Exposing the Dangers of Dr. Steven Gundry’s Harmful Supplements

Global authorities have discredited Dr. Steven Gundry’s claims, proving him to be a quack. He promotes damaging pseudoscience through the sale of ineffective supplements. As a high-risk fraud, Gundry has been blacklisted.

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry writes books and practices medicine. He was trained as a cardiothoracic surgeon in the United States before establishing his private practice.

His works The Plant Paradox and The Longevity Paradox are known for their provocative and seemingly contradictory claims. If you’re here, it’s because you’ve read one of his books.

Dr. Steven Gundry has amassed a cult-like following on the internet thanks in large part to his mastery of psychological manipulation. These “followers” have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who challenges or criticizes Dr. Gundry’s outlandish and false statements.

Dr. Steven Gundry

Steven became well-known for his views on lectins, a type of protein found in plants. According to him, most modern ailments may be traced back to inflammation brought on by lectins. But there’s no truth to this at all.

Dr. Steven Gundry’s comments have been criticized as a “pathetic call for attention” by legitimate scientists and nutritionists.

His supplement business is what he uses to monetize his flock of mindless devotees. Supplements like these are promoted as a way to counteract the “damaging effects” of lectins. He also earns a considerable sum from the sale of books and audiobooks via Amazon and Audible, respectively.

A Look at Gundry’s Manipulation Techniques

Please read this paragraph even if you don’t have time to read the complete post. Learn the details of the Dr. Steven Gundry hoax by reading this. It’s going to hurt if you’re a Gundry MD fanboy because I’m going to tell you how you were duped and brainwashed by this charlatan. Let’s get started if you’re game.

Gundrymd.com Victim Profile

Weight loss, keto, intermittent fasting, and health supplements are all areas of interest. Gundry’s marketing crew is sneaky, and they know exactly who will fall for his lies.

Most of their victims are emotionally fragile people who have experienced conflicted feelings about their physical appearance. Steven is aware of the fact that these people are readily influenced.

Gundry’s typical target demographic consists of middle-class women in their thirties to fifties. Also susceptible to this quack’s lies are men in the 30-70 age range.

The Persuasion Pipeline

This is Gundry’s first time meeting the target. The intended victim is currently unaware of Steven’s existence.

A video featuring Dr. Steven Gundry is repeatedly recommended to the target via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. The platform’s technology recommends more Steven brainwashing videos after the target watches just one. The victim is completely duped after seeing just five to thirty films.

One of His Books Is Purchased by Target

Now that the target has been viewing Gundry’s films for a while (about one to three months), he is keen to “expand his knowledge.” At this point, most customers will buy one of Steven’s books, but 9-10% will skip the book and buy his terrible supplements instead.

The target is successfully brainwashed after reading volumes 1, 2, and 3. Now comes the meat of the story; the next stage is crucial for Gundry.

To entice people to buy his supplements, Gundry uses an upsell.

After a potential customer has invested time and money into Dr. Steven Gundry’s books and videos, he or she is primed for an upsell to purchase Steven’s supplements. Read on for my thoughts on the legitimacy of his “supplements” and how they stack up against the competition.

These dietary aids do not come cheap. The price is normally higher, but Gundry will give you a “deal” if you use a coupon code or buy through an affiliate link. In this method, you can acquire your first box at a low cost, but once you’re hooked, Gundry will increase the price by as much as threefold for subsequent orders.

Supplements are still being purchased by Target.

A convert to Dr. Steven Gundry’s religion, at long last. By taking supplements from gundrymd.com for $200 a month, customers are duped by the placebo effect into thinking that they are improving their health.

Dr. Steven Gundry’s The Plant Paradox

The book “The Plant Paradox” was a great resource for me as I was writing this article. His self-image as a “cardiologist” is a fabrication; he is, in fact, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Gundry, a heart surgeon, and researcher, claims in his 2019 book Diet Evolution that he primarily uses “survival muscles” to maintain his heart cells healthy and alive, despite stress. Dr. Steven Gundry had a decent reputation as a cardiac surgeon until 2004, but his career has been on the decline ever since. That’s when he started running an internet store peddling diet books and useless products. At that point, he officially became a complete and total quack.

