Darren Ewart Vancouver – MLM Scammer and Fraudster

Darren Ewart Vancouver is a fraudster who used a multi-level marketing scheme to steal millions from others.
darren ewart vancouver
Darren And Mike

Darren Ewart Vancouver is a fraudster who ran a notorious MLM scam in the small country called Bhutan. Along with his crime partner Mike, Darren made millions by defrauding the gullible investors of Bhutan.

The following review exposes the fraudulent activities of Darren Ewart Vancouver as well as the impact of his illegal activities:

darren ewart vancouver
Mike and Darren enjoy life in Canada while their MLM Pyramid Scam preys on the savings of common Bhutanese citizens.

The Bhutanese have discovered that two persons named Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert, who is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, are the two masterminds behind the significant Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Pyramid Scheme in Bhutan that sells pricey Enagic Water Ionizers.

The duo is the driving force behind the recruitment of numerous Bhutanese into its ranks as “Digital Business Owners” in both Australia and Bhutan. The couple manages a sizable online network called the “Dream Team.”

Enagic is an MLM company in Japan, but to sell its products, it relies significantly on people like Mike and Darren. Over 100,000 people are a part of Mike and Darren’s network, which is mostly centered in Asian nations with a large Filipino population.

Darren Ewart Vancouver- Online Monitoring Program 

Darren Ewart Vancouver

The popularity of Darren Ewart Vancouver and Mike’s online mentorship program Dream Team is growing daily and has already attracted a sizable fan base. Many people agreed that the program created by Darren and Mike’s popularity is mostly due to its comprehensiveness.

Everything from starting a business to generating and monetizing leads to expanding it is covered in the course. Another crucial aspect of the curriculum is that it offers insightful advice for various internet business strategies. No matter what kind of internet business the participants have started, they can still benefit from the course.

In an interview with Darren, he shares his experience with the massive popularity of this online mentorship program Direct Mentoring. According to Darren Ewart Vancouver, the chief reason behind the overwhelming popularity of the course is that, in addition to many other support systems, it also provides direct mentorship to each participant.

Darren explains that as part of the course, the duo conducts a live weekly mastermind coaching session that is open to all current and past participants of the program. As a result, all of their students are free to contact them with any questions or to talk about any difficulties they may be having while they pursue their own businesses.

Also, participants have the option of emailing Mike and Darren. This practically means that once the course is over, the participants never feel abandoned. In addition, according to Darren, what distinguishes the program from its rivals is the extensive social media marketing training it offers its members.

Darren Ewart Vancouver- Continuing with the tale of the scam

Darren Ewart Vancouver

Big Money

It is this network, where Bhutanese must pay $149 to join, $20 to set up a website, and at least $550,000 to buy overpriced Enagic water ionizers, that allows them to become distributors. Mike and Darren are the ones pocketing $19 and also getting huge commissions for selling their Dream Team members in Bhutan.  With around 100,000 members worldwide, they easily earned $1.9 million (M) with just a $19 fee.

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And even if half the members,  50,000, bought the machines as resellers, both would receive $200-300 million in sales, with a large portion of the commissions going to both. And in the future, when these distributors recruit other members through sales, a portion of their commissions will again go to Mike and Darren Ewart Vancouver. The pictures of the two can be seen on the screenshot taken by some distributors in Bhutan when the couple gives the occasional ‘mastermind’ webinar.

Darren Ewart Vancouver is Under investigation by BBB

After receiving complaints about the pair, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization with a solid reputation that has rated more than 400,000 businesses in the United States and Canada, launched an investigation into the “Better Life Buzz” (BLB) online platform they used to recruit people for the “Dream Team,” among other platforms.

BBB said the free webinar of 60 to 90 minutes in length is aspirational and motivational rather than informative. BBB points out that the webinar does not provide any specific detail about the affiliate marketing program.

The free, 60- 90-minute webinar, according to BBB, is more inspirational and motivating than educational. The BBB draws attention to the fact that the webinar offers no detailed information on the affiliate marketing scheme. The few mentions of the program do not provide enough details for a viewer to understand how the program operates or what their investment will be.

They mention a sales funnel, high-commission goods, and access to mentors, but they don’t go into detail about what the viewer has done to make six to seven figures per year.

According to BBB, the webinar does not explain why they are making this program available to others. BLB was contacted by BBB on August 16 with a request for information. One is the program participants’ average, median, and range of earnings. Another is that a proven sales funnel is mentioned in the webinar; but, how is the sales funnel proven? It also posed further queries. The BBB has not heard back regarding the inquiries. With no response from its two main MLM agents, BBB downgraded the ratings of the Enagic company from A+ to C-.

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Social Media Marketing by Darren Ewart Vancouver

Darren Ewart Vancouver

The two also have a professional Facebook page for their company called “Darren and Mike,” which advertises their business in a vague and opaque manner without providing specifics, offer general advice on using social media for marketing, and also engages in lifestyle marketing of exotic foods, locations, home improvements, etc.

Members of the “Dream Team” frequently have their Facebook advertisement accounts blocked or restricted since Facebook forbids advertising for “get-rich-quick schemes” or programs that offer abnormal and unrealistic returns, such as MLM businesses.

A live webinar on creating a new business page, blocking Facebook cookies and tracking, changing the Wi-Fi configuration, changing the server access and IP address if necessary, when to run new ads, what kind of ads to start with, and how to regain Facebook’s trust was advertised on the Darren and Mike Facebook page on February 2, 2022.

