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If one is familiar with David Goggins, there is a high probability that they hold the man in high regard. It is understandable, given the immense challenges he has faced throughout his life to prove a point. He serves as an inspiration to millions of individuals worldwide, encouraging them to transform their lives and take responsibility for their issues. However, there are certain detrimental aspects within the “David Goggins Ideology” that have the potential to adversely affect one’s life or cause irreversible harm to their body.

It is hoped that this post will be read attentively by David’s supporters, allowing them to comprehend the following points. Let us proceed.

Everything Wrong With David Goggins Methods

The individual expressing their thoughts wants to make it clear that they are devoted fan of David Goggins. They have extensively engaged with his content, having listened to the audiobook version of “Can’t Hurt Me” multiple times and read the eBook twice.

They request not to be labeled as a “p#ssy” or a “hater” due to their forthcoming critique. Having studied Goggins’ work for about a year and actively participating in the challenges and community associated with him, they have identified significant flaws in the “Can’t Hurt Me” mindset.

The author observes that many of David’s fans tend to overlook or dismiss these issues, leading to severe consequences such as hospitalization, isolation, and clinical depression for some individuals. In the following section, they will share their personal experiences within Goggins’ community and shed light on the problematic mindset that often prevails there.

Extreme Misinterpretation Of Can’t Hurt Me & David’s Mindset

The problem originates from the way readers and followers of David Goggins engage with his book and content. The author attributes part of the responsibility to Adam Skolnick, as the book seems to prioritize emotional storytelling over factual information. If one has read the book at least once, one may relate to this observation:

The book consistently emphasizes the emotional trauma and physical abuse in David’s life. However, the author and the ghostwriter fail to effectively convey crucial facts to the audience. While it would be easy to solely blame David’s followers, upon revisiting the book before writing this report, the author realizes the significant shortcomings in conveying important points.

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This issue extends beyond the book, as Goggins amplifies it on his Instagram and Twitter platforms. He shares short motivational videos that undoubtedly ignite a sense of motivation, but the messages conveyed there suffer from even greater shortcomings.

It is important to note that Goggins and Skolnick cannot be solely blamed, as fans also play a role in exacerbating the issue. Need proof? One only needs to visit the David Goggins subreddit and spend a few seconds scrolling through the posts. It is highly likely to come across numerous individuals proclaiming their intent to lose 50 pounds in two months, quit smoking abruptly, or completely overhaul their lifestyles. They embark on a brand new routine, mirroring Goggins’ approach to losing 100 pounds in three months, without fully comprehending certain harsh truths about human behavior.

People flock to the Can’t Hurt Me mentality because of one simple reason: They want 1 quick solution to a problem (bad habit), they built over many years.

No one becomes overweight after 1 unhealthy meal, it takes months or sometimes even years of habit formation and coping mechanisms to become a fat person. There can be many reasons why a person overeats, but instead of going to therapy or figuring them out, people want a quick solution. Now, Goggins’ method is akin to the fake fat loss supplements you find everywhere, the main difference is the cost. While a fat loss pill might just cost you $100 and some regret, Goggins’ method can cost you your joints & self-confidence.

Instead of slowly working on building good habits and getting rid of bad ones, people go cold turkey and fail miserably. And the absolutely horrific workouts that Goggins promotes, only make matters worse. As they try to lose inches off their waist in a matter of weeks, they run and swim for miles while hitting the weights, ignoring the advice of actual trainers who have actual qualifications for giving fitness advice.

*Adam Skolnick is the ghostwriter of Can’t Hurt Me. He is also the narrator of the audiobook version of the book

David Goggins Lawsuit

pexels sora shimazaki 5668481

It was becoming increasingly clear to many observers that Goggins, a prominent figure inspiring millions with his motivational message, needed to address an important concern. The potential consequences of his influential role had not escaped their notice, as they worried about the safety of his dedicated followers. They foresaw a situation where an eager teenager, striving to surpass all limits, might injure themselves while attempting an ambitious physical feat, such as completing an unprecedented number of bodyweight squats within a 24-hour period. The thought of such an incident leading to a lawsuit, with the aggrieved parents demanding millions in damages from David Goggins, seemed all too real.

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Upon thorough investigation, it became evident that Goggins’ website and social media platforms lacked the presence of a crucial disclaimer. This omission surprised many, as they had diligently scoured every corner of his online presence, only to find no trace of the necessary legal protection. The absence of a disclaimer left them with a lingering concern that David’s lawyer might not be adequately representing his best interests.

A competent legal professional would surely recognize the significance of including a carefully worded disclaimer on Goggins’ website, given the nature of his motivational advice and the potential risks associated with his recommended physical challenges.

