CelebritySchool.in Scam Revealed – Wasted Money, Fake Courses, and No Refunds

Courses were broad in scope. There were no special techniques presented; the only benefit was learning from a famous person. I paid to have access to all of CelebritySchool’s courses. I paid $7,999 upfront but received no compensation after canceling.

Critique of CelebritySchool.in

For that price, I would have hoped for something more unique than what you already know. My aspirations were dashed when I saw that Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shaan were teaching acting and singing on the same website. I felt compelled to write this Celebrityschool. in review because they are taking advantage of vulnerable young people like myself and you. No one is willing to speak the truth about them out of fear. Even though it makes me a bit uneasy to admit it, the truth about these con artists needs to get out there.

Awful Service to Customers

I waited for several days and heard nothing.

After seeing an ad for the 2020 set on YouTube, I decided to invest. I won’t lie; I was ecstatic when I learned that a MasterClass-like event was finally going to be held in India. Therefore, I had my dad pay for the classes. He gave in after being pressed for payment for days.

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I was scared they had taken my money before I realized there was a problem with their website. The second issue was the low standard of instruction. After completing them in a matter of days, I concluded that the courses were not worth the expensive price tag of 7,999.00.

So, I emailed the site’s customer support (*@celebrityschool.in) to ask some questions. I waited X days and got no answer. After X days, I received a reply to a second email I sent them. And it wasn’t a real person answering; they didn’t even deal with the problem or bring it up in the email. The folks at Celebrity School are terrible at customer service, and I’m not the only one who has suffered because of their sloth.

There are NO REFUNDS (EVIDENCE) at CelebritySchool.

They owe me money, and I haven’t seen a dime yet.

I waited X days for an answer, and all I got was an automated message. They simply provided me with a canned response through email. I had to send them ANOTHER email warning that I would tweet about them if they didn’t react. Are you ready for this? They got back to me within the hour! They immediately began apologizing and promised to terminate my subscription.

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I was relieved because I imagined that I would soon receive my father’s inheritance and no longer have to deal with their nonsense. But in reality, nothing of the sort transpired. My refund was never provided to me. It is now September 15 and I still have not received my refund. No one has returned my money to me yet!

Emails are also ignored. Either they are unable to read my emails or they have been magically ignored. Paise mere chalegaye na, kya kare?

My Recap of CelebritySchool


Many classes were available to me online. They’re terrible. It’s pricey, buddy, especially considering how much they stole from my dad’s bank.

It seems like no care was used in creating the courses. It seems like they just gained access to extremely general information. I used to be an acting fanatic who trained frequently, and I do not doubt that whoever is going to shell out that kind of cash has done the same. These classes are harmful to their development.

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CelebritySchool.in Scam Revealed

This course will help you squander your money and accomplish nothing if you have been pursuing a job for any length of time. They generated a lot of buzz by enlisting the help of numerous A-listers, but their products are terrible. I would not suggest purchasing any of their items or courses due to their exorbitant prices. If you are serious about a career as an actor, public speaker, or singer, you should enroll in a class in your area.

Similar Prey to This Scam

People are scared into silence by this company.

When I first signed up for CelebritySchool, a friend of mine forwarded me this screenshot. I don’t recognize the source, but it’s definitely of them.

On August 3rd, a guy named Samar Vijay complained online about being cheated by these individuals. Money was lost by him. Think of how many more individuals they have duped without anyone saying anything for fear of retribution. If you want to make it big in Bollywood, you better not make enemies with Shaan or Nawazuddin. People are afraid to speak out against this company for fear of retaliation.

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The jury is in, and CelebritySchool.It is a fake.

Spending money on a course from CelebritySchool is a waste of time and money. Current patrons feel compelled to refrain from negative feedback out of fear of offending famous people like Shaan. Courses are pricey and lack originality. Avoid!

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