Amazingly, Darren Ewart Vancouver and Mike are advising their members on how to go past Facebook’s safety measures that forbid MLM schemes. This may also be the reason why the “Dream Team” members carefully avoid mentioning their MLM marketing or products in their sponsored Facebook adverts, which instead focus on how the “digital business” has improved their life, etc. If Facebook learned what they were actually advertising, it would be blocked or restricted.

As a result, the online distributors in Bhutan are pushing a business model on Facebook that Facebook has really prohibited. As a result, they must employ a number of stratagems to prevent Facebook from prohibiting or limiting them.

A former insider spills the beans on Darren Ewart Vancouver

Darren Ewart Vancouver

Leonard Henry, a former member of this ideal squad who now resides in London, revealed how deceptive the hiring process is. Like many people in Bhutan, he learned about the digital company while scrolling through Facebook advertisements that discussed starting an online business, quitting their 9 to 5 jobs, living the lifestyle they want, etc. He registered via the Facebook company page and attended a 90-minute webinar that gave him no information about the service or the item. During the time, Mike and Darren were the presenters.

This was followed by the USD 149 offers to get access to more materials. On paying the money, some links were sent to watch the mystery product, which is the Enagic Water Ionizers. It is still not revealed that a person has to mandatorily buy one of the machines to become a distributor. He said after watching these videos, Mike will encourage the person to make a strategy call with a coach. If the call is made, then the USD 149 is not refundable.

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Exposing the Scam of Darren Ewart Vancouver

A September 2021 article in medium.com by James W. exposes Mike and Darren Ewart Vancouver to running a scam. James says a scam is defined as a dishonest scheme or fraud. He lists out five reasons for it being a scam.

The first is deceptive advertising or dishonesty when you are charged USD 149 to be persuaded to become an Enagic distributor and purchase an expensive water machine despite being misled into believing you are joining an online training or business system.

The second requirement is confidentiality, as, without a clearly defined public brand, a company is less likely to be discovered and be easier to research online.

“When you sign up, they ask you to be quiet about practically nothing, including the name of the private group or the name of the business. The Facebook groups are intentionally kept private. In James’ opinion, the fewer people know, the better.

Facebook prohibits “advertisements promoting business models giving quick compensation for little investment, including multilevel marketing opportunities” as the third form of social media abuse.

Fourth, it is a predatory scam that promises quick money to those who are struggling and have little computer expertise. a classic scam to “become rich quick.”

The sixth justification he offers is that they are selling a lifestyle because their entire marketing strategy is built on the “fantasy of financial freedom.” He claims that a very small percentage truly succeeds financially.

Exercise of Mind

One unexpected feature of Mike and Darren Ewart Vancouver’s scam in Bhutan is how many well-educated Bhutanese, including civil servants, corporate workers, bank employees, Bhutanese in Australia, and others, fell for it. Even now, in the wake of the scandal, many of them vehemently defend the scam. Here, mind control and indoctrination two more sinister elements of the con come into play.

Despite the fact that the members are signing up for an MLM pyramid scam, they are informed that this is not one or a get-rich-quick plan. The message to members is to “start living the life you deserve.” They are instructed to use “attraction marketing” and set up a business page on Facebook using the entrepreneur option.

It is expected of members to post three to five times every day. That is a lot, according to Alanda, and people are unaware that they are also competing with Mike and Darren, who have significantly more resources, in addition to their fellow members. She claimed that despite spending about $1,500, she only received about 1,700 likes and 8 leads.

What are the regulators doing about Darren Ewart Vancouver?

It has been learned that the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) has already launched an investigation, and will come out with a report on the issue soon on the illegal activities of Darren Ewart Vancouver.

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The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) is anticipated to act in the financial sector following the release of the OCP report, with the Department of Foreign Exchange and the Financial Intelligence Department already investigating the situation. The Bhutan CIRT is additionally present.

Meanwhile, Enagic Machines and Kangen Water are not registered with them, therefore the distributors should not make any claims of medical benefits, according to Wangdi Gyeltshen, the president of the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA). In Bhutan, vendors of Enagic machines and Kangen water have started making medical claims.

He advised registering with DRA and providing the medical studies to support their claims for any medications or medical equipment going to Bhutan. He claimed that those who make bogus medical claims are subject to punishment.

The lack of sufficient prosecution of people who invent or disseminate pyramid schemes in Bhutan is one issue that will need to be addressed if it is to operate as a deterrent video on YouTube.

Here, an OCP officer stated that if provisions apply, they may impose fines and penalties in accordance with the OCP laws as well as penalties for violating trade regulations, such as operating a business without a license.

The Dream Team members in Bhutan have written to Lyonpo Loknath Sharma, the MoEA Minister, asking for permission to conduct business in Bhutan.

Even openly claiming to have delivered a presentation to the prime minister, one of the offline distributors. Although it is likely that the minister was unaware of the controversy surrounding the product he was releasing, Ugyen Dorji, a former labor minister who is now the home minister, served as the event’s featured guest in September 2019.

Unfortunately, some government personnel has been misled into believing that the firm is approved by the government, which is false, as a result of the formal launch by a minister.

Clearly, some stringent action must be taken on Darren Ewart Vancouver.

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After going through the above points, it’s clear that Darren Ewart Vancouver is a fraudster who got rich by scamming people through his MLM scheme. Avoid him and any of his ventures.

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