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Dr. Steven Gundry's The Plant Paradox
Dr. Steven Gundry’s The Plant Paradox

There’s been a lot of hype about his 2018 book, The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in Healthy Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. The essential term is “supposed to be.” The scientific facts and studies conducted over hundreds of years by eminent scholars are completely disregarded in his book. Only Gundry, it seems, spotted the “secret tip” he divulges in this embarrassing tome. This “secret tip” is only available to those who purchase the book. Don’t waste your money on the book; there is no “secret tip” there. Please allow me to elaborate.

The Plant Paradox and its underlying principles are based on nonsense and pseudoscience. Dr. Steven Gundry thinks lectins are the worst thing for human beings to consume. And he backs up his theory with absurd anecdotes that have been rejected by serious academics.

In contrast to Gundry’s pseudoscience, lectins pose no health risks.

Look at T with me if you please. Gundry’s lectins assertion, according to Colin Campbell. Campbell, of The China Study renown, wrote a whole paper debunking Gundry’s pseudoscience. Campbell argues in his article that The Plant Paradox is not supported by science and makes absurd assertions. A few lines from the article are as follows:

Many readers will be drawn to the book’s claims because of the surety with which they are made and the lack of nuance. However, Dr. Steven Gundry should be ashamed of the shoddy and inadequate reference. This book makes a feeble attempt to back up its statements with references. The vast majority of the author’s outlandish statements have no supporting evidence, and there are several instances of easily debunked falsehoods. His claims are so innovative and ground-breaking that he must provide ample evidence for them, both from other researchers and his experiments. For a writer who boasts of his research skills, this is very concerning.

T. Campbell, Colin

After Campbell has demolished the lectin logic put up by the quack Gundry, he reveals the true purpose behind Gundry’s book: selling the supplements. These pills promise to protect you from the terrible effects of lectins:

In conclusion, many people care about their health and need accurate information, and we feel bad that they have to put up with misleading or inaccurate data because they think it’s scientific. Is Dr. Steven Gundry possibly motivated solely by financial gain? He freely confesses that every few months, his clinic receives up to a dozen vials of blood from patients. Clinics that focus on selling supplements frequently overtest their patients.

Extensive diagnostic procedures, which are off-topic here, are typically employed to prove the presence of nutritional pathology, the sole cure for which is to take the supplements that have been recommended. Supplements, such as “Lectin Shield,” which Dr. Steven Gundry promotes, can be purchased through his website for around $80 monthly. His website claims that he developed this “groundbreaking new formula” to alleviate the unpleasant effects of lectins (proteins often found in plants that make them tougher to digest). Lectin Shield helps prevent lectin buildup and provides all-over comfort.

T. Campbell, Colin

In What Ways Might Lectins Replace Gluten?

Gluten, a protein found in many common meals including bread, pizza, and pasta, has gotten a poor rap since it lacks nutritional value. Additionally, some people’s immune systems can have a negative reaction to gluten. Inflammation and even damage to the intestines are possible outcomes.

But the real issue is whether or not lectins are just as dangerous as gluten.

This feisty and informative passage from an essay by James Hamblin MD addresses this issue:

He does peddle the dietary aids he advocates. In the latter 20 minutes or so of his infomercial, he makes a series of statements about how supplies are running low and why you should act soon, and how, if you do get through to customer contact, you should order as much as you have room to store because the shelf life is fantastic, etc. The book’s main point is that you should take supplements.

Getting all the nutrients you need without supplements is impossible, he says.
One of his inventions, vitamin G6, is featured in the GundryMD line of remedies. Another product of his that can be purchased from his website for $79.99 is a “lectin shield” that is “designed to neutralize the effects of lectins.” You can also buy six Vital Reds jars there for $254.70.

Doctor James Hamblin

It’s just nonsense to say that lectins are harmful to your health.

