Crystal Clear Digital Marketing: A Review of Charlatans Duping Customers in 2023


Healthcare institutions process massive volumes of data and information, including the personnel and patient records of both patients and employees. The use of technology holds the possibility of making it easier for medical facilities to manage this kind of information. In addition to their many other advantages, computer programs are not susceptible to the errors that are caused by humans and may be updated in real-time.

Additionally, healthcare facilities can use computer software to market their products and engage with clients through the integration of social media platforms in order to market and sell their products. Crystal Clear Digital Marketing , LLC is a company that promises to be able to build computer software that will completely transform the way that healthcare facilities carry out their daily operations.

Tim Sawyer, who serves as the company’s current CEO, is the founder of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC. The city of Orlando, in the state of Florida, is home to the headquarters of the firm. The company conducts the majority of its business activities through its primary website.

Services offered by the company 

The organization makes use of a wide range of technology in order to satisfy the wide variety of requirements posed by its clientele. The Social Patient Center, also known as SPC, is the primary piece of software utilized by this business. As can be seen on the website of the company, the software provides tools for integrated marketing as well as the production of leads.

The client is able to raise the total amount of revenue and simplify the billing procedure thanks to the program. Additionally, the SPC is equipped with a synchronized calendar management system. The system gives medical facilities the ability to track the whereabouts of patients and send automatic appointment reminders to those individuals.

Businesses in a wide variety of industries have begun utilizing digital marketing in an effort to broaden their consumer bases and improve revenue. Because of the large number of people throughout the world who have access to at least one social media platform, establishments that provide medical care view these platforms as the next frontier for increasing revenue.

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Additionally, the organization asserts that it can aid customers in the use of digital marketing technology. As a result, the company provides a variety of digital marketing services such as web design, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing geared at medical professionals, amongst other services.

Workplace culture

People like web designers and hackers work for technology companies, among other jobs. The way a company treats its workers shows what kind of culture it has. Several people have worked for the company, and their opinions and experiences can be used to judge the environment the company has made for its workers. A past employee said that the company’s employees are helpful and flexible. The worker showed that the CEO was friendly and helped the workers when they ran into problems. Another worker said that the company was a great place to work. But the worker said there weren’t many chances for career growth. Growth opportunities are important to keep workers motivated and make sure they keep improving their professional skills. If you don’t have these kinds of chances, it’s hard to move up and get more experience.

Employees should have fair amounts of work to do and be paid amounts that match how much work they do. According to another employee, the company has way too few workers, so the amount of work is way too high for the number of workers.

Because there aren’t many workers, they have to work too hard to make sure the organization meets its goals. The worker also said that the company doesn’t pay its workers enough. m. Other workers also said that they worked for the company for free.

Employees said that being able to work from home was one of the best things about the company. A worker said that the company lets people work from home and send in weekly reports. But the employee said that the company promoted people based on who they liked. People who are linked to top managers were more likely to get promoted.

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The worker also said that the company really didn’t pay them enough. A different worker also said that the company didn’t give them enough medical coverage. From what the employees have said, it sounds like the company doesn’t do enough to keep its workers interested by giving them fair pay and chances to improve their skills. Favoritism in appointments is also bad for the morale of workers.

Quality of services offered

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing tells customers that they can be sure that the technology services they offer will help them connect with customers better and make more money. When a company offers high-quality services, it means that it keeps its promises.

A former client said that they hired the company to redesign their website so that they could get more customers and improve their online profile. The customer said that the CEO OF Crystal Clear Digital Marketing was the person to talk to at the company and that the project ran from 2018 to 2019. The customer was very upset with the services that were given. The customer said that the company redesigned the website, but it didn’t meet the standards that were expected. In the end, the company broke the deal.

The redesigned website didn’t bring in as many leads or visitors as was hoped. The customer also said that the company didn’t take their wants and needs into account.

Another customer had the same problems. The business was hired by the customer to make a website for their medical company. The customer put down a down payment of USD6,000 for the service. Four months later, the company still hadn’t made the website ( The company said that it couldn’t make the website unless the customer paid the full amount, which was against what they had agreed before.

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The customer paid the rest of the bill out of desperation. After a month, the company gave the customer a website. But the customer said that the website was a lot worse than what was imagined. The customer was willing to give the company a chance to improve, so he or she asked that the style be changed.

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing wouldn’t make the changes that were asked for and said that the customer would have to make the website live for them to make the changes. The user did what the company asked and made the website live, but the company still wouldn’t make the changes that were needed. Later, the customer found out that the company had said that the contract finished when the website was ready to be seen by the public. So, the customer said that the company forced him to make the website live so that they wouldn’t have to make the changes, which could be seen as unfair.

How much does the company Charge? 

Since Crystal Clear Digital Marketing is in business to make money, its customers should expect to pay for the services it provides. So, th Crystal Clear Digital Marketing should charge prices that are fair and appropriate for the services they offer. On its website, the company does not list prices for any of its services. So, the only way to figure out the prices is to look at how much past customers were charged. (

The customer who hired Crystal Clear Digital Marketing to make a website said they paid between $10,000 and $50,000. The customer said that the prices were way too high for the services they got. gives the company a 1 out of 5 for the cost of services. It has been said that the services of the company caused a loss of US$120,000.

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Most of the customers said that the services of the company are very expensive. Customers have also said that the company bills them for the whole amount before they do any work. Most of the customers have shown that the websites that the company made didn’t help them make more money, so the costs are higher than the expected earnings.


Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC says it will make databases and computer systems that will make sure healthcare sites use digital marketing. The company also offers a number of other services, such as re-designing its clients’ websites. Comments from past customers show that the company doesn’t do what it says it will do. People have said that they were overcharged and not given enough service. Also, workers have said they are overworked and not paid enough.

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing also uses customers’ data and information to keep people from going to customers’ official websites. Because of this, customers can’t trust the company with their sensitive data and information. The fact that Crystal Clear Digital Marketing doesn’t give returns and uses different names makes it seem even more sketchy. When talking to customers, the company also keeps some information from them, which is then used against the customers.

For instance, the user isn’t told that letting the website go live will end the contract, so the company can’t make any more changes. This kind of information is only shown on the website of Crystal Clear Digital Marketing. The whole analysis was based on what customers and workers thought and said, so it might be biased.

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