Clients Have Accused the GM Law Firm of Fraudulence

Law Office of GM: Background and History

GM Law Firm is a consumer-advocacy firm in Boca Raton that says it can help with a wide range of loan and debt problems. Student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical debt are all listed among GM Law Firm’s areas of expertise on their website.

Just how may you benefit from the services offered by GM Law Firm? They, like any other consumer advocacy firm, will tell you they know what they’re doing when it comes to protecting their clients against unfair treatment by creditors and fraudulent loan practices.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit whose mission is to build an honest and trustworthy marketplace in the United States and Canada, has officially accredited GM Law Firm. While the vast majority of BBB-accredited businesses are honest and trustworthy, there is always the chance that a customer will fall victim to fraud while dealing with a company.

At first appearance, GM Law Firm could be mistaken for a respectable and genuine legal service provider. In this post, we’ll take a close look at everything you need to know about GM Law Firm, from their websites and evaluations to the people who work there and the problems they’ve stirred up.

Evaluating a Site

Customers frequently visit companies’ official websites to ascertain whether or not they can be trusted. It was once a solid indicator of a company’s legitimacy, but not any longer. Making a website is now a simple process, and there are many resources available to help you design a polished site. In conclusion, we do not advise you to entirely judge a firm based on the looks of its website, as any individual or organization may come up with convincing official websites.

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To learn more about GM Law Firm, visit their website.

You’ll be brought right to their homepage, which, by our standards, is uncomplicated and thoroughly professional. Home, About Us, Reviews, Volunteer Work, Client Success Stories, Attorneys, Practice Areas, and Contact Information are just a few of the tabs available.

There appears to be nothing fishy or unusual about their main webpage. It’s possible that their website successfully convinces visitors that they provide a genuine service.

However, as we noted before, a website’s accreditation from other organizations, such as GM Law Firm’s Better Firm Bureau logo, is no proof of the legitimacy of the firm.

Anyone visiting the official website of GM Law Firm might be forgiven for assuming that it is a reputable business. While we did uncover a few questionable parts (which we will go into greater detail about in the next sections), the vast majority of the site appears to be quite legitimate.

Volunteerism, Success Tales, and Lawyers

On their main page, we were particularly drawn to the “ATTORNEYS,” “SUCCESS STORIES,” and “VOLUNTEER WORK” sections. In the course of our research, we immediately navigate to the law firm’s “ATTORNEYS” page, where we find a single paragraph devoted to the senior partner, Chantel Grant.

Although the website advertises “attorneys,” we were only provided with one. One senior attorney often oversees the day-to-day operations of law practice, though typically there are several. Therefore, this does not cause us any cause for alarm.
According to her profile, after graduating from the University of Minnesota, Chantel Grant attended the St. Thomas School of Law in Miami, Florida. After graduating from St. Thomas University School of Law in 2008, Chantel Grant’s official bar license is displayed on the website via a link to the Florida bar website.

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The attorneys of GM Law Firm, LLC, place a premium on pro bono service. We can make the world a better place by engaging in acts of charity and adopting an attitude of selflessness. We feel a strong need to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

The aforementioned text comes straight from the volunteer work part of GM Law Firm’s official website. Once again, the page makes it apparent that the lawyers of GM Law Firm LLC are included, but its primary purpose is to highlight Chantel Grant’s professional achievements and community service. Most of the center of the accusations on the time that Chantel Grant spent volunteering for various groups. Aside from a few photographs that don’t prove anything, we verified numerous claims made on the page, such as her membership in the Florida Association of Women Lawyers and the National Association of Women Business Owners, and found them to be legitimate.

Finally, we looked into the website’s boasts of GM Law Firm’s victories on behalf of their clients, most of whom were suing their student loan providers. What we found was not a narrative, but rather a list of statements about the cases they had won for their clients. Once again, we are unable to validate the reliability of these “success stories” due to a lack of evidence.

True and False Reviews

There is no better way to verify the reliability and value of a company than by reading reviews written by its customers. At least, monitoring customer feedback is a good idea until corporations all over the world start making up positive reviews of their own. While it’s true that proprietors can vet and craft their reviews for posting on their sites, does it indicate that reviews on Yelp and Google are any less trustworthy?

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Simply put, the answer is not yes. To leave a review for a business on Google, all one needs to do is sign up for an account and access the internet. Therefore, there are people and organizations ready to provide 5-star evaluations for businesses that don’t deserve them.

Let’s have a look at their Google ratings first, then we’ll show you some of the testimonials that have been put on their main page. The GM Law Firm has an average 4.5-star rating out of 5, with both positive and negative comments being posted. Although we cannot definitively say that the 5-star ratings submitted on Google for GM Law Firm are fraudulent, we did notice a strange pattern.

The Law Firm GM Has Been Exposed

Now that we’ve read the glowing reviews of GM Law Firm on sites like Google and their website, it’s time to see what people have to say about their worst experiences with the firm. Some of the feedback is as follows:

You can never trust this law office or this attorney. Don’t trust these compensated reviews; do your research online. What a con artist she is. They swindled me out of thousands of dollars and didn’t care. It’s unsettling how consistent the complaints and legal actions all seem to be. For good reason. Have no faith in them. Get far, far away! They’re under scrutiny at the moment.

Expert Opinions

Ms. Je Henna Williamson, a former employee of GM Law Firm and currently the Document Specialist Supervisor, then provided an affidavit in support of the lawsuit. The affidavit is four pages long, but it covers some crucial ground.

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The GM Law Firm employs a company called National Legal Staffing Support (NLSS) to fake client signatures on various legal documents, such as customer retention agreements.
Gregory Fishman uses the companies NLSS, Resolvly, and his own GM Law Firm as fronts to perpetuate and benefit from his fraudulent activities.
Monthly draft payments from clients are the means through which the student loan resolution program steals money from its victims.
Using deceptive advertising, a generous compensation plan, and a well-established racket, lawyers are lured in with the promise of quick riches.
Whether or not Chantel Grant is associated with GM Law Firm is called into doubt by the fact that it employs neither attorneys nor paralegals.

Leader of the GM Law Team

Nobody from the GM Law Firm was ever introduced on the official website. Affidavit witness Je Henna Williamson claims that Gregory Fishman runs and controls GM Law Firm and also serves as president of two other companies, Resolvly and NLSS, both of which are fictional and are used as shell corporations by Fishman.

According to Ms. Williamson’s affidavit, Gregory Fishman was able to pull off the entire plan because of his background as a sales manager at Berges Law Group, which was later revealed to be another defunct South Florida consumer fraud ring.

Lessons Learned

When seeking legal counsel, prospective clients must have a firm grasp of the issues at hand. Any prospective client, including ourselves, would be wise to do extensive research on GM Law Firm and its attorneys and staff.

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