This claim was made by MD David L. Katz (FACLM, FACP, FACPM, MPH), who has more medical degrees than 99.9% of the world’s population combined. He has also written on how Steven Gundry’s pseudoscience doesn’t hold water. Here is a snippet from one of his works that you should read:

If you were wondering, “Should you be afraid of lectins now? If you cut back on oxygen consumption, then the answer is yes.
Oxygen, as I pointed out to a coworker not so long ago, is a known toxic with established damages in humans, not some hypothetical toxin with some hypothetical problems. Our planet’s atmosphere is thus very similar to lectins found in food: both contain substances with potentially hazardous consequences, yet the benefits of both eating plants and breathing air much outweigh the risks.

Should We Risk Consuming Lectins? Dr. David L. Katz (F.A.A.C.L.M., F.A.A.C.P., M.P.H.)

Dr. Steven Gundry’s The Longevity Paradox

You’re in for a wild ride if you thought The Plant Paradox was terrible. Because Dr. Steven Gundry’s pseudoscience is taken to new heights in The Longevity Paradox.

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Dr. Steven Gundry's The Longevity Paradox
Dr. Steven Gundry’s The Longevity Paradox

The book suggests unhealthy, unsustainable diets that will only make you sick. The eating plans recommended in The Longevity Paradox will weaken your immune system and leave you feeling exhausted. To gain a better idea of why you shouldn’t follow this book, I consulted a professional nutritionist and sports & science expert:

The author has used completely irrelevant and abstract research. He did some homework before writing such a deceitful and biased book. When followed for an extended period, the eating suggestions from the book will leave you feeling quite frail and feeble. You will be in a calorie deficit all the time, and after a few years of that, you may begin to experience micronutrient deficiencies.

The book’s proposed replacement for its ridiculous restrictions is the only part I didn’t enjoy. If you’re not able to follow the author’s made-up criteria, he suggests you take his supplements instead.

One thing, please hear me out. Avoid this book at all costs if you want to live a fulfilled and lengthy life. The rules are so stringent that it’s impossible to socialize with others in an uncuckoo manner. Keep active, eat healthful foods like oats, eggs, lentils, tofu, etc., and cut back on your alcohol and tobacco consumption. Simply adhering to these so-called “guidelines” will have a profoundly positive effect on your health.

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Expert: Ugo Be

Reviews of Dr. Steven Gundry’s Dark Spot Cream

Avoid purchasing Gundry MD Polyphenol Dark Spot Reducer at all costs! After eight weeks of use, I have noticed NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER. I took before and after pictures of the spots on my hands, and there is virtually no difference. Don’t give in to the temptation to buy his ineffective bogus product.

Customer Who Bought Gundry MD Polyphenol to Reduce Dark Spots

After four months of using their dark spot remover, I still have spots. If they had at least some fades or a noticeable change in skin tone, I wouldn’t have a problem. I won’t lie and say I didn’t have high hopes for Dr. Steven Gundry MD’s product; nevertheless, it was yet another product with exaggerated claims. The answer is no!

Yet Another Customer Review of Gundry MD’s Polyphenol Dark Spot Reducer

While my daughter’s black spot remover was a thoughtful birthday present, it hasn’t worked. No action was taken by the remover. Anyone struggling with dark spots should not waste their money on this.

Removing Dark Spots with Gundry MD: A Review

These evaluations, along with those found on sites like Dirtyscam, the Better Business Bureau, and TrustPilot, should give you a good idea of what to expect. You shouldn’t squander your money on the Gundry dark spot remover, as recommended by the majority of its customers.

Age Spot Remover by Dr. Steven Gundry Review

The Gundry remedy for age spots is useless. After two months of use, I noticed no improvement. I then requested a refund from Gundry MD, but never received confirmation of my request. They lied on my public review and said they have a 90-day refund policy, but I haven’t been paid yet. They are a fraud; do not purchase.

This is a review of Gundry MD’s age spot remover, taken from a collection of such reviews.

I. Wasted. My. Money. The expensive age spot remover has not been demonstrated to be effective. Since I had faith in Dr. Gundry’s judgment, I decided to give the brand a try. My worries have been confirmed, and I will never purchase from your company. I call you liars!

A Review of Gundry’s Age Spot Remover, anonymously

What happened to my money? I’ve had enough of waiting. You, folks, are trying my tolerance.

Although the customer never received their reimbursement, the team at Gundry MD removed their online complaint.