It became apparent that David Goggins needed to seek the guidance of a more proficient lawyer. As he lacked the credentials of a certified trainer or a health specialist, he was in a precarious position when offering advice on matters concerning physical fitness and well-being.

Without a disclaimer to protect himself, he left himself vulnerable to legal repercussions. Rumors circulated that certain lawyers and legal teams specifically targeted individuals like Goggins, exploiting their lack of knowledge regarding such legal matters and subjecting them to lawsuits.

In light of these concerns, it was clear that a disclaimer on David Goggins’ website was urgently needed. Such a measure would help mitigate the potential risks associated with his advice and safeguard both himself and his followers.

David Goggins Book: Can’t Hurt Me Review

Buy Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds Book Online at Low  Prices in India | Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds Reviews  & Ratings -

Can’t Hurt Me single-handedly changed my life, period. I’ve read it 5 times in total and I’m still planning to read it again. The thing that makes David’s book so much better than other “self-help” books, is the disgustingly raw tone and story.

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(Spoiler Alert)

He talks about defecating in his pants, peeing blood, burning his palms for a pull-up record, and literally almost dying. I did not expect this book to have this much of an impact on me as a person. The craziest thing about Can’t Hurt Me is that it is based on the real life of a person, it isn’t fancy fiction.

(No Spoilers From Here On)

The book gives you a challenge after you finish each chapter (except for the final one). There are a total of 10 challenges in the whole book. Honestly, if you did all the challenges in the book, you will be a more disciplined person than before, that’s guaranteed. The challenges are not difficult if done correctly. They will slowly shift your mindset as you prove to yourself that you could do so many things that you once thought impossible. It is some advanced-level stuff. I didn’t expect David to have such an understanding of human behavior and tendencies.

However, this book isn’t perfect.

In the audiobook version, the narrator is a total boot licker and always gives his own thoughts about the story, instead of letting Goggins speak more. And the narrator’s voice is nasally and annoying. This really bothers me because David could’ve easily worked with Shawn Dobbs who has a 100x better voice than the ghostwriter (who voiced the actual audiobook).

This is not the worst thing though.

The second half of Can’t Hurt Me is really boring and repetitive.

After the Hurt 100 chapter, I felt like the rest of the book was very heavily edited and badly put together. There is no flow in-between the later chapters and the ghostwriter has tried to blend in stories together but he clearly lacks the skill to pull it off properly. This section shows that Adam Skolnick might’ve taken advantage of David’s naivety. The accomplishments are obviously great and inspiring, but they are presented in a very poor manner. Adam could’ve definitely done a better job with it.

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David himself said on the podcast with Joe Rogan that he has removed hundreds of thousands of words of stories from the book and if you read through the book with focus, you can notice the sheer lack of flow in-between sections and chapters. Adam and David have rushed the second half of the book (apart from the final chapter maybe), and I think this is because halfway through they wanted to remove some stories from the book so that they can save them for a second book (Built Not Born).

David Goggins Podcast Appearances

As a big fan of David, I realize how addictive this guy can be. I’ve listened to his podcast with Joe Rogan & Rich Roll more than 6 times by now and it is my go-to media when I’m feeling low.

Here is the list of all the podcast appearances of David Goggins. Feel free to bookmark this, or copy this section into your Evernote, because these are golden:

  1. Wrestling 411 Archive
  2. Wake Up Minute
  3. Finding Mastery
  4. The Earl Hall Show
  5. The Hey My Man Podcast
  6. Alpha Male Buddhist From Brooklyn Podcast
  7. Team Never Quit
  8. Old: Tall and Taller
  9. Tall and Taller
  10. The Art of Charm
  11. The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani
  12. The Joe Rogan Experience (Must Listen!)
  13. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
  14. Mark Bell’s Power Project (If you haven’t seen Goggins laugh, then skip to the end of this one and you’ll be surprised)
  15. SME Podcast
  16. The Cardone Zone
  17. The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine
  18. Project Reclamation Podcast
  19. The Michael Caz Podcast
  20. Order of Man: Protect I Provide I Preside
  21. The Tom Ferrry Podcast Experience
  22. Becoming The Lion Podcast
  23. On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  24. Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0
  25. OBryan with a Why?
  26. Laughs Are Up – Official Podcast of the Amish Patel Comedy Corporation
  27. The Disruptive Entrepreneur
  28. Comp + Coffee
  29. One Minute Book Review
  30. Babbittville Radio – Babbittville
  31. The Jim Rome Podcast
  32. Leadership Lounge with Jack Tester
  33. Lazy Millennial
  34. The James Altucher Show
  35. Monday Fun-Day Motivation
  36. The Rich Roll Podcast (Must Listen!)
  37. The School of Greatness

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