Consumer beware: Counsel Mortgage Group Unreliable services and scams

Arizona and California are two of the states that Counsel Mortgage Group LLC serves. It is a mortgage broker that engages in unethical and dishonest marketing practices in the hope of gaining the confidence of prospective clients.

Before you decide to do business with them and put your money and your financial future in danger, it is in your best interest to read the following overview of this company:

What is Counsel Mortgage Group LLC? Who is John Rapasky?

They claim to provide straightforward advice regarding mortgages, and they offer their services in both Arizona and California. John Rapasky is the one who initially established Counsel Mortgage Group LLC. Since 2007, he has been serving as the CEO of this company.

Other notable people who work at this company include John Nicholls (Mortgage Loan Originator), Jim Moore (Mortgage Loan Originator), and Mike Green (Loan Officer), in addition to John Rapasky (Mortgage Loan Originator).

This broker provides a variety of lending options, including residential loans, commercial loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, adjustable-rate mortgage loans, and VA loans.

Counsel Mortgage Group LLC is experiencing a number of difficulties, despite the fact that it may appear to be a typical business. This mortgage broker reportedly provides abysmal service, and its representatives are uninterested in your well-being, according to the customers it serves.

This broker has been the subject of a number of complaints. John Rapasky and his business associates engage in a variety of unethical practices in order to conceal these accusations. They make an effort to deceive customers into believing that their products are of higher quality than they actually are.

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Posting Unverifiable and Suspiciously Positive Reviews On Their Website

The fact that this company’s website features an entire page devoted to customer endorsements is the first major caution sign that should be raised about it. However, there are no reviews for it on any third-party websites that I could find.

On their testimonials page, you’ll find a collection of paragraphs and names, all of which are effusive in their appreciation of the organization. The so-called reviews that can be found on this website don’t include any precise specifics and are full of information that isn’t relevant to the topic at hand.

Moreover, there’s no way to figure out whether these are actual customers or just a bunch of random names strung together. All of these “client testimonials” are unverifiable. 

Counsel Mortgage Group LLC review

It is reasonable to presume that these reviews are entirely fabricated because they can only be found on the company’s website and cannot be independently verified. A business can easily mislead customers by adding a dedicated page for phony reviews on its website. This can be done with relative ease.

A typical tactic utilized by dodgy mortgage lenders is to post phony reviews on the internet in an effort to make themselves appear more trustworthy. As an illustration, Universal Capital Mortgage Corp., situated in Los Angeles, is an organization that has fabricated evaluations and put them on its Google profile.

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They are BBB Accredited, But That’s Not The Full Story

The fact that this company has a profile that is accredited by the BBB is yet another red flag associated with it. Businesses do not receive accreditation from the BBB for maintaining a higher standard of service, despite the widespread misconception to the contrary. They must pay a high annual charge to the review site in order to receive accreditation from the BBB.

Businesses that have been awarded BBB accreditation typically have grade levels of A or A+, regardless of the quality of their products or services. Swindlers take advantage of the fact that this is a common practice despite how unethical it is.

CNN Money carried out extensive research on the topic before publishing its findings. They discovered that while facing federal allegations of fraud and prejudice, businesses that were recognized by the Better Business Bureau earned A+ ratings on the BBB.

During the course of their research, they discovered that some businesses paid the Better Business Bureau (BBB) up to $10,000 a year to keep their certification.

Companies can appear more reputable than they actually are by earning accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. It is a dishonest strategy that is used to deceive customers.

Take Dr. Stephen M. Miller for example. As a plastic surgeon, he has a history of receiving a large number of complaints alleging that he mistreated patients and made incorrect diagnoses. Consumers are distracted by Dr. Miller’s numerous complaints against him by the fact that he is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Counsel Mortgage Group LLC is Not Suitable for Veterans 

Counsel Mortgage Group LLC review

Google has recognized Daniel Estrada as a Local Guide, and he has contributed more than one hundred reviews to the platform. He claims that the mortgage broker in question does not treat veterans with respect.

Daniel got the opportunity to speak with Jim Moore at the Glendale Stand Up event, and after their conversation, he received the impression that this broker could assist him in purchasing a home of his own. However, the broker did not get in touch with him following the occurrence.

Before he was eventually able to get a response from this broker, Daniel was forced to call him many times. He inquired as to when he could meet with the broker in order to talk about his requirements, and the broker merely responded, “What are your numbers?” Daniel makes the point that he didn’t have them in front of him at the time and that he admitted as much.

After hearing this, Jim terminated his call with Daniel.

He explains that the reason he does not trust Jim Moore to be a ranger is that it is very difficult to believe what he says.

Jim Moore Writes Fake Pre-Qualifications and Makes You Lose Your Money

Counsel Mortgage Group LLC review

Alejandro recommends that you avoid Jim Moore at all costs. This is due to the fact that Jim will trick you into losing your money by writing phony pre-qualification letters for you.

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Because of Jim, Alejandro’s customer lost a significant amount of money, and Alejandro was there to see it happen. Jim’s voicemail is always filled, and if you dispute the quality of his job, he becomes irritable.

In addition to this, Jim will not answer his phone and will not accept responsibility for his behavior. Because he is so obstinate, there is only one way to do things: his way. In spite of the desires of your client, Jim will insist that you do not involve particular third parties in the contracting process.

However, when Alejandro told Jim about his concerns, Jim shouted at him and threatened to cancel the contract, despite the fact that it is against FDCPA regulations.

According to Alejandro, it was a living nightmare due to the broker’s terrible lack of professionalism throughout the transaction.

Counsel Mortgage Group LLC Is an Unethical and Risky Broker

Working with Counsel Mortgage Group LLC can be a huge gamble. This firm puts a lot of effort into deceptive marketing strategies, which is not a good sign. It means the company has something to hide. 

The firm has attracted many complaints because of the stubborn and rude behavior of its professionals. 

Cooperating with them is not the most prudent course of action to take. Steer clear of this mortgage broker if you are seeking someone you can have faith in.

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