These evaluations and testimonials about Dr. Steven Gundry’s goods are presented to show you how effective they are. Just reading these comments should be enough to convince you that Gundry MD’s “remover” products are useless. But even so, Steven doesn’t sell anything worse than this. His supplement brand is extremely expensive and completely ineffective.

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Vital Reds Review

Since I began taking the Vital Reds, I’ve been experiencing pain in my hips and shoulders. After a week of using the supplement, the pain in my knees became so severe that I could hardly walk. After a week of not taking it, all the pain and discomfort had gone away. This poison is not something I would suggest taking.

Review Articles on Gundry MD’s Vitalks Red

There are no alterations! Being a senior citizen in good health, I decided to get a set of Vital Reds. I used to take a different brand that included the same quantity of vitamins for considerably less money. I’ve been cheated.

From the Gundry MD Vitalks Red Reviews database, here’s another opinion.

This is a very expensive product that does not work. I used the supplement for a month and noticed no changes or effects, contrary to what Dr. Steven Gundry said. This is too pricey to be of any value to me, and I demand a refund.

An expensive vitamin for crazy idealists.

Review of Gundry MD Vitalks Red by Amazon

There is no refund policy! A few weeks back, when the merchandise was delivered, I took delivery. I’ve been taking it regularly, first thing in the morning, and thus far, nothing has changed. I don’t have acne in my family history, but I do have a rash on my face right now. I tried to send it back, but you can’t return an opened parcel to these *. This is completely unacceptable and outrageous.

Again, the vast majority of these reviews are authentic Amazon customer feedback, with the remainder being scraped from other sources.

Vitals Red from Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, is a health supplement that, in some users, causes severe knee pain and temporary incapacitation.

Total Restore Reviews

If I could rate it higher than five stars, I would. I just took it for ten days. To figure out what the hell was wrong with me, I had to schedule a visit to the doctor. Getting out of bed was a struggle because my thighs and hamstrings hurt so much. My stomach ache was hurting. Then I understood that was probably the Total Restore supplement’s fault. I felt like myself again within 48 hours of quitting. SELL IT BACK TO ME!

I ordered the Restore Support Capsule from Gundry MD, and the shipment arrived promptly. I had to buy it again because the first bottle seemed to have no impact whatsoever. This is a complex scam in which Dr. Steven Gundry lures you in with a low initial fee and then forces you to pay three times as much. Complete waste of money; produces zero improvement.

My bank balance was the only thing that changed when I started using this pill. It’s a financial and time-sink. Stay away from it; there are superior options available.

Extremely expensive vitamin supplement. I took it for about a month and nothing changed. My medicine cupboard is just collecting dust now. Useless.

This supplement is yet another example of Gundry’s tendency to use placebos as poison. Self-harm is never a good idea, thus there’s no point in taking it.

Reviews for the Bio Complete: 3

I bought this rubbish from Gundry’s website and experienced a severe stomach ache and excessive bloating for the rest of the day. This dietary supplement is a complete bunk. It’s no surprise that this **** has had so few positive reviews. Someone like this can make a fortune by making others obese and sick.

After watching a video of Dr. Steven Gundry, who recommended Bio Complete 3 for improving digestive health, I decided to give it a try. However, I’ve had terrible diarrhea ever since I started taking it. It’s become so bad that I had to go change my pants. Taking this pill has left me feeling dizzy and thirsty.

Since starting Bio Complete 3, I’ve had severe stomach problems. Do not purchase this item. When Gundry claims it’s healthy, he’s talking a lot of ****.

The video presented by Gundry was a hoax. It has destroyed my stomach and made my gastrointestinal problems much, much worse. These quacks on the internet are hurting legitimate medical practitioners. Because of Gundry, I have serious trust difficulties at the moment. This guy is much more of a duck of a quack than Donald.

It’s unfortunate and amusing to watch the quality of supplement evaluations decline as we read more of them. In the world of online retail, customer service is essential, so the fact that nobody mentioned receiving assistance from the Gundry MD team is intriguing.

Opinions on PrebioThrive


This is a useless product. My stomach gas is so excruciatingly unpleasant that I can’t even leave the house. I will never again be a customer. I’ve discovered a superior probiotic that costs much less and want to switch over. Investing in this is pointless.

