Darwin Horan Ventana Capital Inc – Serial Fraudster with Multiple Allegations

Darwin Horan seems like an innocent citizen at first. The guy is the owner of Ventana Capital Inc, a real estate development and land holding firm based in Colorado. He is also president and CEO of this firm. 

Various sources say that Darwin is an unfaithful guy who scams people by selling land that he doesn’t even own. The following review of Ventana Capital will explore these claims in depth and try to determine whether you should trust Darwin or not. 

Awful Reality Of Ventana Capital Inc

Ventana Capital claims to be a real estate investment firm with commercial properties and land in Colorado. Most of the firm’s development properties are residential communities that range from 50 acres to 1,000 acres. They claim to own various commercial properties including parking lots, office buildings, car washes, and self-storage facilities. 

The owner of Ventana Capital Inc is Darwin Horan. He runs this company with Bryan Horan. 

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Their website might make them seem like a real estate development company. But many people have a different opinion of this firm. 

He has entitlement of more than 35,000 lots and constructed more than 15,000 attached and detached single family homes. His multiple financial districts have a bonding capacity of more than $170 million. Darwin has also invested in oil and gas, water storage development, residential property management, and several other areas. 

Reviewers share that Darwin Horan is actually a scam artist who sells properties he doesn’t own. Some internet users also allege that Darwin is a promiscuous and unfaithful man. The web is laden with various posts on Darwin Horan that paint a completely different picture from what you see on his website. 

Certainly, these posts don’t make him seem like some professional real estate developer. 

If there was only a single post about him which questioned his character, I might have thought it was nothing more than a personal attack. But there are plenty of posts and reviews against Darwin Horan and his firm, Ventana Capital. 

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An Unfaithful Crook

Darwin Horan is an unfaithful man and a crook

Ventana Capital and Darwin Horan seem quite innocent at a glance. But they have multiple skeletons in their closets. 

This report shared that Darwin has made many generous donations to NGOs and non-profit schools. It also highlighted that he has been a member of many boards including City Council, Castle Pines Parks Authority, Coaches of Excellence, and Castle Pines North. 

But then the report also pointed out that Darwin Horan was involved in multiple scams. Like previous posts, it highlighted that Darwin is a married man with four children. And he cheats on his wife. 

At the end of the report, the writer suggests readers to beware of Darwin and his fraudulent activities. 

It was a unique read. Because at first it seemed as if the writer was praising Darwin by sharing his accolades and experience. But it was actually highlighting how wicked this man is even though he has a ton of wealth. 

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It’s sad indeed but that’s why I wrote this Ventana Capital review. I wanted people to find the truth behind that real estate development company. It wouldn’t be okay for someone to buy a piece of land that doesn’t even exist. 

Darwin Horan Belongs Behind Bars

Like I said, if only one person was saying that Darwin Horan is a scammer, it might have seemed like an attack. But there are a ton of people alleging that Darwin is a real estate fraudster. 

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What’s alarming is that several people have questioned his character as well. I pray for the wife and children of this man. Especially the wife. She doesn’t deserve to have an unfaithful husband. I chose to post this article anonymously because powerful people like Darwin tend to go after anyone who raises their voice against their misdeeds. And us common people don’t have the financial strength to face off such guys.

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