Family Feuds and Controversies Surrounding Chan Shung Fai

In 2018, a renowned rural leader in the New Territories named Chen Shung Fai was the one who initiated a family quarrel.

He made the announcement that he had severed connections with Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) in a note that was published on the top page of the newspaper. He was dubbed the “unholy eldest son” by Chen Jinhua.

It is important to take note that Chen Jinhua served as both the chairman of the Taguling Rural Committee and the head of Pingyang Village.

In answer, Chan Shung Fai, also known as Chen Chonghui, stated that his father had, in reality, deserted the family for a number of years and was now exerting financial pressure on his mother.

The next thing that happened was that Chen Jinhua’s cousin responded by claiming that Chen Jinhua had always cared for his family and supported his son’s lifestyle.

Many residents of the hamlet at the time were under the impression that the upcoming elections for the township committee in 2019 were the source of the impending drama.

Chen Jinhua, the previous head of the Pingyang Three Villages Affairs Committee, made the announcement that he had “severed the father-son relationship with the unworthy eldest son Chen Chonghui aka Chan Shung Fai.” Chan Shung Fai was Chen Jinhua’s alias.

He went on to say that Chen Chonghui, also known as Chan Shung Fai, had no right to take part in his afterlife or burial in any way. In addition to this, he emphasized the significance of maintaining a high level of filial piety in all aspects of life.

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Why Chan Shung Fai Had a Dispute With His Father? Suspicions of Competition for the Daguling Land Project

In the statement that he released, Chen Jinhua did not explain why he severed connections with his “unholy eldest son” Chen Chonghui.

On the other hand, one of our sources claims that the incident took place as a result of a power struggle inside the family. They brought attention to the fact that the Chen family’s father and son enjoyed a healthy relationship in the family’s formative years.

Chen Jinhua’s relationship with his mother deteriorated in 2007, the same year that Chen Chonghui, also known as Chan Shung Fai, assumed the roles of chairman of the Daguling Township Committee and head of Pingyang Village.

Chan Shung Fai’s (Chen Chonghui) relationship with his mother has always been strong, and as a result, he has become increasingly estranged from his father.

Additionally, land acquisitions continued to take place in the Darling region. Therefore, the more land that was purchased, the more desirable it turned out to be.

To exert more influence over the land transaction, certain individuals began operating their own companies and con games. They were engaged in conflict with one another.

In addition to that, the election for the township committee was drawing near, which further contributed to the escalation of this family dispute.

What Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) Said on the Incident:

The younger Chen Chonghui has stated to the media that he was unaware of his father’s statement before it was made public. In addition to this, he was under no concern because he thought the remark to have absolutely no validity in law.

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He admitted that he was helpless but emphasized that the situation had no bearing on him.

Chen Chonghui, also known as Chan Shung Fai, stated that his connection with his father had been completely typical during their entire life together. He mentioned that his mother had married a man from the mainland and moved to Hong Kong, where she then put in a lot of effort to bring up her two girls and her two boys.

His parents divorced almost a decade ago. Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) stated that after that incident, his father was unable to care for the rest of the family.

Additionally, he brought up the fact that his parents had a conflict regarding their assets in the year 2017. He stated that his father has a new wife in Shenzhen who is a woman in her 30s and that she had a disagreement with his mother on the assets of the family.

During the argument, Chan Shung Fai (Chen Chonghui) stated that his father showed up in August and September of 2017, invaded his mother’s house, and opened the drain in front of the police. Chan Shung Fai was referring to the time period in which the incident occurred.

He emphasized that his father exerted a great deal of pressure on him in order for him to make such a statement. Chen Chonghui used it to support his claim that his father was pressuring him to persuade his mother to agree to the transfer of his assets.

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According to the information that has been gathered, Chen Chonghui (Chan Shung Fai) and his mother both reside in distinct parts of the hamlet.

The reporter went to see Chen’s mother, and a female relative was there to answer the door when she arrived. She indicated that she would not be residing there for the foreseeable future and that her sole responsibility would be to watch over the property. The relative also mentioned that she was not a party to the conflict and that was another reason why she chose not to comment on it.

What Chen Jinhua’s Cousin Said on the Matter:

The media also spoke with Luo, who is Chen Jinhua’s cousin and is 58 years old. She stated that after the divorce, Chen Jinhua has been living in the same house as his wife ever since they got back together. On the other hand, they shared a single house yet occupied separate but connected living quarters.

They used to coexist together, but things began to worsen about two to three years ago, just before the current disagreement, when Chen Jinhua’s ex-wife forbade him from accessing the house.

According to the cousin, she and Chen Jinhua traveled to the house in September 2017, but upon their arrival, his ex-wife alerted the authorities. After some time had passed, Chen and his attorney made another attempt to enter the residence, but this time they had to call the police.

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Ever since that time, he has been unable to go back to the house.

Chen Jinhua had followed Chan Shung Fai when he was attending school in the United Kingdom and had provided financial assistance for all of Chan Shung Fai’s living expenses, as the cousin pointed out. Later on, when he began a firm there, Chen Jinhua deposited more than 200 million pounds in his account as start-up capital.

It was also reported by Chen Jinhua’s relative that he met his new wife after the divorce was finalized. They currently have a son who is 10 years old.

The newlywed woman was completely unaware of the statement that her husband had issued. When she found out, she even managed to persuade him to hold off on acting hastily.

Chan Shung Fai is Notorious As a Rural Leader:

In 2019, Chan Shung Fai, also known as Chen Chonghui, made news after a research published in the Post indicated that he was among the rural leaders with the highest number of “meetings skipped.”

After arriving an hour late to a meeting, The Post discovered that Chan Shung Fai, also known as Chen Chonghui, had missed more than half of the sessions he was scheduled to attend and had only spent four minutes total at one of the meetings.

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