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To the administrators of,

To the Admin of Broker Dispute, You scammed me out of $2,800 under the guise of helping me recover funds lost to credit card fraud, then vanished without a trace.

Really, what is your name? You have lied to me about everything, therefore I highly doubt it is the one you listed on your email ID. I wanted to hire a lawyer, but I lost all my money dealing with you and the credit card theft. No one has responded to my emails or even expressed regret for the havoc you and your accomplices caused in my life. is a scam.

Scammers like you should be given a VIP seat in the fires of hell; may you burn forever.

This guy has two thumbs and is stupid enough to fall for a chargeback scam, and now I feel like a worthless piece of trash because of it.

I’m in the worst circumstance imaginable, and I trusted you, so if you can send me back even $500, I will be eternally thankful.

My surprise came when I learned that BrokerDispute dot com was also participating in a terrible defamation/targeting fraud, in addition to their more well-known chargeback scam. They blackmail well-known Forex brokers by publishing false complaints and scathing evaluations about them online. I didn’t know anything was wrong until I saw people complaining about it online.

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Inaccurate, insulting, threatening, privacy invading, and blackmailing material

Slander, harassment, and privacy invasion are all present at this address. The material is harmful to the credibility and standing of the octagontrade. The content that was shown was false, dangerous, and libelous.

Make an effort to blackmail the firm.

The company’s privacy was breached. Abusive language and public shaming. Zero interest value as news. Without permission, the content was uploaded. The threat of physical harm or harm is feared.

Content is deemed to be threatening and inciting according to these terms and conditions.

Furthermore, in light of the legislation and the right to be forgotten, I’d like this result to be removed from the indexes. Much obliged. is operating a MyChargeBack scam!!! BEWARE!

MyChargeBack is being promoted on BrokerDispute dot com. There is probably no worse online fraud than this one.


Because victims of another scammer often turn to BrokerDispute dot com in hopes of recouping some of the thousands of dollars they lost. Offshore Forex brokers, credit card scammers, dubious cryptocurrency wallets, etc., fall into this category frequently.

These lowlife frauds prey on the hopelessness and dependency of their fictitious customers. BrokerDispute dot com and similar sites partner with fraudsters like MyChargeBack to steal money from unsuspecting victims of online scams since they know those readers are likely to have fallen for similar schemes in the past.

See also  Exposing Brius Healthcare's Copyright Takedown Scam 2023 has ruined my livelihood, and I do not doubt that they have defrauded dozens, if not hundreds, of other individuals like me with their traffic (insert SEM rush traffic). After promising to return your money stolen by a fraud, they will charge you hefty fees, leaving you with considerably less than you started with.

In addition to MyChargeBack frauds, their fraudulent operation has been reported for extortion, spreading false information and news, and manipulating online discussion forums.

People who have lost money to a Forex Broker who is named on BrokerDispute dot com or anyone else who has been included on the website should not try to get in touch with the website. If not, you risk falling victim to their manipulative trappings.

Already these frauds have bilked me out of $2,800, which is not a little sum, at least not for me. To prevent even one more victim from falling prey to the crooks at BrokerDispute dot com, I am filing this report.

Please forward this report to anyone you know who may be susceptible to the BrokerDispute dot com chargeback fraud or extortion. This website has provided me with a terrible experience.

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When I first contacted them to request a chargeback, they assured me that they would be able to recover my entire initial deposit. BrokerDispute dot com seems quite legitimate and friendly in their emails, however, they are trying to scam you.

They’ll act as if they have your best interests at heart while baiting you with promises and assertions designed to trick you into handing them “fees for funds recovery” (anything from $500 to $10,000). I made the terrible error of trusting them; I had hoped they could help me get my lost money back but instead, I ended up losing even more.

Looking back, I don’t see any logical reason why those chumps should be able to obtain my money back through some arbitrary broker.

The people working on from afar are quite cruel.

The victims of these scams ought to speak up and take action. I’m posting this so we have a collective voice; had I been warned about this scam, I wouldn’t be in such dire financial straits.


It’s time for the other shoe to drop. Without BrokerDispute dot com, I wouldn’t be in this pickle, and I feel bad for the dozens of other people who are in the same boat. This, however, need not be the case.

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Please Inform The FTC About And

After doing some digging, I found that we do have a few options for stopping these frauds. I think it would be a good idea to notify the FTC about MyChargeBack & BrokerDispute dot com since involving the authorities will help immensely.

Send a Report Using Their Hosting Provider is hosted by, so you may also want to send them an email complaining about their service. The host may be completely oblivious to the scammers’ use of their site.

Share Your Opinions On Working With Them

If you, too, have fallen prey to the scam, don’t be shy about sharing your story. They fear that someone will reveal their ruse and undermine our freedom of expression. Fear prevented me from making this post, but now that the scammers have stolen all I own, it’s now win or die.

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Please forward this information to anybody you know who might be at risk of falling prey to this fraud; doing so could stop them from experiencing trauma, mental anguish, and financial loss.

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