Chase Harmer – Meet One of the Most Terrible and Incompetent CEO

Once upon a time i used to work at PayCertify under the leadership of Chase Harmer , its been one of the most regrettable experiences of my life. It’s a shame to see how terribly someone can lead or rather mislead a company. From pissed off customers to disgruntled employees to horrible work ethics, Chase Harmer has it all at PayCertify. Despite all the hidden skeletons in the closet, he manages to con customers , employees , investors and business partners. I thought its high time Chase Harmer is exposed to the world. I was amazed to not find one article exposing him online, he has managed to keep everything buried and under wraps.

Well Chase Harmer , you are now out of luck. Good luck reading this article.

I hope i am able to bring to light the truth behind Chase Harmer and PayCertify. He has shown no remorse to a lot of former employees. He has pissed off and caused misery to a lot of people who have not been able to voice their experience online. Have a look at his companies reviews on Glassdoor

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Pissed Off Former Employees


“Almost worth working here to see how bad things can get”

Chase Harmer has no remorse, no guilt and no conscience. He isnt capable of anything, he is not only one of the worst executives i have ever come across but also one of the worst human beings i have ever had to deal with.

He is already being sued by a lot of his former employees as you can read. The former employee could not even state one “pro” about working at PayCertify. What a disappointment.

Its saddening to see someone describing their experience with Chase Harmer at PayCertify as “painful”.

“CEO is the only problem for this company”

“Horrible and hostile work environment”

Every piece of news article and positive article you come across on google about this disgusting person called Chase Harmer is manipulated and paid for, this monster of an executive on the loose really needs to be exposed. He is dangerous to be in any professional environment, he is not only brilliant at ruining companies but also ruining lives.

“Tough place to work”

“Horrible place to work”

I wonder how Chase sleeps every night, he is not only duping the innocent people working for the company blindly but also each and every one of his investor.

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“Anyone with talent runs”

How much worse does it need to get?

PayCertify and Chase Harmer need to not only be boycotted but also investigated by the authorities as soon as possible. I am not done, i will continue to expose Chase and his illicit activities, i will continue to keep updating this page as much as i can in the coming few weeks. Chase Harmer now stands exposed. He cannot suppress the truth anymore. His money cannot bury the truth. If anyone of you reading the article has any information about Chase Harmer or PayCertify , please do comment below and help spread the word or else Chase will continue to ruin career’s and lives. He is highly manipulative, cunning and criminal minded, he has no conscience, etiquette or decency and he fears noone. He has no moral compass and he just doesnt have what it takes to be sensitive and humane. He is one of the most cold hearted human beings i have ever come across.

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Chase Harmer only cares about money and nothing else, thats the only thing he would do anything for. He could go to any extent just to fill his pockets.

Recently even Rob Posner of NewDay USA Foundation was exposed on

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Chase Harmer Exposed

The terrible CEO of PayCertify needs to be fired or replaced. From drug abuse to sleeping with former employees, he has left no stone unturned to abuse his power and position.

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