Corniche Capital’s Scam, Conflicts, and Unprofessionalism

Corniche Capital, run by David Ebhrahimzadeh, is infamous for being a scammer. Online, many people have complained about their negative interactions with this individual.

David has been involved in a wide range of disputes, including litigation worth millions of dollars and failing to pay employees. This analysis is meant to shed light on his strange behavior and reveal his actual nature to others.

Who is David Ebrahimzadeh?

Corniche Capital is a New York City-based real estate and private equity investment firm founded and led by David Ebrahimzadeh. His website states that he is interested in taking advantage of market opportunities. His website and social media profiles reveal surprisingly little about him.

David is a well-known con artist in addition to being a financial adviser. There aren’t often many reviews for service providers in the highly specialized industries of real estate investing and private equity investment.

David Ebrahimzadeh

My curiosity was sparked, then, when I discovered several customer complaints directed towards Corniche Capital and David Ebrahimzadeh. Why would a very pricey service have so many unhappy customers? For a few days, this puzzled me, so I looked into it. What I discovered astounded me much.

I learned that David has a long list of victims and a dark history. His business has been involved in numerous lawsuits, and he has been labeled a scammer and a robber by various parties.

This review will explain why you should be wary of David Ebrahimzadeh by going over the reviews and complaints about Corniche Capital.

What is the function of Corniche Capital?

Corniche Capital markets itself as a private equity and real estate investment firm. These companies frequently partner with developers and make bulk purchases of housing units. His firm’s stated mission, which consists of doing “opportunistic transactions,” is meaningless.

This merely implies that they are actively seeking investing opportunities (and acting accordingly). Capital that is not traded on a public market might be found in the “alternative investment class” known as private equity.

Investors and funds in this category put money into privately held businesses or engage in buyouts of publicly traded corporations, removing them from the public equity markets.

When private equity investors sell their holdings, they realize a profit. Their goal is to profit from the sale of the businesses they have acquired.

Despite being a private equity investment business, Corniche Capital does not disclose any of its holdings on its website. If you want to know where David puts his money, you’ll have to ask him directly.

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Corniche Capital and David Ebrahimzadeh: A Conflicting History.

Real estate and private equity investment firms have a responsibility to their customers to offer them impeccable service. David’s Corniche Capital, though, appears to be skeptical of such ideas.

I discovered a lengthy grievance lodged by a person who felt David had taken advantage of them as a client of Corniche Capital. The complaint describes in detail how his organization deceives its customers.

Employees are as valuable to a business as their customers. David, though, doesn’t appear to share this disinterest. I discovered a second hotel worker’s complaint regarding David hiring them for employment and then failing to pay them through Corniche Capital.

Here are the two issues I encountered:

How David Scammed a Client?

This evaluation will remain completely anonymous. The suspect aspect of Corniche Capital’s website is brought up first. They had loaned money from David’s firm against their duplex bungalow.

David Ebrahimzadeh scam

The reviewer claims they were in a rush during their phone conversation with David, which may have made them sound desperate. They had a sit-down at the reviewer’s place to hash out the details of a possible deal.

David convinced them to sign an agreement with him using flattery; their lawyer was busy at the time, so they couldn’t get a second opinion. By the terms of the contract, they paid David a sizable advance.

David, however, was silent for three months after receiving the deposit. He put a lot of strain on the reviewer by not returning their calls.

After that, the agreement fell through because David refused to communicate with them and put off doing anything further. The reviewer abandoned the transaction after losing their initial payment.

You can imagine how difficult a situation David put them in. At first, David was quite enthusiastic about doing business with them, but after he secured the financial reward, he became distant.

It sends the message that David cares more about making money than satisfying his clients.

Hotel Employees Share Their Tragic Backstory

This evaluation, too, was conducted in secret. Suite Dreams LLC, located at 1700 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17015, is where the reviewer worked previously as a manager.

The reviewer claims that the staff had to put in 70-80 hours a week to restore the once-luxurious hotel to its former glory. This hotel was co-owned by David Ebrahimzadeh and Felice DeSanza.

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The individual describes their efforts to restore the hotel’s former glory. They put in labor for seven weeks with no compensation. “We were exhausted and devastated,” the critic writes.

After 10 months of not being paid, employees went to the PA Labor Board to file a complaint. Even though the workers had supplied all the required papers, the Federal Labor Board ultimately rejected the case because it could not establish who the owners were.

Besides the $80,000 owed to the Cumberland County Water Department and the $60,000 owed to PP&L Electric, the staff claims they are owed roughly $100,000. They wrote a review in the hopes that it would draw attention to the problem and help them solve it.

I appreciate that both reviewers preferred to remain nameless. David’s legal team is constantly ready to take down anyone who threatens David’s business. Even if we’re only expressing our opinions and experiences online, we fall into this category. They would use their considerable resources to pursue you and destroy you.

