CalUnion Funding, Inc.: Exposing Harassment and Extortion Tactics 2023

David Lerman is the CEO of CalUnion Funding Inc., which is a mortgage broker. The company does everything it can to trick people into thinking it’s a good business.

But the reviews from customers tell a very different story.

Several client reviews say that CalUnion Funding bothers its clients, makes them wait for work for weeks, and even tries to scam clients by changing papers.

I’ll tell you in this review what David doesn’t want you to know:

What CalUnion Funding, Inc. Claims To Be?

CalUnion Funding Inc is a mortgage company in the California city of Los Angeles.

David Lerman is in charge of CalUnion Funding Inc as its CEO. He also works at this company as a top loan officer. There is a long lawsuit against David because of the way he lends money. I’ll talk about it later. First, I’ll talk about the red flags I see in this company:

Duplicate Websites to Mislead Consumers

This business has two websites: and The first website tells you everything you need to know about the company, such as what services it offers, how long it has been in business, customer reviews, etc. They say that their “business website” is the second website.

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But the business website actually gives you less information than the other one. You might wonder, “What purpose does that business site serve”?

CalUnion Funding Inc review

The answer is: taking up space on Google search results.

CalUnion Funding Inc doesn’t want you to find out about the bad reviews that have been written about them. So they made a website that doesn’t do anything to trick people. It’s a common trick used by shady companies and con artists. For example, ISC Surrogacy Center also uses this trick to trick couples who don’t think things through.

BBB Accreditation to Hide Complaints:

CalUnion Funding Inc is a business that is recognized by the BBB. As opposed to what most people think, BBB accreditation is a paid membership to the review site. You can get BBB accreditation by paying a yearly fee if your business has a profile on BBB.

If your business is accredited, BBB will give it an A or A+ rating, no matter how bad your business methods are.

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CNN Money looked into this unethical practice in great depth. They found that companies that were being accused of bias and fraud had A+ scores on BBB because they were accredited.

For their approval, companies pay up to $10,000.

With this method, scammers can look like real businesses. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that CalUnion Funding Inc is a member of the BBB. JFQ Lending is another loan company that uses the same method.

Discrimination & Predatory Lending Practices By The CEO David Lerman

Brandon Robles is a loan officer at CalUnion Funding Inc. His contact number is 818-627-5363 and it seems he is among the most incompetent staff members in this firm. 

The complaint below is on him:

CalUnion Funding Inc review

This was a really big problem with CalUnion Funding. The reviewer said that he found out that their loan broker was changing numbers, giving false information, and changing words and numbers in papers before they got to him.

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When the reviewer told the loan officer what was bothering him, the loan officer said they could no longer work together. The reviewer told them that they needed to follow the Fair Lending Act, but they didn’t answer.

The reviewer’s real estate agent then called him to tell him that the loan officer had decided to cancel the loan. But the reviewer also says that the real estate agent tried hard to hide things from the loan officer.

Keep in mind that the reviewer’s escrow was still there and that the loan officer was threatening to leave in the middle of the contract. The reviewer tried to get in touch with the LO’s boss several times but never heard back.

He also says that the loan was purposely making things take longer so that he wouldn’t be able to pay CalUnion on time and lose the money he paid them.

He finally heard back when he emailed the loan officer, the boss, and the CEO. The CEO of CalUnion Funding, David Lerman, told him that he would send him a letter through his lawyers.

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The writer says it was clear blackmail. Later, the seller broke the deal, saying that the buyer (reviewer) had failed.

He has also talked about his issue in other places:

CalUnion Funding Inc review

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CalUnion Funding Inc review
CalUnion Funding Inc review


The people in charge of this company don’t seem to care much about their customers. They get a lot of complaints because they don’t get work done on time and treat their clients badly. It’s rare for a credit broker to do this.

Don’t forget that the company tries to trick people in unethical ways. They try everything to trick people, from making copies of websites to selling paid memberships to third-party platforms.

All of this shows that you should stay away from this broker.

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