The Builderall Platform – Is it Scam or Legit?

Value For Money
Good For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses

Are you looking for an easy to use, effective web platform which can help you improve your web presence? 

Builderall claims to be the most complete and easy-to-use digital marketing platform on the market. They claim it includes everything you need to run the online operations for small to medium-sized businesses.

They state that you can easily begin with a small, test website and add to it to include advanced features such as sales funnels, chatbots and more.


Are you a budding entrepreneur who is looking for help in building up his online sales and web presence? Perhaps you are interested in marketing a great product through an affiliate marketing program?

I think you will agree when I say this would all help your online business…

Follow me, and I will study Builderall in depth and help you decide – is it legit? We will look at the value that the platform represents and decide if it is worth your time and investment.

The information you need is only a few scrolls away…

How do we use Builderall?

Builderall serves many different functions, but perhaps it’s most important is the drag and drop site builder. It is extremely user-friendly and suitable for most business needs.

It allows you to build funnels, blogs, websites and membership sites with relative ease.

There are other tools such as an autoresponder, presentation builder and video editor and overall Builderall has most of the tools required by any small or medium-sized online business.

What We Need to Know About Builderall and Erick Salgado

Erick Salgado is a Brazilian entrepreneur and he is the creator and SEO of Builderall.

Builderall has been available in one form or another for over 8 years, so it is tried and tested and now has over 40,000 users.

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I really liked the fact that Builderall solved the problem of having to buy different tools from many different platforms and includes pretty much everything you need to run your online business.

The platform and the team behind it have a generally good reputation and I liked the fact that they are so supportive and give good after sales follow up. They are a credible and legit organization.

How much does Builderall cost?

On the Website of Builderall you can find two different Plans: the Essential Plan and the Premium Plan.

The Essential Plan costs $29.90 per month and includes all the basic tools and features. For starting out and growing Your Digital Marketing Business, this plan should be sufficient. However, the Premium Plan is also worth looking at. It includes a lot more tools, e.g. for Email Marketing, Webinars, eCommerce or Facebook Chatbots. The plan costs $69.90 per month and is recommended for Online Companies and Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas.

A Review of the Pros and Cons of Builderall

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives associated with Erick Salgado’s Builderall. First up, the pros.


  • The Builderall Leveraged Affiliate Program is an extremely interesting opportunity to get involved with marketing a popular product. This program will allow you to earn a regular income in a niche which is widely needed. It includes ready-made sales funnels that will help you start to earn quickly. They also offer you great support, webinars, and training to enable you to make a success of your affiliate business.
  •  Builderall has an extremely user-friendly dashboard and the interface and server are regularly upgraded. Overall I found Builderall easy to use, even when I was dealing with a category I am not that familiar with, such as sales funnels. The training and support system was good, so I always felt that I had access to information or had someone to consult when I had questions.
  •  The price is reasonable for a good all-around program. There are more sophisticated choices available, but they come at a much higher price point. For prices that start at $29.90 per month I believe you are getting great value for what you receive.
  •  There are over 40,000 users of Builderall with surprisingly little negative feedback. The vast majority of users seem satisfied with the product and I could only find the occasional minor complaints. The word of mouth for this product is excellent and its popularity seems to be spreading.
  •  The platform is sharable, so it is easy to work on a project as a team. I thought this was an important aspect of the platform as it incorporates a wide range of functions, so it might be necessary to share the workload with your team.
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We have seen that there are a lot of positive points for Builderall, so let’s consider the negative aspects.


  •  There is such a wide range of tools included that not everything is as perfect as specialist tools would be. For example, the blog tool is not as customizable as it could be and the drag and drop feature can be somewhat glitchy at times. However, I found all of the tools to be functional and to serve a practical purpose.
  •   Builderall does not currently offer live chat support although you can communicate with the team through emails, webinars, groups, etc. I do believe that live chat is useful for when you are learning a platform and it would be helpful to have questions answered immediately. I hope Builderall considers adding this function in the future.
  •  Builderall is not compatible with WordPress which is the industry leader. If you already have a web presence created using WordPress, Builderall will not integrate with it. This also means that any webpages you create using Builderall will lock you into the platform. You indirectly become a long term user of the platform. The only way to leave would be to start again using WordPress.
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Will Builderall Make a 100% Change to my Online Presence?

It is very hard to say that any single product can have that much of a dramatic effect. 

However, I must say that Builderall includes such a wide range of useful functions that it is bound to improve your online presence.

Please keep reading, as I am ready to make my final verdict.

Other People’s Opinions about Builderall

There are always a cross selection of opinions about any kind of online course. When we consider the cost and investment in time for many of these info products it is important to make the right choice the first time.

I have given you my honest review and came to a positive conclusion for the Builderall. However, I do feel it would be useful to look at some other points of view.

There are a lot of opinions about this course on Facebook, message boards and other review sites. The information varies from useful to obviously biased due to trying to make a sale or promote a competitor course.

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In my experience, some of the best information can be found on Reddit and YouTube. There were some interesting reviews and I would like to present a few for you to look through here.

If you cannot decide which Plan of Builderall suits your needs best or simply want to learn more about all the tools and features.

I do think I is worth spending a little bit of time reading these opinions from other people, and I hope this proves useful to you.

Builderall: My Conclusion

I was immediately impressed with the wide range of functions included with my Builderall package. It included pretty much all I require to run the online operations for my small business.

It is true to say that there are some areas which could be improved, such as the included video editor, but all worked and were serviceable.

I liked the affiliate marketing opportunity that Builderall offers and I am keen to see how much income I can generate from that over the coming months.

It is easy to set up and some good sales funnels are included as standard.

9.3Expert Score
Bottom Line

Erick Salgado has created an excellent program which offers tremendous value for money. For a relatively small fee, you get a wide array of functions such as a Site Builder, Webinar, and streaming platform, Facebook Messenger Chatbot and so much more.
Builderall is a legit all around platform which will benefit any small to medium-sized businesses. I have no hesitation to recommend it and I believe it represents tremendous value.

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Things To Look Out For
  • Value For Money
  • Good For Small To Medium-Sized Businesses
Red Flags
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