Child Sex Abuser Jason Seto Now Poses As Charity Leader

Jason Seto is a child abuser who went to jail because he tried to set up a sex date with a 14-year-old child.

After a police sting revealed the monster’s criminal plans and actions, he was put in jail right away.

The monster, on the other hand, is now putting himself out there as a charity leader.

Don’t trust Jason Seto. This review will go into detail about how this monster was caught, where he is now, and how you can stay away from him:

Where is Jason Seto?

Jason Seto lives in New York. He organizes events to raise money for charities and creates visuals for marketing entertainment brands. His main interests are original live stage productions of theater and music/dance performances. Seto is also a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and issues.

Jason Seto was in charge of putting on the Pride Main Event NYC, a big opening dance show at the Jacob Javits Center during WorldPride 2019 that was based on the Super Bowl.

Jason Seto was caught in child sex sting

On Friday, police said that an elementary school worker for the city’s teachers union was caught in a city airport food court underage sex sting. The feds say that Jason Seto, the community school head at PS 48X in the South Bronx, was arrested on Thursday after setting up what he thought could be a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old student. Seto is now 45 years old.

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That boy turned out to be an NYPD officer who acted like a teenager when he talked to Seto online. A criminal charge filed on Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court says that Detective Damon Gergar first talked to Seto in August through a dating app.

According to the papers, when the officer told Jason Seto that he was 14, Seto told the officer, “Cool.” The claim says that Seto asked almost right away about oral sex and meeting up. According to court papers, Seto also suggested using a more private app to “keep us a secret” and told the undercover officer that he liked to watch child pornography with kids younger than 14 years old.

Still pretending to be a boy, Gergar agreed to meet Seto at a food court at LaGuardia Airport on Thursday night, where police were said to be getting ready to catch him.

The lawsuit says that’s when he gave over his phone, which was where he had talked to the made-up 14-year-old.

Jason Seto went to court on Friday. He wore a grey polo shirt that fits well, blue pants, a mohawk, and a beard. Prosecutors asked for and were given a brief order of custody before Jason Seto’s bail hearing on September 11.

Since October 2018, he has worked for the United Federation of Teachers, an organization that works with the city to give certain schools more funding.

He used to work for the nonprofit Partnership with Children as the Community School Director at PS 165 in Brooklyn.

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According to his website, he is in charge of programs at an elementary school in the Bronx that offer therapy, social work services, and links to the community. Jason Seto brags on his Linkedin page that he manages Beyonce’s choreographer, Chris Grant, and that his production company put on the Pride Festival’s biggest event, a gala with 25,000 people at the Jacob Javits Center.

On his Instagram, he has pictures of young kids, like a fifth-grader who played Simba in a play of The Lion King that Seto helped put on at PS 48X. On his LinkedIn page, there is also a picture of him with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

An official from the UFT said, “Mr. Seto has been suspended without pay because the allegations are so serious.” The city’s Department of Education said that it was in favor of taking quick action. “When we heard about these very scary accusations against Mr. Seto, he has fired right away. He is not working for the DOE, and his job will be put on hold until this case is over, the DOE said.


On Friday, a complaint was made in Brooklyn Federal Court saying that a United Federation of Teachers director tried to force a child to have sex as part of a sting.

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Detective Damon Gergar, who helped with the operation, said that Jason Seto, age 41, got in touch with him through a dating app that people “mostly use to meet up to have sexual contact.” Gergar says that Seto sent him a picture of himself that showed both his face and his private parts.

Gergar says that during the first 15 minutes of their talk, Jason Seto found out how old he was. Gergar says Seto told him he was “cool” and kept talking to him, asking if he liked older guys and saying that Seto was his “daddy” and Gergar was his “son.”

This app is very secret, so every time we talk, we both have to delete the convos. That’s why I offered, Seto said, when he asked to keep talking on the encrypted message service Telegram. Gergar says that Seto told him, “I prefer young,” when he said he was 14 years old for the second time.

Since Seto first told Gergar he wanted to meet up with him, they have done sexual things together more than once.

During their conversations, Seto also said that he wanted to watch child porn when he met the person he thought was a kid. Seto is said to have said that he had watched porn with boys “younger” than the 14-year-old Gergar said he was. During their conversation, Seto gave Gergar four movies. When asked if his real name was Jason Carlos, Seto said that he had been using the name “Carlos Sanchez” in the talks. Because Seto had given Gergar a picture of his face, the police were able to figure out that it was Seto.

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When Gergar said that the fake 14-year-old lived in the Dominican Republic, the man even offered to fly there to meet him.

Gergar was finally given the GPS coordinates of a place that was less than half a mile from Seto’s home in Astoria.

On September 5, Gergar asked them to meet at the Five Guys restaurant at LaGuardia Airport. Seto was seen by police officers leaving his apartment and heading to LaGuardia. After Gergar said he was in the bathroom, Seto went in.

Gergar then said he was at Five Guys, where Jason Seto and other law enforcement officers finally met him and arrested him.

After giving up his Miranda rights and letting Gergar look at his phone, where the chats were found, Jason Seto confirmed that he was talking to the person who said they were 14 years old.

Barry Lall is just one of many people like this who are out and about.

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