Sexual Harassment Scandal Of Chiropractor Chris Davis

Chris Davis identifies as a chiropractor. Clients are often left shell-shocked after visiting his office located at 301 Lehigh Road North in New Jersey.

Chris Davis advertised his services on Instagram. The charlatan in question was able to attract clients through the use of flattering reviews, which were written by fake users.

When you are experiencing pain and only tranquilizers provide relief, the appearance of an office located in a regular house may seem insignificant. The most important part is to seek assistance from a qualified professional.

The topic at hand does not pertain to Chris Davis. What happens behind closed doors greatly exacerbates the unacceptable conditions for patients.

A fraudulent individual posing as a massage therapist engages in inappropriate behavior by making advances towards their female clients. If he is asked to provide a quality service, he may inadvertently injure your spine.

Massage can potentially cause further injury.

This massage therapist lacks knowledge of human anatomy. He is unaware of the nature of chiropractic care, and there is a possibility that it may cause further injury.

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According to his advertising, he can assist you in eliminating scoliosis, improving your posture, and reducing spinal discomfort. However, he is unable to perform any of those tasks. Chris Davis is an individual who lacks expertise in the field and has been involved in fraudulent activities.

He displays inappropriate behavior during appointments and reacts rudely and abruptly if you attempt to address it.

During the massage session, the therapist manipulates your hands and legs in a twisting motion, explaining that this is his unique technique to realign your spine.

The pain is severe and persistent. To alleviate your pain, you need to request painkillers.

Chris Davis’ behavior is unprofessional and inappropriate as he engages in sexual misconduct. He subjects his patients to harassment during his sessions.

Chris Davis’s Perversions and Harassment

Initially, this individual presents an offer to consume a tea made of herbs that are believed to have healing properties. According to him, these herbs have the ability to relax the muscles prior to the massage.

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After that, Davis departs. After 15-20 minutes, women may start to feel drowsy and disoriented.

When Chris returns, they attempt to reassure them that their bodily reaction is normal. Meanwhile, he attempts to seduce his patients while they lie on the massage table located in the hallway of the room.

Although it may seem like a plot from a movie, it is an indisputable fact.

Why Does Chris Davis Go Unpunished?

Women are unable to prove harassment after such sessions. Davis abstains from having sexual relations with them. He doesn’t leave any evidence of it. However, his actions result in psychological trauma, which can be frightening and humiliating to disclose to others.

If you come across this name or an advertisement for a chiropractor in Jersey, it is advisable to steer clear of Chris Davis and refrain from visiting him under any circumstances, as he is not a trustworthy individual.

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