Centris Capital AG Review

Having stated this in our previous assessment, we will always do more to protect you and your assets from con artists posing as brokers. This includes taking further precautions. We are dedicated to providing you with the appropriate connector for your business endeavor. Because you are not meant to incur a loss when trading, the process is not supposed to be significantly more difficult than it initially seems.

This evaluation, on the other hand, offers our genuine and impartial perspective of Centris Capital AG. Because we wanted to have a head start on you, we have completed a review of the platform that you can find here.

About Centris Capital AG

An agency known as Centris Capital AG claims to be able to support your trade while also promising increased innovation and transparency along with increased growth. They began operations in 2008 with little to no name recognition, and it is stated that trading on their platform was responsible for the financial success of a significant number of individuals.

The agency asserts that it is regulated and registered by the Austrian Financial Market, despite the fact that its formal headquarters are located in Australia.

This broker asserts that they will provide you with everything necessary to have the greatest experience possible when trading with 1,000 assets, some of which include bitcoin, CFDs, and other commodities; nevertheless, there is no practical way to get the attractive gains that they promise.

On their professionally created website, there are a number of warning signs that point to clear reasons why their acclaimed professionalism and experience should be called into question.

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Centris Capital funds safety

If you are an experienced trader, checking over the website of a potential broker will help you choose whether or not you should put your money in their hands. This indicates that you will have no trouble recognizing them as con artists. As a result of Centris Capital AG’s failure to provide you with essential details regarding your investment, it is abundantly clear that the company operates in the same fraudulent manner as other broker scams.

The information on their website on trading strategies is, in essence, the same information that can be found on the website of any broker. Customers are not given information regarding the account that holds their funds, how they can view their earnings and their progression, or where their funds are kept.

The agency does not have any trading history to demonstrate that it is both efficient and transparent, as the vision statement for the organization claims it is. In addition, the choice to terminate your agreement with the platform is not articulated in a straightforward manner, which means that after your funds have been deposited, you will no longer have access to them.

After using this platform for trading, you won’t be able to retrieve your funds because there is no fund policy. The future of your trading needs to be carefully secured rather than being left in the hands of unknown individuals who are looking to become wealthy off of it.

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Centris Capital customers’ support system

We have come to the conclusion that the help offered by Centris Capital AG customers is not as genuine as they have advertised it to be. The agency eliminated the channels via which users may lodge complaints and report difficulties, should they occur; but, how quickly do you believe a response would come from a platform that conceals the identities of its founder(s) and team members?

They claimed on their website that you can file complaints with them by calling the number +390110438972 or by filling out a form on their website. As a matter of fact, Centris Capital AG does not have a department that is tasked with the obligation of attending to its consumers. Because of this, responses will be delayed, and nobody would want to keep their money with an anonymous platform that has ghost users. You shouldn’t even attempt to do that!

According to the results of the survey that we conducted through the career website, quite a few people were featured on their page as founders and other founding members like Dr. Micheal Nagy. We then investigated their social media profiles in an effort to confirm their identities, however, we were unable to locate a profile photo for them, and additional investigation revealed that Dr. Micheal Nagy, a medical practitioner, is in no way affiliated with Centris Capital AG. This is definitely up to no good!

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Centris Capital AG deposit and withdrawal

If a broker is real, they will not want you to put your own money at risk when you first start trading. Instead, they will assist you in trading with the agency’s money so that they can validate your trading experience and ensure that it is safe.

When you open an account with Centris Capital AG, the minimum deposit required is $250, which is a sum that is excessively high for whatever it is that you are trading on as someone who is just getting started with a broker or an anonymous member. However, this substantiates the fact that the quality of your trading experience is not their top focus. Centris Capital, on the other hand, is interested in the funds in which you are investing.

Some other brokers give their customers the option to opt out of the trade if they would not be interested in trading with them again, maybe after any negative experience on their platform, with no special fees attached to it. However, this is not the case for Centris Capital AG. They also do not operate any safe withdrawal process and there is no feasible process as regards any refund policy.

The website has no platform that would make your withdrawal simple and easy. It will require that you keep paying some charges that will not help you make a profit.

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Regulations and Registration Status

If the claim is not thoroughly investigated, many con artists will assert that they are regulated even if they have only registered their business. However, Centris Capital AG does not have a regulatory code or license number despite their claim that they are allowed by the Austrian Financial Market (AFM). Please be aware that many agencies deliberately avoid getting licensed because of the process involved, which makes it impossible for a scam broker to stay in business.

Centris Capital AG does not maintain open communication with its clients, which should be sufficient cause to exercise caution before engaging in business with the company.

Before you begin trading with any broker, you should always check their regulatory status first. There are regulatory systems in place in many countries to prevent fraudsters from posing as brokers and taking your money. It is essential that you are aware of the fact that any broker who is not authorized or regulated has a tendency to violate trade law in whichever way they see fit.


Our uncompromised evaluation is the product of our mission to ensure that you have a positive trading experience and that you are working with the appropriate broker to facilitate that experience. Centris Capital AG is one of the fraudulent brokerage firms that have nothing to offer their customers other than to steal their money and put it into personal accounts, without providing any return on their investment.

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