David F. Heimhofer, Green Energy Scammer on the Loose!

David F. Heimhofer is a scammer who frauds investors for their money. He is active in several solar and green energy companies. His friends and other investors say that he is not giving them any return on their investments or on the money they put in. It is a lot of money, in millions of dollars. There are many different kinds of accusations, such as theft, fraud, and even the illegal transfer of financial tools.

Even though these reports are serious, David F. Heimhofer is still free and looking for his next victim.

He has set up many businesses all over the world. Some of them are as follows:

  • Terra Nex Company Group AG
  • Terra Sola Ventures
  • Middle East Best Select GmbH TNC Fund Advisors Ltd.
  • Terra Nex Asset Management Global Investment & Financial Engineering Ltd.
  • Terra-Nex.com
  • Terrasola.com

Avoid David F. Heimhofer at all costs!

I would strongly suggest that you don’t do business with David F. Heimhofer or any of his companies until the situation is looked into more. If you know anything about David F. Heimhofer or his businesses, please share it in the comments and help me keep this conversation going.

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