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Creative Tax Solutions is a company in Florida that helps people with their taxes. The company says it can help people get answers from the IRS. But the company’s business plan is bad and customers have a lot of complaints.

There are a lot of problems with the way the company does business. First, the company doesn’t say anything about the people who run its business.

You can’t tell what kind of people you’re working with because of this.

Second, the company promotes itself in different sneaky ways. This includes stealing content from rivals and giving automated responses to complaints.

Many tax consulting companies take advantage of their clients. They take advantage of the fact that their clients don’t know much about complicated tax rules. So you should be extra careful when looking for a tax expert like You wouldn’t want to take a chance on it.

The following Creative Tax Solutions review will help you understand the hidden aspects of this company: 

What Creative Tax Solutions Claims To Be

Creative Tax Solutions is a company in Florida that helps people with their taxes.

Thomas Patti is the head of the company. CTS says that it helps its clients in four steps.

Their team of CPAs and Agents will talk with you for free. There is no information about who these CPAs and managers are, though. So, you can’t check to see if there are any CPAs working for this company.

After that, they made sure that their clients were safe. This means that they have to get tax records, talk to the IRS, look at records, and do financial analysis.

Then, they also offer services to look into tax bills and make sure that laws are being followed. Lastly, they help their clients deal with the IRS by making sure their clients are in line with IRS rules.

Everything sounds great. But they say it is true. It’s not how things are.

The company is known for taking people’s money without giving them anything in return. That is stealing.

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The only reason they are able to act so freely is because it is hard to file a complaint against them. There are a lot of bad things said about Creative Tax Solutions. You’ll learn about them in the rest of this piece.

Creative Tax Solutions Gets Called Out For Hidden Monthly Charges

In a review thread, Creative Tax Solutions was caught in the act. In this case, a customer said that they couldn’t get out of their subscription to this service. They tried for two years to get in touch with the company person.

But the rep didn’t say anything. Creative Tax has been automatically taking money out of this person’s credit card. The person was asked to send them a copy of what Creative Tax had done for them.

The IRS will send them a copy of their taxes, the representative told them. All done. After that, the rep stopped answering this person’s calls and texts. “I feel like this company is taking advantage of me,” they said at the end of their protest.

The Pathetic Response of Creative Tax Solutions

The company said in response to this report that they haven’t heard from this person by phone. The critic was told that the answer would be sent to their email. They say that they saved the reviewer a lot of money and gave them a plan that they could afford.

If someone reads this answer, they would think the writer was wrong. But the story has more to it. They got a call from Creative Tax, but it wasn’t from the person with whom they were speaking.

The person was upset that Creative Tax was charging them even though the company hadn’t done anything for them. The IRS hadn’t sent the reviewer a copy. They were told by Creative Tax Solutions that their case was over. There was no paperwork, though. The writer is also on SSDI. And CTS said that their monthly fees had gone down to $25.

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It could have been a fair price. But the person hasn’t gotten any services, so all the money they paid each month was for nothing.

This person only got a response from Creative Tax Solutions because they wrote a review online. If they didn’t do that, the company didn’t give a damn about them.

This is a problem that many shady groups have. They don’t care about their customers unless they start complaining on third-party sites. This is how a lot of online scams work.

JFQ Lending is a well-known company that treats its people badly. Their clients and workers have a lot to say about them. These companies can keep getting away with bad service as long as the people they hurt don’t say anything. They only care about themselves. And all they care about is making money. Not a thing.

creative tax solutions is bad
creative tax solutions

 Hidden Disclaimer: Legal Immunity Of Creative Tax Solutions

Creative Tax Solutions has a small clause in its terms and conditions. It grants them immunity from any legal action if they scam you or give you subpar services.  

The disclaimer says that Creative Tax Solutions “disclaims” all warranties and conditions. This means they don’t take responsibility for their promises. You can’t sue them if they charge you $1000 after saying they will charge you $10. 

They have hidden such a vital disclaimer in the fine print. Why? 

Because they don’t want you to read this disclaimer. You can’t trust a business that takes zero responsibility legally. 

Such terms and conditions allow them to get away with scamming people. They can take advantage of their customers by using such clauses. 

Most people don’t read a service provider’s TnCs. So, companies can include such cruel words in their terms and conditions. When you use their services, you automatically agree to their terms. When you agree to such terms, you give up your rights as a consumer.

Take this as an example. Dr. Randal Haworth is a plastic surgeon who works in Beverly Hills. In his terms and conditions, there is a clause that lets him off the hook. If he botches a facelift or any other operation, his patients can’t sue him. Dr. Randal is being sued for several things, including negligence.

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So, shady service providers and groups often have terrible terms and conditions. Because of this, you should always do the right study before hiring anyone.

Shocking Creative Tax Solutions Reviews You Need To Read

The numerous Creative Tax Solutions reviews online paint a horrible picture. People rarely share a negative review online. Many don’t bother with the process. However, the very few people who actually post a negative review help in exposing the bad companies. 

CTS claims to be a client-centric firm. But it has plenty of complaints online. The following points will showcase some of those complaints: 

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The reviewer’s husband hired Creative Tax Solutions because they promised to offer a better tax plan than the IRS. They connected with Mike who was a consultant at the firm. He told the husband that their taxes would be wiped off in four years without requiring many payments.

However, the husband and his ex-wife withdrew his 401k five years before the review. It was during the divorce. CTS promised him that he wouldn’t have to pay after a while. But he is still paying them $100 more than what he was paying earlier. 

The tax consultants lied to him. They take payments in advance and trap people in terrible payment plans. 

The reviewer has highlighted other complaints in their review. They point out how CTS took an advance of a person and changed their behavior completely. 

Creative Tax Solutions changed its representatives six times in two years. The company didn’t give the clients any updates on their payment plans. And they caused numerous losses to their clients through unnecessary taxes. 

They are Incompetent

creative tax solutions review

One of their reviewers complained that Creative Tax Solutions misleads people into paying them upfront. The reviewer pointed out that most of the tasks this company performs can be done by anyone. They are fake experts.

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The reviewer also pointed out that CTS claims to be in business for 50 years but has only started operating since 2014. They also highlighted that the IRS calls such companies a scam. 

Stealing Content from Other Service Providers

Creative Tax Solutions has no ethics. The company blatantly steals from others. 

A prime example is their affiliate page. Here, the page doesn’t mention Creative Tax Solutions in the paragraphs. But someone else. 

It mentions a company called Clear Choice Tax. 

creative tax solutions scam
creative tax reality

As you can see, it’s the affiliate page of Clear Choice Tax. Maybe the people at CTS were too lazy to write their own content. And maybe they thought no one would notice.

It’s quite lazy behavior. Worse, it’s unethical and immoral. Plagiarism is a prominent issue online. Writing original content takes a lot more effort than copy-pasting someone else’s content. 

This also shows how ethical the people at Creative Tax Solutions are. They are too lazy to bother writing a new page. So, they choose to copy-posting someone else’s content. 

Creative Tax Solutions Review Verdict

This tax consultant has many issues. Terrible customer support, multiple complaints, plagiarized content, and shady terms and conditions. All of this suggests this firm is most probably a scam. It would be best to avoid working with such a sketchy company. 

The best way to handle your tax problems is to get more informed on the issue. Otherwise, companies like Creative Tax Solutions will trap you into terrible payment plans through their sleazy terms and conditions. 

Creative Tax Solutions is a Scam

This company has terrible terms and conditions that they hide in the fine print. They also have a ton of complaints about stealing from clients. It would be best to look for another tax consultant.

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