s assertion that her broker recommended a sizeable investment in 1 Global Capital, LLC, high-risk, unregistered security, despite the claimant’s lost risk tolerance, and that the Claimant lost almost all of the money as a result of 1st Global Capital’s involvement in a significant security fraud scheme. Even though the Claimant was a business client and already had an investment at the time the advice was made, Claimant also argued that the firm to oversee, review, or approve the investment.

brian korienek
  1. Claim for Arbitration 19-00026. The claimant asserts that Brian R. Korienek advised against investing in the unregistered security of 1st Global Capital.
brian korienek
  1. Claimants accuse Respondent Brian Korienek of making improper recommendations, making materially false statements, and selling high-risk, fraudulent investments.
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goldstone financial group
  1. In 2016,  Brian Korienek violated the anti-fraud provision of the Illinois Securities Laws relating to the sale of unregistered securities by persuading the claimant to invest in 1st Global Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is  Brian Korienek?

Brian Korienek is a partner and vice President of Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group.

  1. What made Brian Korienek work as a financial advisor?

Brian Korienek started working as an analyst for an agriculture commodities company at the Chicago Board of Trade, that’s where when he first got the idea to become a financial advisor. he was very interested in money management and investing as this job combined with a lot of abilities to work closely with clients and help them to secure their financial goals.


The financial advisor Brian Korienek has robbed many people but still, he is a vice president of  Wealth Management at Goldstone Financial Group. Therefore, people must investigate before investing any type of money, they should not trust people blindly.

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Brian Korienek is not a reliable financial advisor. Beware of him and Goldstone Financial Group as he has a long history of misrepresentation and fraud.

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