This will become clear in the following portion of my David Ebrahimzadeh review, in which I discuss the various cases in which his company, Corniche Capital, has been embroiled:

Corniche Capital Attorneys’ Exploitation of Corporations

David appears to be trying to take advantage of people in several ways. He’s not satisfied with just ripping off customers and employees. He also needs to pursue his suppliers.

I was able to track down two situations where Corniche Capital was the complaining party. The court has thrown out both of these cases. The judge in one case even remarked how funny it was that Corniche Capital was performing the part of a novice.

These are not minor incidents either. Both cases involve loans, one for over $6 million and the other for over $710,000.

Corniche Capital’s attempt to sue its lender for wrongdoing is more intriguing than the first case. Whatever the case may be, here are the synopses:

First Case: Cornice Capital v. W&N Enterprises

Corniche Capital, LLC v. W&N Enterprises, INC. was the first case I came across. Corniche Capital had filed this action for a particular execution of a commercial real estate purchase agreement. Because of diversity jurisdiction, David had taken his case to the federal level.

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It all started with a disagreement about an agreement in writing. David’s firm claimed that W&N Enterprises would not transfer ownership and leasehold rights to the building. W&N Enterprises counterclaimed for $710,000.00, arguing that Corniche Capital’s failure to perform as required by the real estate agreements had prohibited it from fulfilling its obligations.

The incident occurred in 2017. The court had already ruled against Corniche Capital, thus Defendant’s counterclaim for $710,000.00 had been successful.

David’s employer made every effort to put off the legal process. It appears that he was employing the same strategies with the law enforcement that he used with the hotel personnel.

The Court, however, is not always so easily fooled. Corniche Capital made every effort to drag out the matter, but the judge saw through their tactics and threw their complaints out with prejudice.

Second lawsuit: Ebrahimzadeh versus Sharestates Investments.

Sharestates Investments was sued by David’s company, Corniche Capital and Oakdale Capital LLC, for slander of title, unjust enrichment, violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), violating Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, and breach of contract.

Similar to the prior instance, David Ebhrahimzadeh’s business was found guilty of not providing enough evidence to support its claims, and the judge ruled against him. Sharestates Investments had lent David’s businesses a total of $6,100,000 across two loans. They were late with their payments, and other problems arose as a result. David’s businesses ultimately attempted to get out of paying back their loan by arguing that Sharestates Investments had operated in bad faith throughout the entire process.

If your victim is vulnerable, you can easily take advantage of them and get away with it. The court system, on the other hand, makes theft and fraud nearly impossible.

David’s companies were also unsuccessful in this action, and the court granted Sharestates Investments’ move to dismiss.

The significance of these examples?

David Ebrahimzadeh, based on the nature of these cases, appears to be using his lawyers to harass the companies that do business with his firm. He’s not satisfied with just taking advantage of the workers and customers.

Normally, I wouldn’t discuss such matters publicly, but these incidents show that David will stop at nothing to get his targets.

If David ever finds out who I am, I do not doubt that he would send his legal team after me. I also don’t have $70,000 or $6,000,000 to give him as compensation. He doesn’t think twice about destroying other people’s lives, but someone had to say something.

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It was a huge ordeal to track out all of this information. Most of it is hidden beneath David’s sponsored PR pieces. He is concerned that others may learn his firm’s true nature.

The David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship

David Ebrahimzadeh established a scholarship in his name to give the impression that he is generous. The application date for this essay contest scholarship was March 1, 2021.

Students interested in real estate or planning to pursue a degree in the field will find this interesting. The essay prompt asked, “When it comes to real estate, what excites you about the future?”

The David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship is open to high school seniors who have been admitted to a university or college, as well as current college students at the undergraduate or graduate level.

The David Ebrahimzadeh Academic Scholarship is another name for this award. Creating a scholarship is a fantastic way for David to give back to the community.

However, if we’re being completely honest, it looks more like a PR stunt to hide the negative information about him that already exists online.

This scholarship, much like David’s other actions, smells like a rat. The portion of the David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship website labeled “Previous Winners” doesn’t display any winners from the past. I was expecting a clickable link, but it turns out to just be plain text.

For some reason, David decided to include a section about former winners even though the scholarship has never been won. Understandably, he would want students to believe he’s been giving out scholarships for quite some time.

Review of Corniche Capital: Synopsis

From any angle, Corniche Capital appears to be a malicious firm. The corporation is notoriously secretive about its inner workings, and its owner, David Ebrahimzadeh, has been embroiled in far too many scandals to be trusted.

They cheat their customers, don’t pay their employees, and attack their business partners. Based on the evidence presented, it is recommended that you stay far away from Corniche Capital and everything associated with David Ebrahimzadeh.

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