A few hours after taking it, I experience severe stomach pain. when a few days, the pain subsided, but only when I stopped. It’s inexcusable.

There has been significant swelling due to Prebiothrive. I had to go to the emergency room of a hospital two days after first taking the product. Toxic substance!

For the past three months, I have been taking Prebiothrive. My doctor prescribed it, and I got it from gundrymd.com because he had some sort of affiliate relationship with Gundry. There has been NO Gain! Their advertisement is incredibly convincing and manipulative, and I ended up purchasing the supplement despite my reservations. Even though I am in excellent shape because of my healthy diet and regular weight training, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. There are also no weight-reducing advantages.

Stopping supplement purchases will result in weekly spam messages. You shouldn’t risk your health for them.

There is no convincing evidence presented in the Prebiothrive reviews to warrant a purchase. In addition to being completely ineffective, it has been known to produce severe discomfort and gas. To sell his supplements, Gundry makes false scientific claims, that no one should put their health in danger to buy them.

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Why Everyone Hates Dr. Steven Gundry and His Bogus Statements

Some of the many victims of Grundy’s scams have taken to the internet to expose the company for what it is. Most of these comments, however, have been expertly buried by Steven Gundry’s PR staff. You probably didn’t even know they existed before I told you about them, and they certainly don’t want you to see this. Let’s see what Dr. Steven Gundry’s online reputation is like.

Redditors agree: Dr. Gundry is a phony.
Redditors agree: Dr. Gundry is a phony.

A Reddit user with the handle u/NoBra2MatchMyPantsies shared his research on Dr. Steven Gundry. Despite the user’s potentially offensive handle, the post makes an important point. He says that Steven’s credentials as an “MD” disqualify him as a nutritionist. Steven lacks the credentials necessary to offer expert guidance on lectins or weight loss. He brazenly lies to millions of people and misleads them with his straightforward rhetoric. At the end of the post, the author makes a witty observation: “Dr. Gundry. No one with a stake in your enterprise should have brought me to your attention in the first place.

Redditors agree: Dr. Gundry is a phony.
Reddit Review

Dirtyscam.com is an established website where consumers may post honest reviews of local companies and the online services they have used. A person who wishes to remain anonymous posted a contentious one-star review. A massive loss of $676,446 has been recorded on the website. Customers who dealt with Gundry lost a substantial sum of money. There are 81 reviews here, and on average, they all give Dr. Steven Gundry only 1 star. Even for a seasoned fraud, these are startlingly bad odds.

The Diet Evolution Book by Dr. Steven Gundry Gets Rave Reviews on Amazon.com.
The Diet Evolution Book by Dr. Steven Gundry Gets Rave Reviews on Amazon.com.

If you’re looking for an opinion on Dr. Gundry’s best-selling book, Diet Evolution, you’ve found it here. This review was submitted by someone who actually bought and maybe even read the book, as the purchase was verified. The major inconsistencies and ways in which Dr. Gundry misleads his readers have been highlighted by the reviewer.

Expert Swindler Dr. Steven Gundry

It has been determined that gundrymd.com’s Dr. Steven R. Gundry is an experienced fraudster. Dr. Gundry is so conflicting and unreliable that you should stay well away from any of his products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Steven Gundry, MD, a fake doctor?

Yes. Dr. Steven Gundry has been exposed as a fraud and a quack after extensive research.

Should I trust Gundrymd.com and buy their supplements?

No. Those supplements are hazardous and ineffective in promoting health and well-being. All the supplements sold on gundrymd.com are devoid of any scientific backing or verification, as recommended by medical specialists.

The lack of unfavorable Dr. Steven Gundry reviews puzzles me.

This is because accreditation providers like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) sometimes let the company or individual in question delete the negative evaluations from the web. We don’t support the shady practices of Scam Tracers in any way.

Do other alternatives exist for Dr. Steven Gundry?

Yes. Consisting of basic exercise and a calorie deficit. The absence of a calorie deficit prevents weight reduction, thus this is the only thing you need to get slim.

In what ways can I raise awareness of the Dr. Steven Gundry scam?

You can help spread the word about Dr. Gundry’s pseudoscience by sharing this post on social media.

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