Currency Finance: A Review of Misleading and Scamming Allegations in 2023

About Currency Finance

Currency Finance is a business that provides loans. It is based in Los Angeles. Currency Finance is a part of Currency, a financial and technology company that gives three different products to its customers: Currency Pay (payment services), Currency Air (airplane financing), and Currency Finance itself, which we will talk more about below.

If you don’t know what a financing company is, it’s just a business that gives out loans and payments for different kinds of purchases. People often use a financing business when buying expensive things like houses, buildings, cars, etc. Currency Finance is a business that specializes in financing equipment.

So, most of Currency FInance’s clients are small businesses that want to buy new assets or tools but need help getting the money to do so. Some terms and conditions apply to each client, just like with any other financial service, but the company says it can lend up to $500,000 with interest rates between 6% and 24%.

Currency Finance said that they were just getting started with their innovative fintech approach to the industry because they are always working on Currency Pay, which they thought could be added to Currency Finance. They are also working with big companies like eBay, TractorHouse, Red Digital Camera, Opus Bank, American Trailer World, and more.

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Before we dig deeper into what this financing company is really like, let’s find out more about the financing services they offer.


Most financing companies around the world make money by charging interest rates on loans and other financing services. This interest is their profit. There’s nothing wrong with this business plan, since it’s been used legally all over the world. But there are legal ways for a financing company to use different tactics to trick their customers, which we will talk about more in the next parts.

In retrospect, Currency Finance isn’t much different from other services that help people get loans. They have two main services: equipment lending and medium-term loans, which they say have flexible terms and can be paid back over up to 72 months.

For a business to be qualified for a loan, it needs to have been open for at least 6 months and make about $75,000 a year. Also, applicants must have a credit score of at least 585 points.

Sure, asking for a loan with Currency Finance seems easy and interesting, especially considering the low-interest rate they are said to charge for their services. But you should know that most companies that lend money will try to make their services sound as friendly and reasonable as possible. If you don’t do a full background check on the financing company you choose, you won’t know if they can be trusted or not.

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No matter how interesting you find Currency Finance, we advise you to stay calm and take a neutral stance until we tell you more about the truth behind Currency Finance. To learn more, keep reading!

Changing Identity

Before using any service, you should always do a background check, just like you would with any other service. It makes it less likely that you’ll work with the wrong company, but it doesn’t always mean that you’ll be working with a good one.

When you look for Currency Finance, you might run into the same situation. If you look at Currency Finance online, you will find links to their main websites, review articles, and a few other sites that don’t seem suspicious, at least not until you find out what we find.

Currency Finance has a pretty good online presence. Now try to find a company called Currency Capital that does funding. You will probably find a lot of review sites about that company, just like we did. If you go ahead and click on one of those review sites, you will see that Currency Capital gets a lot of one-star reviews, claims that they are a scam, and a lot of complaints from their former customers.

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If you’re wondering why you can’t find Currency Capital’s website or contact information, it’s because Currency Capital doesn’t exist anymore. It has a new name now: Currency Finance. We don’t know if this is just a rebranding strategy or an attempt to get away from the bad reviews and scam claims, but we can say that Currency Finance did a good job of making itself look like a real financing business.

How can we tell if Currency Finance has changed? Well, one thing you could do is read the reviews. As we already said, Currency Finance has done a great job of keeping its online reputation in good shape. So, we don’t think you should put too much faith in reviews on any other website, even their own.

Instead, we’ll look at the complaints about Currency Capital (the old company) and compare them to the reviews of Currency Finance that are already out there. What do these claims and concerns have to do with? Let us find out more!

Website Assessment

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Before the Internet grew so quickly, it was easy to stay away from scams and companies you couldn’t trust. Now that most people have access to the internet and know more about it, it’s safe to say that everyone knows how to set up a website that looks like it’s from a real business.

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Here is where you can go to the main site for Currency Finance.

As you can see, their main website doesn’t look fishy at all. If anything, the website seems legit and easy to use, with a good main page for getting in touch with possible clients. As we said above, you can also see that Currency Finance worked with real companies. This helps to make Currency Finance seem more trustworthy.

We’re not saying that Currency Finance is a complete scam, but you should know that just because they work with legal companies doesn’t mean they’ll give you good service.

On the website, you will also see a number of reviews that claim to be from real customers. But there’s no way to know if those reviews are real because they didn’t include any proof or background information about these buyers.

Even so, we can safely say that the website doesn’t have any big red flags, and it looks like it was made by a real company.

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